The Meeting of the Parish Council was held on Monday the 12th day of OCTOBER 2015 at the Methodist Chapel, Bell Street – commencing 7.30 pm


COUNCILLORS PRESENT:  Mrs Batten (Chairwoman), Mr Lambert, (Vice Chair), Messrs Cock, Cooper, Leamon, Rayner and Storey, Mrs Bane and Mrs McGeeney.  Also present 5 members of the public.


APOLOGIES:  Received from Mrs Mills.




MINUTES of the last meeting were taken as read, agreed and duly signed by the Chairwoman. 


PUBLIC SPEAKING:  The meeting was suspended for 2 minutes to allow members of the public to speak. 




1.  RAF Feltwell – Sq Leader Neilds was not present, therefore there was no report.


2.  SNT – Email received.  1 crime reported; Burglary of a dwelling on Lodge Road, jewellery and cash were among items taken.


3.  Risk Assessment – Mr Leamon carried out the playing field inspection on Sunday 11th October.  Many items are already in hand such as the deteriorating condition of the walls.  Mrs McGeeney questioned whether the owners were actually aware of the problems and suggested writing to them.  Mrs Bane stated that owners had been written to in the past.  Potholes in the car park were reported, weeds on the tennis court and bolts protruding through the fence of 47 Paynes Lane.  Clerk to write to owners of fence to remove.  Mr Leamon said there were children on the play area and the new swing was also being utilised.  Next report to be carried out by Mrs Bane.  Parts ordered for the cantilever swing and zip wire should be fitted by the end of the week.


4.  Balance Sheet – No queries.


5.  Allotment Pest Control – Monthly report received.


6.  NALC – Weekly updates.  AGM taking place Saturday 17th October at Norwich City FC.  NALC also circulated an email on behalf of the Norfolk Older People’s Strategic Partnership announcing that its new three-year strategy has been published.


7.  Skate Park – Carried forward to the next meeting.


8.  Elections – Application has been received from Mrs Hazel Williams of 1 Camp Close, Feltwell for the casual vacancy in the Anchor Ward.  Mr Storey proposed, Mrs Bane seconded, all in favour.  Clerk to write to Mrs Williams.


9.  Pensions Regulator – Clerk has perused various pension schemes and stressed the importance of joining one that is compatible with the current payroll system as if not, new payroll software would have to be purchased.  The People’s Pension is a government scheme, it is free to the employer, the only charge being a 0.5% annual management fee to the employee’s pension pot, and it is compatible with the current software used.  Clerk asked if she could proceed with the enrolment process with The People’s Pension.  Mrs Bane proposed, Mrs McGeeney seconded, all in favour.




10.  Report to Highways – Clerk has received email from Karl Rands, the Area Manager for Highways, apologising that some issues had not been resolved and stating he would look into these further.  Clerk said she had met with Martin Edmunds, the Highway Officer, who said the missing white lines on Oakfields would be refreshed but won’t be ordered until April 2016, the sinking road on Nightingale Lane will be repaired within 6-8 weeks and the potholes in the lay-by on Wilton Road have been programmed.  Rubbish has been removed from Old Brandon Road.  Mr Storey suggested arranging a meeting between Mr Rands and the Chair to look at the areas of concern.  He also stated that the pothole outside Glebe Farm had been repaired to a very high standard.  Clerk to contact Mr Rands.


11.  Play Equipment Inspection – Due to work commitments, Mr Lambert has been unable as yet to push the gate posts back so that the chain link fencing can be fitted. Mr Leamon presented a price for a replacement polycarbonate panel for the teen shelter.  It was debated whether this should be replaced.  Mr Leamon suggested putting a piece in the parish magazine asking for the youth of the village to fundraise for this panel as maybe this would then prevent it from being vandalised again.  Mrs Bane suggested putting a piece in the school newsletter as well.  Clerk to contact parish magazine and Feltwell School.


