A Meeting of the Parish Council was held on Monday the 13th day of JULY 2015 at the Methodist Chapel, Bell Street – commencing 7.30 pm


COUNCILLORS PRESENT:  Mrs Batten (Chairwoman), Messrs Cooper, Rayner and Leamon, Mrs Bane and Mrs Mills.  Also present 4 members of the public and Sq Leader Neilds.


APOLOGIES:  Received from Mr Lambert, Mr Storey, Mr Cock and Mrs McGeeney.




MINUTES of the last meeting were taken as read, agreed and duly signed by the Chairwoman.  


PUBLIC SPEAKING:  The meeting was suspended for 5 minutes to allow members of the public to speak. 




1.  RAF Feltwell – Sq Leader Neilds expressed his great disappointment at the 4th July celebrations having to be cancelled in view of the threat to security and the safeguarding of the general public, and said this was not a decision made lightly.  The Chair said she felt that everyone understood and appreciated why this action was necessary and Sq Leader Neilds said he had been very impressed at the amount of support received from the general public which was very much appreciated.  Mrs Mills asked for an update on Trenchard Square and Sq Leader Neilds replied this was on schedule and families are still due to move in during September.  Sq Leader left the meeting at 7.39 pm.


2.  SNT – No report received.


3.  Risk Assessment – Mrs Mills carried out the playing field inspection during the morning of Saturday 11th July.  She said there was a lot of rubbish everywhere which she tidied up.  She asked if a notice could be put into the Parish newsletter reminding users of the tennis court to tidy up their rubbish after use.  The plastic mesh drain cover has fallen down, handyman to replace.  Weeds on roof of scout hut need spraying or digging out.  Lots of weeds on concrete area, Clerk said CGM coming Monday to spray.  Next report to be carried out by Clerk.


4.  Changing Rooms – Carpet has been removed and rent money has all been paid; £255 cheque from the Senior team and £40 cash from the Junior team.  Mr Kennedy has asked if he can pay on a monthly basis and the committee felt this was acceptable.  Chair proposed, all in favour.  Mr Kennedy has emailed the Clerk a list of forthcoming friendly home fixtures, two of which are charity football matches.  He has asked if the Parish Council would donate the fees for these games to the charities of both causes.  It was felt that if the Parish Council chose to do this, they would be setting a precedent and would have to then do this for other charities that may wish to use the changing rooms, therefore on this occasion it was decided that the fee would be still be charged to the Football Club for both matches.  Mr Cooper proposed, Mr Leamon seconded, all in favour.  Clerk to inform Mr Kennedy of this decision.


5.  Balance Sheet – No queries.


6.  Allotment Pest Control – Monthly report received.


7.  NALC – Weekly updates. 


8.  Skate Park – Mrs Bane asked for this to be carried forward to the next meeting.




9.  Trees Playing Field – Clerk reported that an email had been received from Anglia Woodlands stating that they are awaiting a confirmation date from UK Power Networks.


10.  Grounds Maintenance Contract –The Chair spoke with CGM on Friday 10th July who said they had heard nothing regarding the headstone being lifted and therefore have not as yet been able to level the ground and reseed.  Mr Rayner said the relative who owned the grave had informed him that the gravestone was lifted three weeks ago and CGM had not returned.  Chair to inspect the graveyard and contact CGM should this be the case.  No other complaints have been received.


11.  Trod – Long Lane – Clerk reported that she had received an email from the Planning Enforcement Officer stating that an inspection has been carried out and he is now awaiting advice from his planning colleagues.   Chair proposed this matter be postponed and the money saved put towards the cost of the double swings requested for the playing field.   She felt that the swings would have more use than the trod and therefore the money would be better spent.  All in favour.


12.  Elections – No applications have been received regarding the casual vacancy in the Anchor Ward.


13.  Clerk’s Position – Clerk advised she would be at her property for at least a year and asked if a phone line could be installed as the mobile reception was not great.  Mrs Bane proposed, Mr Leamon seconded, all in favour.  Hourly rate for Mrs Peckham to continue to be paid on an advisory level was agreed at £10/hour.  Mrs Batten proposed, all in favour.


14.  Pensions Regulator – Clerk is awaiting further instructions from the Pensions Regulator.


15.  Bus Stops – Signs have now been installed.


16.  Report to Highways – Pothole on Hythe Road o/s Glebe Farm has been programmed to patch. 

Paynes Lane - hole to be filled along boundary of 50 Wilton Road.  Oak Garden extremely overgrown – rangers have been informed.  Catseyes along Bell Street are not to be replaced as there is sufficient street-lighting along this route.  Open iron work along the right hand side of Paynes Lane as you exit onto Wilton Road to be covered or removed.  It was agreed with the previous clerk that cars were permitted to park along Rawlins Way as they would cause an obstruction parking elsewhere.  Potholes along Southery to Feltwell Road are on an ongoing patchwork programme.  Weeds on pavements on Oakfields to be sprayed so should die back soon.  Newcombe Drive and St Nicholas Drive are on a future surfacing programme.


17.  Playing Field – Swings – Clerk presented quotations received from three different companies, details of which were perused.  Swings to be purchased from Fenland Leisure at a cost of £2819.00 + VAT which includes supply and fit, grass mats and excavation of soil.  Mrs Bane proposed, Mr Rayner seconded, all in favour.  Swings to be installed in 4-6 weeks time.  Clerk to proceed with order and organise a site visit.


