A Meeting of the Parish Council was held on Monday the 10th day of AUGUST 2015 at the Methodist Chapel, Bell Street – commencing 7.30 pm


COUNCILLORS PRESENT:  Mr Lambert (Vice Chairman), Messrs Cock, Cooper, Leamon, Rayner and Storey, and Mrs Mills.  Also present 3 members of the public.


APOLOGIES:  Received from Mrs Batten and Mrs Bane.




MINUTES of the last meeting were taken as read, agreed and duly signed by the Vice Chairman. 


PUBLIC SPEAKING:  The meeting was suspended for 3 minutes to allow members of the public to speak. 




1.  RAF Feltwell – Sq Leader Neilds was not present therefore no report.


2.  SNT – Weekly reports received, no issues concerning Feltwell parish.


3.  Risk Assessment – Clerk carried out the playing field inspection during the afternoon of Monday 10th August.  She said the far tennis court door was difficult to open/shut.  Handyman to look at.  The cantilever swing was broken and had been reported to the clerk the week before.  The handyman has since removed the swing and tied up the ropes that attach it to the top frame.  The original supplier is no longer trading but a quote had been obtained from Caloo who took over the business.  Price for new swing part £847 + VAT.  Zip wire brake spring broken, clerk has received quote from Caloo for replacement at £82 + VAT.  Clerk to obtain two further quotes for both of these parts.  Lots of plant growth in far wall, handyman to spray these back.  Next report to be carried out by Mrs Batten.


4.  Changing Rooms – No matters arising.


5.  Balance Sheet – Mr Storey asked for explanations of how the “Other” figure is made up and also the “General Expenditure”.  In future, Clerk to provide breakdown should these figures be particularly high.


6.  Allotment Pest Control – Monthly report received.


7.  NALC – Weekly updates.  Appointment of new County Officer – Helen Ollett-Nash.


8.  Skate Park – Carried forward to the next meeting.


9.  Trees Playing Field – Clerk reported that an email had been received from Anglia Woodlands stating that they are still awaiting a confirmation date from UK Power Networks but are chasing them.


10.  Grounds Maintenance Contract – Carried forward to the next meeting as at the previous meeting, Mr Rayner said the relative who owned the grave in question had informed him that the gravestone was lifted three weeks ago yet CGM had not returned to level the ground and reseed.  Chair to inspect the graveyard and contact CGM should this be the case.




11.  Trod – Long Lane – This matter has been shelved, however Mr Storey queried if this was acceptable if the council had reached the decision in the first place to install it.  Mr Lambert advised that decisions only stand for 6 months and then they may be changed.  Mr Lambert said the resident of 2 Leonard’s Lane still has to put in a footpath.  Mr Storey said he had met the resident who had told him the work would be completed by the end of August/September 2015.  Mr Storey said it was clear work had started as a conifer hedge and some fence panels have been removed.  Mr Lambert said that possibly when the families move into Trenchard Square in September, the trod on the other side of the road might need to be upgraded at which point a trod opposite could also be installed.


12.  Elections – No applications have been received regarding the casual vacancy in the Anchor Ward.


13.  Clerk’s Position – Clerk advised new council landline has been installed and the number is 01842 860066.  This will appear in the next parish newsletter.


14.  Pensions Regulator – Ongoing.  Clerk has contacted accountant for advice on selecting a pension provider. 


15.  Report to Highways – Pothole on Hythe Road o/s Glebe Farm to be reported again, especially as some potholes further down the road have been filled.  Clerk to chase.


16.  Playing Field – Swings – Swings have been ordered and will be installed in 3-4 weeks time.  These will be sited on the existing hardstanding area where the previous swing had been.


