The Meeting of the Parish Council was held on Monday the 14th day of DECEMBER 2015 at the Methodist Chapel, Bell Street – commencing 7.30 pm


COUNCILLORS PRESENT:  Mrs Batten (Chairwoman), Mr Lambert, (Vice Chair), Messrs Cock, Cooper, Leamon, Rayner and Storey, Mrs Bane and Mrs Williams.  Also present Mr Linkin (Chairman of the Royal British Legion), Mrs Mary Reynolds (Royal British Legion), 5 members of the public and Sq Leader Neilds.


APOLOGIES:  Received from Mrs McGeeney, Mrs Mills and PCSO Law.




MINUTES of the last meeting were taken as read, agreed and duly signed by the Chairwoman. 


PUBLIC SPEAKING:  The meeting was suspended for 7 minutes to allow members of the public to speak. 




1. RAF Feltwell – Sq Leader Neilds asked for thanks to be passed onto residents for their patience during the increased night-flying activity.  He again apologised for the traffic on the B1112 and said this partly due to work being done at Gate 1 but was largely caused by the sheer weight of traffic.  He reported that work should be finished this month not January as predicted.  Mr Lambert asked whether a footpath was going to be constructed from The West End to the corner but Sq Leader Neilds had nothing to report at this time.  He wished the attendees a Merry Christmas and departed the meeting at 7.42 pm.


2. SNT – No weekly crime reports have been received from Police Connect throughout December due to new software being installed, thus causing a reduced service.


3. Risk Assessment – Mrs Bane carried out the playing field inspection earlier today and reported a broken bike on the play area which had been abandoned.  The play equipment is fine but the mat underneath the cantilever swing needs attention as it is protruding upwards.  The north wall appears to be sinking, although this is not dangerous.  There is green moss on the tennis court.  The guttering along the roadside of the changing rooms needs clearing out.  Mr Cock to carry out January inspection.  Clerk reported cantilever swing and zip wire parts have been fitted.


4. Balance Sheet – No queries.


5. Allotment Pest Control – Monthly report received.  Mr Storey explained that some tenants were not satisfied with the standard of vermin control and therefore a letter had been sent to Graham Smith, the current pest controller.  Clerk read out response from him stating that the bait boxes are serviced according to the contractual agreement.  A discussion followed regarding whether to put the contract out to tender but Clerk advised this could be costly.  Mrs Williams proposed writing to individual companies for quotations.  Also, article to be inserted in Parish Magazine.  Chair proposed, all in favour.


6. NALC – Weekly updates.  Agenda received for AGM and SGM taking place 6th January 2016.  “Warm & Well” campaign being promoted again this year, Clerk has put poster on




parish notice board.  “Re-imagining Norfolk” meeting taking place 11th January 2016 which representatives from parish and town councils are invited to attend.


7. Skate Park – Mrs Bane has contacted various companies and parish councils for advice on obtaining funding.  Before she makes further enquiries, she asked the Parish Council for their approval for the skate park to be erected and this was accepted.  Mrs Bane proposed, Mrs Williams seconded, all in favour.


8. Pensions Regulator – Ongoing.


9. Play Equipment Inspection – Clerk has still not received any response re fundraising request for polycarbonate panel therefore this will be discussed in the new budget as agreed at November’s meeting.  Mr Lambert and Barry Batten have pushed the gate posts back and the chain link fencing will now be fitted in the Spring when the weather is more favourable.  Mrs Batten informed the meeting that Mr Vincent will not be able to undertake any handyman duties at present due to ill health.  Currently, there is no outstanding work and should anything major present itself, Mrs Batten said her husband will be happy to attend to it.  Mr Storey stated that he felt Mr Batten should be remunerated for any work he does but Mrs Batten said that whilst Mr Batten would appreciate this offer, he would prefer to do this work upon his own goodwill.  Mrs Batten said that Mr Vincent’s health would be reviewed in the Spring at which point he would be consulted as to whether he wishes to carry on with his role.


10. Bench – To be fitted in the Spring - ongoing.


11. Mr & Mrs Massingham – No response as yet as to when the tree will be removed.


12. Briefing sessions (i) Local Plan – Site Allocations & Development Management Policies Development Plan Document (ii) 5 year land supply – Mr Storey said the inspectorate should finish his work on the 15th or 17th December and will then have all the information required.  He envisages he will return early Spring with his report.


13. Ranger Visit – Taking place 18th January 2016.  Clerk asked for any issues to be brought to her attention asap.


14. Proposed Post Office Relocation – Public consultation ended on 12th November but no correspondence has been received as yet regarding the outcome.


