A meeting of the Parish Council was held on Monday the 9th day of FEBRUARY 2015 at the Methodist Chapel, Bell Street - commencing 7.30pm.


COUNCILLORS PRESENT: - Mrs Batten (Chairwoman), Mr Lambert (Vice Chair) Messrs. Cooper, Storey, Spanswick, Cock and Leamon. Also present Sq Leader Neilds & 4 members of public.


APOLOGIES - received from Mrs Bane & Mrs Mills.




MINUTES of the last meeting were taken as read, agreed and duly signed by the Chairwoman.


PUBLIC SPEAKING - the meeting was suspended at 7.32pm to allow members of public to speak. Highway issues were raised. Meeting re-opened 7.34pm.




1   RAF Feltwell - Sq Leader Neilds advised they are still waiting to hear if the Red Arrows will be attending on 4th July, this year it falls on a Saturday. The process with Trenchard Sq is still continuing it is hoped a decision will be made by 31st March. Sq Leader left meeting at 7.36pm.


2   SNT - report of theft from motor vehicle in The Beck 5/6th January. Email re Norfolk Constabulary is announcing plans to scale down its front counter service to save money. To achieve this from 1st April public enquiry officers will have reduced or changed hours and those at Attleborough, Swaffham, Gorleston & Diss will close.


3   Risk Assessment - Mr Storey gave report - trees overhanging wall in corner need to be cut back, Clerk to write to property owner. New gate near play area has been broken off - Clerk to report to contractors. Balls have been kicked against doors of changing rooms and vent broken. Ivy on wall, pine needles in gutters. Mr Spanswick will do next inspection.


4   Changing Rooms - still nothing from Mr Samuels, Chair will chase.


5   Balance Sheet - no queries.


6   Allotment Pest Control - monthly report.


7   NALC - weekly updates.


8   Rangers Visit - drain o/s 38 Paynes Lane cleared. Paint off one side of Feltwell sign long Lodge Road removed. St Mary’s Street swept.


9   Play Equipment - Mrs Bane, Mr Cock & Mr Cooper looked at equipment, Mr Lambert has also looked through gate. Main area all one unit would be costly to re-site, there are a few separate items that could be used. Mrs Bane had enquired if this item could be held over until next meeting? It was agreed to hold over until next meeting.






10  Skate Park - NFN.


11  Walkway - Falcon Road - in hand.


12  Trees Playingfield - contractor still waiting for date from UK Power.


13  Street Light - Clerk had obtained possible costs from Amey for a new light, the minimum cost would be £1375 plus ancillary costs for items like cabling & fuses etc. A specific quote can be prepared. Matter was discussed, Mr Cooper proposed not to progress any further, no light to be installed, seconded Mr Lambert, all agreed.


14  Grounds Maintenance Contract - contract received for signature, Clerk has checked contents, payment terms as required. Mr Storey enquired if the contract obtained the clause set by the Council that the Council reserves the right to with hold payment, this was not include din contract, it was agreed not to sign contract until this clause is included.


15  Small Works/Odd Job Person - two applications received, Chair & Mr Leamon would speak with applicants.


16  Clerk’s Position to be dealt with in closed session.


17  Norfolk Police 50-50 Scheme - Mr Storey advised that a lot of surrounding villages were considering this and meetings are being arranged. Perhaps we should look into this more for consideration in the future and monitor how it works. Mrs Batten advised she would attend a meeting, Mr Storey would advise when this is set.


18  RCC Newsletter  - monthly e-issue received.


19  Fly Tipping - the items along Lodge Road & Southery Road would not be removed by Borough as they are not on public land. Apparently the tyres have not been removed from “Piggy Lane” either. Mr Storey had spoken to Borough and was advised that the tyres were deemed to be on private land as they were on the edge of fields and the Lane is an unadopted area. Clerk to contact company for cost to remove, Mr Cock would deliver tyres if not too far away.


20  Report to Highways - email received - potholes will be inspected. Drain near 34 Paynes Lane will be cleared out but there is a low in the property driveway which will hold water.


21  Rural Housing Alliance - each Councillors received a copy of this letter, this was discussed. Mr Lambert proposed, seconded Mr Cock that we write to the Planning department requesting what the threshold for Feltwell is re affordable housing within a development as this has recently been changed by Government from 5 to 10 but can be set at 5 for smaller rural areas. Also a written copy of the Borough’s Housing Allocation Policy is to be requested and how the needs of local rural households wanting to remain within their home community are accommodated within this policy.


22  Allotment Terms of Reference - remain as present, proposed Chairwoman, all agreed.






23 KL&WNBC - CIL - consultation preliminary draft charging schedule. Mr Storey advised in early stages, it was agreed to write to Borough Planning for more information. Bus station disruption - notice of work on KL station to be received shortly.

24 FCC Environment - duty of care waste transfer note.

25 NPS Group - Fire risk management service.

26 West Norfolk Mind - donation request.

27 Barclays Bank - changes to business customer agreement.

28 NCC - Street light workshop being held sometime in March.

29 Brochures - IRS Girod. Glasdon. Parish magazine.


30 CHEQUES were signed for the following - L Peckham £902.99, Cash £10, Methodist Church £14.88, S Sargent £84.43, L Enefer £330, G Smith £36, Berryman £25.22, Viridor £107.64.


31 PLANNING - none for this meeting.




32 Report to Highways - White lines top of Lodge Road barely visible. Temporary repair at entrance to Newcombe Drive is breaking up. Directional sign opposite entrance to Mulberry Close front missing.


33 Trod - Long Lane - to be discussed at next meeting.


34 Elections - being held 7th May.


35 Review of Financial Standing Orders  - next meeting.


36 Wreaths - Litter collector has enquired if wreaths can be removed from memorial, yes.


The Chairwoman declared the meeting closed to the public at 8.40pm - members of public present left the meeting.


37 Clerk’s Position - Mr Lambert advised 12 applications were received for the Clerk’s position. All Councillors present were given the opportunity to view the applicant’s letters and CV’s. After some discussion on whether to shortlist the number of applicants for interview,  the Chairwoman proposed 7 applicants are short listed for interview - Mr Storey, Mr Leamon & Mr Cock against, Mr Spanswick, Mr Cooper and Mr Lambert in favour - motion carried. Further discussion took place re who would attend the interviews to appoint a new Clerk - Mrs Batten, Mr Lambert and Mr Spanswick would attend the interviews to fill the position, Clerk would also be in attendance to answer any questions. Clerk advised of NALC’s recommendation on pay - after some discussion it was agreed to offer £10 per hour for 15 hours per week with a 6 month probationary period, all agreed. New Clerk to be invited to next meeting of the Council. Interviews to be held on Tuesday 17th February 2015 commencing 1pm at the Methodist Church.


Next meeting to be held 9th March 2015

Meeting declared closed 9.35pm