17.  Play Equipment Inspection – Chain link fencing has been purchased and the handyman and Mr Batten will put this up.  Mr Lambert will push the gate posts back first with his teleporter and Mr Leamon offered to assist.  One polycarbonate panel and fixing frame is missing from the rear of the teen shelter.  Clerk has written to Mr Samuels who has in the past offered to supply and fit a replacement panel but he has yet to respond.  Clerk to obtain prices for a replacement panel.  Mr Leamon will obtain prices from his perspex supplier.


18.  Grass Verges – Clerk has displayed contact details for NCC “Open Spaces Department” within the Parish Newsletter.  Mr Rayner said he reported the grass growth on Old Methwold Road directly and the grass cutters came out the same day to cut it.  


19.  Memorial Wreaths – Information provided by Mr Samuels on wreath removal from the War Memorials Trust has been passed on to Mr Cock.  This stated that the timescale for removal of wreaths was something which needs to be agreed with the local community.  Mr Cock said that the War Memorials Trust was not an official body and does not own war memorials.  However, he suggested that wreaths laid for Remembrance Sunday on 11th November should be removed at the end of March the following year.  If any wreaths are laid after this time, they should be removed by the end of October that year in time for Remembrance Sunday.  Mr Cock proposed this, Mr Cooper seconded, all in favour.  Mr Lambert asked who was responsible for removing wreaths and Mr Cock said he has always done this. 


20.  Review of Committees – All committees to remain the same except the Fuel Allotment Committee whereby Mr Storey proposed Mr Rayner and Mr Cock seconded, all in favour.




21.  Bench – Mr Cock questioned what sort of bench is required.  Mr Leamon suggested a picnic bench, particularly for families.  Mr Lambert was dubious about placing a picnic bench near the play area as he felt this might encourage much older children to congregate here.  Mr Cock disagreed and said it wasn’t fair to deprive families for this reason.  Mr Cock proposed siting the bench near the play area, Mr Leamon seconded, all in favour.  Mr Leamon suggested asking local companies to donate a bench.  Mr Storey questioned which material would be most suitable.  Mr Cooper suggested a recyclable plastic, such as the bench on Lodge Road which is also vandal-proof.  Clerk to contact previous clerk for details of where this was purchased and to obtain prices for both picnic and seating benches.  Mr Storey suggested having a deserving community member’s name inscribed on the bench or maybe a plaque.  Clerk to obtain prices for these type of benches as well.


22.  Bridleways – Mr Leamon is awaiting contact from a member of the Norwich Ramblers Club relating to this and will report at the next meeting.  Mr Lambert said that he has maps of bridleways within the village if Mr Leamon required them.


23.  Mr & Mrs Massingham – Mr Cooper said the tree was very close to the scout hut and in future could cause damage to this building.  Mr Leamon was in agreement with this.  Mr Cooper said the tree was self set and was not set for any reason or in memory of a deceased.  Mr Cock was concerned that the council would be setting a precedent if the tree was cut down but Mr Lambert believed this would not be the case as each matter would be brought to the council and dealt with individually.  Mr Lambert proposed for the tree to be cut down, Mr Leamon seconded, 4 people in favour, 2 against, 1 abstained.  Clerk to inform Mr & Mrs Massingham of this decision and to clearly state that this would be at their cost, all debris must be cleared away and any damage to the scout hut in the process of this must be paid for.


24.  One-way System – Highways Officer has visited the site and concluded that sufficient signage is in place.  If drivers are ignoring the signs then this would be a matter for the police.  Clerk to contact police.


25.  Briefing sessions (i) Local Plan – Site Allocations & Development Management Policies Development Plan Document (ii) 5 year land supply – Mr Storey was unable to attend this meeting but thought it to have been very similar to the meeting he attended one week prior to this.  He said the subject is being brought up across the country and was due to an appeal which has arisen from an application on land in Clenchwarton.  A developer had a planning application refused and went on to appeal this at the highest court in the land where the judge was in favour as King’s Lynn & West Norfolk Borough Council hadn’t got a 5-year land supply, which by law it must have.  Mr Storey said that 83% of councils haven’t got one either.  He said the outcome is that councils must be more in favour of sustainable development and must have good reasons if they choose to refuse these applications.  Towns, cities and rural communities must take a share of the development.