15. Community Speed Watch Group – Mr Rayner said he had had no further phone calls regarding this scheme.  Mr Cooper said someone had approached him and said Mr Rayner had not returned his call.  Mr Rayner confirmed he had not been contacted.


16. Highways – Road sweeper has been up to Newcombe Drive and pothole at junction of The Beck with Oak Street has been repaired.  One Way sign has been installed at the junction of Hall Close onto The Beck.


17. Hedge Cutting – Clerk contacted Stephanie Robins, Community Relations Advisor at RAF Lakenheath who has forwarded contact details for Rene Garner, the Operations Manager for Housing & Grounds so that a meeting can be arranged to discuss overhanging trees and protruding bushes.  Mrs Williams and Mr Lambert agreed to attend.  Clerk to organise.




18. Grass Cutting Contract – Clerk advised prices to advertise tender in the Lynn News, Bury Free Press and Eastern Daily Press and these were considered very expensive.  Clerk advised she had been contacted by at least four companies interested in tendering.  Mr Storey said he didn’t think the current contractor should be asked to tender as the parish council have not been satisfied with the standard of work at St Nicholas Graveyard.  Mr Cock pointed out that only one complaint has been received this year.  Mrs Bane proposed writing to the interested companies including the current contractor instead of placing advert in local press.  Mr Lambert seconded, 6 in favour, Mr Storey abstained.  Clerk to send letters.


19. Circus Tyanna – Will arrive on Sunday 10th April 2016 at approx 6.30 pm.  They will require water and if possible electricity.  Mr Lambert asked how this could be charged but Mr Leamon thought it might be illegal to sell electricity.  It was felt that water only would be provided and this would be charged at £30/day, the same rate as last year.  Mr Leamon proposed, Mr Cooper seconded, all in favour.  Clerk to advise Circus and also to state that site must be left clean and tidy.


20. Lamp Post – Came & Company Insurers have advised that it is possible to pursue this claim and Clerk has provided all necessary details.  Due to the time constraint, permission was granted on the 25th November from the Chair and Vice-Chair to proceed with the claim.  The lamp is on order at a cost of £410 for an Urbis Axia 16 LED lantern which uses 21 watts of energy and can also be made to dim to 56% between midnight and 6.00 am which reduces the energy to 13 watts during this time (this compared to the existing 80 watt MBFU lights used in the majority of Feltwell’s streetlights which use 104 watts of energy).  This price also includes fitting a new pole bracket, wiring and fitting.  The lamp may take 8 weeks to arrive due to shutdown over the Christmas period.  In the meantime, K&M Lighting are chasing UKPN to connect electricity supply down the pole and once this is in place will install a temporary lamp and fit the new one when it arrives.


21. Wall growth – Clerk has sent letter to Grantchester Construction but as yet has had no response.  She also reiterated in the letter that construction vehicles must not park on the hardstanding area.  However, vehicles are still parking here and also along Bell Street which is now causing visual restriction to vehicles turning right out of Oak Street.  A resident enquired during Public Speaking why the vehicles could not park on the development now that a road has been constructed but Mrs Batten advised that it is illegal to park here as the development is unfinished.  Clerk has also had correspondence from a resident asking what was to be done about the deteriorating condition of the churned up grass verge.  Mrs Batten advised the meeting that the Borough Council have allowed the vehicles to park here under the proviso that the verge is returned to its original condition when the construction work is completed.  Mrs Batten will speak directly to the Site Manager to express these concerns.


22. Pay Review – Clerk presented NALC Recommended Pay Scale to the meeting which is between SCP 26 (£11.92/hour) and SCP 30 (£13.66/hr) and does not take into account experience or qualifications.  Mrs Williams suggested a pay rise of £2.79/hour which is an average of the two scales.  Mrs Bane proposed the Clerk’s pay be increased by £2.79/hour to be backdated to the end of the Clerk’s six-month probationary period (end August 2015), Mr Cock seconded, all in favour.


23. Sun & Soil – Mr Leamon said the information provided was not very informative and also misleading, and that the proposal needs further investigation.  It was agreed to ask a representative from Sun & Soil to attend next month’s meeting.  Clerk to arrange.




23. Parking – Abandoned car that was parked on the memorial side of the road has now been removed.  Concern was expressed about vehicles parking on the pavement along the church side of St Mary’s Street.  Pedestrians are having to walk into the road to get by these vehicles which is extremely dangerous, especially to those with small children. A near-miss incident was recently reported to the Police.  Clerk to put article in parish magazine advising drivers that it is illegal to park on pavements and they must refrain from doing so, particularly at this location, and to urge pedestrians to obtain vehicle registration numbers and report them to the Police.