18.  Play Equipment Inspection – Inspection was carried out on Friday 5th June and the Chair advised contents of the report.  Some areas are medium to high risk.  The access gate doesn’t stay shut and fencing needs to be replaced.  Clerk presented three prices for galvanised chain link fencing.  Chair proposed fencing to be bought from Chase Fencing at a cost of £120.14 + VAT for a 1200 x 25m roll, all in favour.  Clerk to purchase.  Some welding is required on the top of the fence, Mr Batten to undertake.  The seesaw needs painting, Mr Vincent to do this week.




Report advised mats be taken up from underneath the cantilever swing, levelled and relaid. Also that the surfacing under the climbing frame has multiple trip hazards and should be made good.  Chair didn’t think either of these were necessary at present but said they should be monitored.  Some of the fixings on the aerial cableway are becoming corroded.  Cableway spring break is contorted and broken.  Clerk to contact original supplier for replacement price.  The break spring is positioned too closely to the end frame allowing the seat to come into contact with the structure.  Chair to investigate whether it’s adjustable.  One of the fixing points on the toddler swing is bent.  Chair to look at.  Powder coating on the multiplay unit is starting to peel away, Clerk to ascertain whether this is under guarantee.  One polycarbonate panel and fixing frame is missing from the rear of the teen shelter.  Clerk to write to Mr Samuels who has in the past offered to supply and fit a replacement panel.  Tennis court – posts are corroded and the net discoloured.  Chair advised posts will be painted but the nets are fine.


19.  Grass Verges – Once again, the grass verges have not been cut as per the three week rota.  Clerk to contact NCC.  Clerk to display contact details for NCC “Open Spaces Department” on the Parish Notice board and within the Parish Newsletter to urge residents to contact them direct as this will have more impact.


20.  Hedges – Clerk has written to owners of 6 Newcombe Drive and 2 Falcon Road and all hedges have been cut back.


21.  Memorial Wreaths – Information printed from the War Memorials Trust was submitted regarding the timescale for removal of wreaths from a memorial ground and the information advised at the previous meeting was challenged.  Clerk to pass on information to Mr Cock.


22.  Review of Committees – It was agreed to carry this forward to the next meeting due to the number of Councillors absent.




23.  NCC – Pupils in Lingwood celebrate opening of new £3.9m school, Extra incentive for smaller parishes as County Council launches new Parish Partnership round, A greener County Hall as solar PV installed, Interactive campaign aims to get young people working in Norfolk’s six growth sectors., Funding supports communities to improve their own health, Norfolk names in top 5 local authorities for tackling homophobic bullying, Norfolk Police & Crime Commissioner’s annual report to be discussed by panel

24.  The Third Age Trust - A self-help learning organisation which gives purpose and stimulus to those in retirement – introductory letter

25.  Bacon – A weekly newsletter which advertises parish events

26.  Brochures – Parish Magazine, Broxap Street Furniture, Clerks & Councils Direct


27.  CHEQUES – Were signed for the following – J Martin £672.96, S Sargent £105.23, K Vincent £98.00, Cash £15.00, Methodist Church £8.50, Post Office Ltd £257.42, G Smith £36.00, Nationwide Credit Card Services £88.68, Berryman £11.52, Viridor £230.52, Playmaintain £47.76, SSE £296.47, Anglian Water £96.80, BT £76.21.  Cheques received from Feltwell Senior FC £255 and HM Treasury £26.93, and £40 cash received from Feltwell Junior FC.


30.  PLANNING – There were no planning applications.




31.  Bench – Mrs Bane asked if a couple of benches could be provided on the playing field.  To be discussed at next meeting.


32.  Report to Highways- Clerk reported a complaint from a Newcombe Drive resident regarding the general condition of the estate.  Pavements are very uneven and breaking up, the top layer of tarmac becoming loose, there are weeds on all pavements and the walkway from Falcon Drive to playing field is very uneven.  Clerk has contacted Highways who said patching works are programmed, the weed sprayer is due in the village shortly and the walkway will be resurfaced towards the end of the year.  Bushes and trees on the left hand side of the junction as you depart Vincent Close onto Paynes Lane are becoming very overgrown.  Clerk to report.


33.  Bridleways – Mr Leamon has received complaints from a few residents about gates being erected on bridleways.  He asked if it was possible to obtain a map to clarify that these were actually bridleways and not privately owned.  Clerk to contact NCC.


34.  Rangers Visit – Clerk advised that the Rangers would be in the village week commencing 20th July and asked if any issues could be reported to her beforehand.  Already on the list is the overgrowth at Oak Garden and the walkway between Paynes Lane and the High Street.


35.  Mr & Mrs Massingham – The Chair read out a letter from Mr & Mrs Massingham of 47 Paynes Lane, concerning the Silver Birch tree on the playing field which is also on their boundary line.  They asked if the tree could be removed, at their expense, as the debris and seeds from it are falling into their garden causing their drains and guttering to be blocked up, and their swimming pool to be cleaned daily during the summer months.  Their letter said debris is also falling into the Scout Hut guttering and suggested that in future, possible damage to both this and their property would be inevitable due to the size of the tree.  Mr Lambert sent an email in his absence supporting the removal of the tree.  The Chair asked all councillors to visit the site and revert with their views at the next meeting when a decision would be made.  Clerk to inform Mr & Mrs Massingham.


36.  One-way System – An email was read out from a resident concerned about the village one-way system and the increasing amount of traffic going the wrong way along High Street, in particular from Mulberry Close although a one-way sign is positioned directly opposite the junction.  Clerk to ask Borough to visit and to suggest sufficient road signage be put in place.


Next meeting to be held 10th August 2015 at 7.30 pm.


Meeting declared closed 8.45 pm.