26.  Invitation for Parish Councils to nominate representatives to serve as Borough Council representatives on the Internal Drainage Board –Mr Storey proposed Mr Cock’s nomination, Mr Cooper seconded, all in favour.


27.  Village Hall Enquiry – A letter was read out from Mr & Mrs Peckham asking if the council had any intention of building a village hall on the playing field adjacent to the new changing rooms.  Mr Lambert said that as he understands it, the council have no plans at present to do so however should anyone wish to fundraise to build one in the future, the parish council would consider this at that time.  Mr Leamon said it was his belief that when the changing rooms were built, the plans incorporated a village hall and Mr Lambert confirmed this was the case.  Clerk to inform Mr & Mrs Peckham.




28.  Paynes Lane – An email has been received from a resident along Paynes Lane who is very concerned about the speed of vehicles travelling down this road.  Clerk forwarded the email to the Chair who told her to contact Highways and to ask the resident to contact Highways also.  Highways subsequently informed the clerk that Paynes Lane does not meet the criteria for traffic calming measures, one of which being environmental factors (such as schools or shops).  Mr Cock questioned this policy as Paynes Lane runs alongside the playing field and thought this surely should be taken into consideration.  Clerk to write to Highways to query the policy.  Mr Cock proposed, Mr Storey seconded, all in favour.


29.  Green Lane – Clerk read out email from a resident of Crabbes Close concerned about trees from a property next to Green Lane laying on telephone lines and a large branch from a tree having not been removed from the pavement following a storm a couple of weeks ago.  Clerk to contact BT re the telephone lines and to contact Highways to remove debris.


30.  Unadopted Road – Clerk read out email from resident regarding responsibility for Lime Kiln Lane as this road is not adopted by the local council.  Mr Lambert said that as with all unadopted roads, the residents have to pay for the upkeep.




30.  NCC – Media invite: Strictly embargoed until 00:01 hours Monday 27th July: Take seven steps when lighting up to help protect the health of others, Month-long footbridge closure in Thetford (Croxton footbridge closed Monday 27/7/15 – Friday 28/8/15), Record levels of achievement for Norfolk’s five-year-olds, Infant and junior schools in Attleborough could become primary schools under new proposals, Is there a Fire and Rescue Service Volunteer in you? (Norfolk Fire & Rescue Service calling for community volunteers), County joins parishes to urge bus change rethink, Have fun in the sun but think about the risks urge Norfolk Fire & Rescue Service, Motorists urged to check when parking on private land after rise in complaints, Public information notice – free child car seat checks could be a life-saver.  Clerk to put NCC emails that she feels may interest the local community in the parish magazine and on the noticeboard.

31.  Came & Company – Email received advising of Came & Company Insurance Brokers joining the Stackhouse Poland Group

32.  Brochures – Parish Magazine


33. CHEQUES - Were signed for the following – J Martin £731.03, S Sargent £110.53, K Vincent £109.20, Cash £15.00, Methodist Church £12.75, G Smith £36.00, Post Office Ltd (SSE) £611.35, Chase Fencing £144.17, Berryman £9.16, Viridor £107.64, BT £79.11.


34. PLANNING – There were no planning applications.




35. Potholes at junction of Old Methwold Road and poor visibility of white lines.  Awful potholes on Old Brandon Road.  Clerk to chase Highways.  Road appears to be sinking at the junction of Long Lane onto Short Beck.  Clerk to report to Highways.


Next meeting to be held 14th September 2015 at 7.30 pm.


Meeting declared closed 9.06 pm.




One planning application was received after the meeting and presented to Mrs Batten, Mrs Bane and Mr Lambert:-


4/8/15 – Mr M Cock – Construction of one bungalow including new access to Short Lane (Land between 6 & 12 Short Lane) - No objections