24. Remembrance Service – Mr Cock confirmed he had joined the Royal British Legion.  Mr Linkin spoke regarding the letter in the Parish Magazine and apologised for the lack of Police presence at the Service.  He stated that the Police were contacted on the 8th October 2015 and although no response had been received he had assumed the Police would attend.  He said that next year he will make further enquiries.  The playing of “The Last Post” had not been possible as the tape machine had malfunctioned however Mr Linkin advised that a RBL member has volunteered to learn to play the bugle for next year’s service.  Mrs Batten advised Mr Linkin of Sq Leader Neilds position within the RAF and that if he had any problems to contact him. Mr Linkin advised the flagpole had been painted.  He thanked the Council for their time and apologised once again.




25. NCC – Emails received.

26. NCC – Letter and posters received re Warm & Well in Norfolk campaign.

27. Patrick Smith (TWR Accountants) – Emails received - How Budgetary Changes could affect your business and 'Tax Tips and News’, Autumn Statement 2015 News and Analysis.

28. Norfolk Police Connect – Email received ‘Independent Custody Visitors – Volunteers Required’, Drink Drive campaign launched 1/12/15 until 1/1/16.

29. NGF Play – Introductory email received.

30. Norse Grounds – Email received ‘Harmful Weeds and Invasive Non-Native Plant Species’ offering a free, no obligation quotation to remove these types of plant life.

31. CGM – Email received regarding their winter maintenance service such as gritting and snow clearance.

32. Police Connect – Emails received – ‘Six men were detained by police following reports of hare coursing close to Downham Market on Friday 20 November 2015’, Drink Drive Campaign starting again 1/12/15 – 1/1/16.

33. Norfolk Fire & Rescue Service – Email advising that the Norfolk Fire & Rescue Services Draft Integrated Risk Management Plan is out for consultation until midnight on 14/1/16.

34. Norfolk Age UK – Letter received asking for donation.

35. Brochures – Parish Magazine, Clerks & Councils Direct, Workwear & Safety.


36. CHEQUES - Were signed for the following – J Martin £752.62, S Sargent £120.55, Cash £15.00, Methodist Church £25.50, Viridor £118.44, Anglia Woodlands £1728.00, Post Office Ltd (SSE) £537.96, BT £132.23, NBB Recycled Furniture £539.97, RBL Poppy Appeal £35.50, G Smith £36.00, Playmaintain £1067.00


37. PLANNING – Warren Power Ltd - Retrospective application to amend site area to accommodate revised site layout of AD plant, 2 no. surface water lagoons and associated infrastructure; Variation of Condition 1 of permission reference C/2/2013/2018 to amend the approved site layout and plant elevations – NO OBJECTIONS.




Clerk advised of applicant’s appeal in relation to The West End, 43 Long Lane for change of use of public house into two ground floor apartments with retention of first floor flat.  Parish Council originally APPROVED this application so have no further comments to make.




38. Highways – Pothole reported off Old Methwold Road just off junction of The Beck, debris on road between junctions of Blackdyke Road and Manor Park Estate caused by HGV’s churning up the side of the verges.  Clerk to report all issues to Highways.  Mr Storey spoke of his delight at the speed of which a pothole was repaired that evening, almost immediately after it had been reported, and asked for an email to be sent to Highways expressing appreciation.


39. Bus Stops – Mrs Bane said that the information on the boards was incorrect as they both state “Paynes Lane” and should read “Wilton Road”.  Clerk to contact NCC.


40. Sector Led Body for audit procurement – External audit arrangements are changing owing to the abolition of the Audit Commission and a new regulatory framework is being introduced.  Clerk circulated information to be discussed at next meeting.


41. Members Allowance – An Independent Panel has been set up to review the Members Allowances.  Should the parish wish to pay it’s Chair or Vice-Chair any special responsibility allowances, the Parish has to give regard to the views of the Independent Panel before making any decision on levels of payment.  Both Mrs Batten and Mr Lambert declined any payments.


42. Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management Inspection Workshop – Marham Parish Council has secured a local one-day training workshop to train officers and operatives to inspect and make safe memorials.  Mrs Batten said the Church own the cemetery therefore this is not necessary.


43. Parish Precept – To be discussed next meeting.


The Chair wished everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Next meeting to be held on Monday 11th January 2016 at 7.30 pm.


Meeting declared closed 8.45 pm.