12.  Bench – Clerk stated that the bench was not eligible for funding from the Playing Fields Association.  Mrs Bane and the Clerk have been down to the playing field as Mrs Bane felt that the hardstanding area was not suitable for the positioning of the picnic bench due to it being too far away from the play equipment.  She also felt the bench should be situated on a concrete base so that it can be anchored down.  It was agreed the bench should be situated between the zip wire and the bin.  Mrs Bane strongly felt that the playing field warranted two picnic benches due to the size of the population in the village and the fact that the playing field is very well utilised by families.  Clerk presented two prices for one concrete base and the cheapest price was £180 + VAT from Mr Graham Waters.  The cheapest price for two concrete bases was again from Mr Waters at a price of £300 + VAT.  However, some councillors opposed purchasing another bench but were prepared to review this situation early next year when finances could be assessed.  Mr Storey proposed, Mr Leamon seconded, 6 in favour, 1 abstained.  Clerk to contact Mr Waters to order one concrete base and a concrete anchor kit at £9.98 + VAT.


13.  Mr & Mrs Massingham – No response as yet as to when the tree will be removed.


14.  Briefing sessions (i) Local Plan – Site Allocations & Development Management Policies Development Plan Document (ii) 5 year land supply – Mr Storey said progress is being made.  The first meeting was held 30th September and further meetings will run until mid December.  The Inspector has grouped villages into three (albeit West Winch which will be dealt with as one entity due to the large developments taking place) and the dates for each meeting will be on the website.


15.  Insurance Renewal – Insurance was renewed at £2047.90 for the remaining year and new documents have been received.


16. Barclays – Clerk reported that Barclays Bank will not authorise her to transfer money from the Business Saver Account into the Community Account over the telephone as she is not a signatory on the account.  Therefore, in future, every month the Clerk will bring a letter to the meeting, addressed to Barclays, requesting the transfer of the required amount which must be signed by three authorised signatories.


17. Ranger Visit – Taking place w/c 19th October 2015.  No issues have been reported to the Clerk.




18. Hedge Trim – Overgrown hedges at 7 Oak Street and 7a Oak Street have been cut back.


19. Parish Partnership Scheme – Mr Storey brought this to the attention of the parish council as the deadline is 15th December 2015.  However, it was felt that the village would probably decline this particular year.


20. Edmund de Moundeford Trust – Expiry of Trustee Term – Mr Storey’s term is due to expire November 2015, however he stated that he would be happy to renew his term for another four years.  Mrs Batten proposed, all in favour.  Clerk to advise Barry Hawkins.


21. Proposed Post Office Relocation – This is part of a major programme of modernisation taking place across the Post Office network.  The Post Office is now starting a 6 week local public consultation regarding the suitability of the proposed new location at the One Stop shop where benefits will include longer opening hours and improved accessibility.  This was discussed at length and it was felt that it would be disadvantageous to relocate the post office for reasons such as possible loss of jobs, traffic and parking which is already a huge problem due to the number of businesses currently operating along High Street.  It is possible post vans will operate from the rear of the One Shop which will increase traffic along Paynes Lane.  This will be a huge concern for the residents of Paynes Lane, some of which have recently expressed concern about safety of children using the playing field due to the volume and speed of vehicles already using this road. Mr Storey said he will make his concerns known as Norfolk County and Borough Councillor but urged the councillors to express theirs via the routes provided (details on information sheets available in the village post office), ensuring they give valid reasons for their objections.  Clerk to write to The Post Office on behalf of the parish council to outline their concerns.  The deadline for public consultation ends 12th November 2015.


