The Meeting of the Parish Council was held on Monday the 11th day of JULY 2016 at the Methodist Chapel, Bell Street – commencing 7.30 pm


COUNCILLORS PRESENT:  Mrs Batten (Chairwoman), Mr Lambert (Vice Chair), Mrs Bane, Mrs McGeeney, Mrs Mills, Mrs Williams, Messrs Cock, Cooper and Rayner.  Also present 7 members of the public and Sq Leader Neilds.


APOLOGIES:  received from Mr Storey and Mr Leamon.




MINUTES of the last meeting were taken as read, agreed and duly signed by the Chairwoman.   


PUBLIC SPEAKING:  The meeting was suspended for 8 minutes to allow members of the public to speak.  




1.  RAF Feltwell –Sq Leader Neilds reported that a recent “Wings & Wheels” event at Lakenheath Air Base was a success but was unsure if this event would be continuing or coming to Feltwell.  Unfortunately it is unlikely that the annual 4th July celebrations will be returning.  Noise has increased this week due to some 55 sorties coming over daily but this should quieten down in August.  Sq Leader Neilds departed the meeting at 7.45 pm.


2.  SNT – No weekly crime reports have been received due to new software being installed, thus causing a reduced service.  Various Police Connect emails have been received (see Correspondence) but none concerning Feltwell.


3.  Risk Assessment – Mrs Mills carried out the playing field inspection last night.  There was a lot of litter on the field, probably due to the windy conditions.  The two yellow posts on the car park have been taken out of the ground, either intentionally or having been hit by a vehicle.  Lots of drink bottles within the tennis court.  Weeds have still not been removed from the scout hut guttering and the pipe at the rear of the hut is still leaking.  Clerk to contact Claire Scarff again.  Mesh drain cover near the main door of the Changing Rooms needs to be put back on.  Next inspection to be carried out by Clerk as Mrs McGeeney will be on holiday.


4.  Balance Sheet – Mr Cock asked what the £30 in receipts for Open Spaces related to.  Clerk will look into and revert at next meeting.


5.  Allotment Pest Control – No monthly report received.


6.  NALC – Weekly newsletters and updates have been circulated. 


7.  Skate Park –Mrs Bane read out an email from the Parish Clerk for Cottenham who have a skate park supplied by Wheelscape which is of similar price and structure to the one Wheelscape are supplying to Feltwell (low level and set into the ground so doesn’t encroach or detract from the open nature of the recreation ground).  The skate park is a year old and is to be signed off by Wheelscape this month.  There have been minor problems with some settlement cracks which have been easily fixed with filler but otherwise, maintenance costs have been low.  Although there were several accidents when the park was first opened, protective headwear and arm/knee pads have been encouraged and within a month the situation had settled down as the skaters got used to the facility and no further reports of injury have been received.




The email went on to say that there is no loud noise caused by the skate park, it is in constant use and has proven to be very popular.  Skaters vary in age hugely and skating appears quite social with older skaters helping out younger ones. 


8.      Bench – Ongoing – Concrete slabs have been laid.  Benches will be erected by new Handyman this week.


9.      Briefing sessions (i) Local Plan – Site Allocations & Development Management Policies Development Plan Document (ii) 5 year land supply – Clerk has enquired about digging taking place on the land behind Chocolate Cottage.  The Investigating Officer informed her that he had been to the site and the digging was for soil samples in preparation for an archaeological dig and was not development work.


10.  Lamp Post – Temporary lantern in place, new lantern will be fitted when received.


11.  Wall growth/Parking – Situation along Bell Street is being monitored and is ongoing although it appears that the construction company, Grantchester, have left site. 


12.  Highways –Some potholes and loose manhole covers have been repaired but others are still outstanding.  Clerk to contact Highways.  Mr Storey was not present to advise if he had spoken with Martin Edmunds regarding this matter.


13.  Street Light Replacement – K&M Lighting are still waiting for the lanterns to arrive but will fit them immediately once received.  Existing lanterns to be stored in Mr Lambert’s premises and a valuation will be put forward to Elton Parish Council who are interested in purchasing them.  Maintenance contract is up for renewal soon and Clerk is in process of collating quotations.


14.  Handyman – Mr Terry George was appointed as Handyman and began his contract on 27th June 2016.  He has swept the tennis court and repainted the lines.


15.  Ranger Visit – Next visit is w/c 18th July.  Mrs Williams enquired who owned the trees on the green at Moat Side.  This was unknown.  Clerk to make enquiries.  Weed growth on Bell Street needs to be undertaken otherwise alternative measures may be sought.