22. Community Speed Watch Group – Mr Rayner proposed this idea and explained how the scheme works: A group of 6 individuals, made up of village residents or people from other parishes, are specially trained by Norfolk Police to use speed guns.  They are given high visibility jackets and control the speeding by writing down makes and models of speeding vehicles, and dates and times of the offence.  The offenders are then written to and if caught more than three times the Speed Watch Group are able to enforce an on-the-spot fine.  The safety of individuals was questioned but Mr Rayner advised that risk assessments are carried out and although in some villages a small number of people have been abused, the Speed Watch Group has been successful.  It was agreed by the majority that this would be a good idea and the parish magazine was suggested as being a good place to generate interest with all enquiries being directed to Mr Rayner.  Mrs Batten proposed, 7 in favour, 1 abstained.  Clerk to contact parish magazine. 




23.  Complaint – Email regarding rubbish scattered on the playing field

24.  Email - Planning Committee Notification – Meeting held 5th October re planning applications

25.  NCC – Invitation to media: Safer walk to school marked at Forncett, Record reading results for seven-year-olds put Norfolk above the national average, Deal struck to keep the Coasthopper operating through the winter, Norfolk County Council supports new smoking legislation, Next stretch of the England Coast Path around Norfolk approved

26.  East Anglian Air Ambulance – Email request for donations

27.  Flyers - Wicksteed

28.  Brochures – Parish Magazine, Clerks & Councils Direct, Glasdon

29. CHEQUES - Were signed for the following – J Martin £650.00, S Sargent £105.43, K Vincent £84.00, Cash £10.00, Methodist Church £17.00, Post Office Ltd (PAYE) £143.40, Anglian Water £75.01, G Smith £36.00, Post Office Ltd (SSE) £556.34, Fenland Leisure Products £3082.80, Viridor £139.92, Shaw & Sons £90.48, Fenland Fire Appliance £36.00.


30. PLANNING – Mrs Tiffany Smith - Conversion of Barn to Dwelling at Silver Cottage, 6 Hill Street – NO OBJECTIONS - Advertisement Application for 1 x Illuminated Fascia Sign, 3 x Window Graphics, 1 x Frosted Manifestation and 4 x Poster Frames at Spar, 25 High Street – NO OBJECTIONS - Lawful Development Certificate: Refurbishment and upgrading to bridge known as Little Oulsham Bridge, Little Oulsham Drove – NO OBJECTIONS - Lawful Development Certificate: Refurbishment and upgrading to bridge known as Potters Bridge, Whiteplot Lane - NO OBJECTIONS




31. Highways – Main footpaths such as those along Hill Street and High Street are full of weeds.  Weeds are breaking through newly surfaced pavements on Newcombe Drive.  Tarmac has been poured over the grass on the pavements from Bell Street to Newcombe Drive during the resurfacing.  Clerk to contact Highways.


32. Hedge Cutting – Hedge needs trimming along the road from The West End to the Base, Clerk to contact Base.  Bushes belonging to 2 Short Lane are protruding into Lime Kiln Lane and Short Lane and are restricting the view of vehicles pulling out onto Short Lane.  Clerk to contact owner.  Mrs Bane also reported the hedge along Wilton Road needs trimming back.  Clerk to contact Orbit Housing.


33. Grass Cutting Contract – Expires end of October 2015.  Specification to be circulated with this month’s minutes. 


34. Circus Tyanna – Email received expressing their wish to return to Feltwell for 3-4 days as part of their 2016 tour.  To be discussed at next meeting.


35. Lamp Post – Damage has been caused to the lamp post on Long Lane due to a car veering into it.  UK Network Power has replaced the post but the street light also needs replacing.  Clerk to contact car driver in order to make an insurance claim for the damage and report to insurance company.  Clerk to obtain quote from K&M Lighting for new light.


36. Playing Field Gate – Email received from resident of Crabbes Close offering to open and shut the large gate on the playing field every morning and evening in a bid to stop vehicles using the car park as a race track.  It was agreed by all to accept this kind offer.  Mrs Batten proposed, all in favour.  Clerk to write to said resident.


Next meeting to be held 9th November 2015 at 7.30 pm.


Meeting declared closed 8.55 pm.