16.  Special Expenses – A one-off cut has been carried out by CGM at a cost of £400 + VAT.  Price from the Borough Council to bring all Feltwell areas up to 12 cuts from now (a further four cuts) total £1151.18 compared to CGM at £185.00/fortnightly cut or £550.00/monthly cut.  Mr Lambert proposed employing the Borough Council, Mrs Bane seconded, all in favour.  


17.  Wall – Clerk has heard nothing back from the owners of 23 and 25 The Beck.


18.  Flag Pole – New flagpole has been delivered.  Handyman to liaise with Mr Cock to arrange installation.


19.  War Memorial – Application has been submitted.


20.  Installation of Street Sign – Ongoing. 


21.              ‘STOP’ Signs – Martin Edmunds has looked at the junctions of Hill Street with Short Beck and The Beck with St Mary’s Street and believes that STOP signs are not necessary although said that the white lines will be refreshed.
            Mrs McGeeney stressed her belief that signs were required as vehicles are pulling straight over the junction daily without stopping.  Mr Storey was not present to advise if he had spoken with Martin Edmunds.


22.              Centenary Fields Programme – Clerk has received additional information and Mr Cock offered to look into this further.


23.              E-on – Renewal price from E-on equates to £638/year, quotations from NPower and SSE equate to £560 and £550 respectively.  Chair proposed transferring supply to SSE, all in favour.


24.              Feltwell Youth F.C. –  A request from the football team to have the grass cut shorter on the playing field was discussed.  Clerk to contact CGM to enquire.


25.              Parish Partnership Scheme – Chair asked all Councillors to bring any suggestions they may have to the next meeting.  Closing date is 16th December 2016.


26.              Tree – Clerk has advised Borough Council of the Silver Birch tree on the grass area along Bell Street that needs topping.


27.              Allotments – A quotation of £1012 + VAT has been received to fill five entrances to the Old Brandon Road and Hythe Road allotments.  It was felt this was expensive.  Mr Cock said he had some rubble that could be used and he could fill the holes when time permits.  Clerk advised two people wished to share allotment 5A but this has been left in an unacceptable and unworkable state by the previous tenant.  At the time of the meeting with the new tenants, Mr Cock had suggested having a small skip on site and the Clerk advised prices, £140 inc VAT being the cheapest.  Mrs Batten to ask the Handyman if he will clear the allotment and if so, proposed for the skip to be purchased, all in favour.  Any costs incurred may be charged to the previous tenant but this will be discussed by the Allotment Committee.




28.  Norfolk Police Connect – Various emails received, no incidents relating to Feltwell

29.  Op Randall Rural Crime – Newsletters received and circulated as appropriate

30.  BCKLWN – Emails – Invitation to Devolution briefing on Tuesday 12th July at King’s

Lynn Town Hall; Event “Forties Lynn – Life on the Homefront” Sunday 17th July

31.  USAF Mildenhall – Email – Invitation to 48th Fighter Wing Change of Command Ceremony on Tuesday 19th July 2016

32.  Community Channel – Email – Threat of closure on 30th June 2016

33.  Barclays – Letter - Change to Financial Services Compensation Scheme

34.  PRS For Music – Email – Launching a formal consultation on a newly proposed tariff to simplify the licensing of its members copyright music within premises owned and managed by or on behalf of local authorities, consultation runs 22nd June to 17th August 2016

35.  Anglian Water – Email – Homeowners with private pumping stations on their property will have the responsibility transferred over to Anglian Water from October 2016

36.  Came & Country – Letter – Change of trading style to Stackhouse Poland Ltd as of 1st July

37.  Wicksteed – Flyer - Launch of new Memory Swing

38.  Google – Flyer – Advertise on Google and get £75 of free ad credit when £25 is spent

39.  Brochures – Parish Magazine, Clerks & Councils Direct

40.  CHEQUES - Were signed for the following – J Martin £861.85, S Sargent £77.80, T George £64.00, Cash £10.00, Methodist Church £12.75, Post Office Ltd (SSE) £556.57,

Post Office Ltd (PAYE) £213.08, Viridor £137.52, Anglian Water £63.36, Flagpole Express

£166.50, CGM £2095.02, Berryman £14.40


41.  PLANNING – Construction of a permanent concrete skate park at Feltwell Playing Field

(Lawful Development Certificate) - APPROVED




42.  Highways – Grass triangular area at the bottom of Lodge Road nears cutting and all the splays at the junctions here and at the Mundford Road entrance.  Bollards at the entrance of Hall Farm have not yet been installed.  Clerk to contact Highways.


43.  Blackdyke Road – Mr Lambert asked the Clerk to chase Rene Garner from USAF Mildenhall regarding work to be carried out as stated in February 2016 minutes.  The work was due to be completed by end March.


44.  Hedge – Hedge needs to be cut along Wilton Road.  Clerk to contact Orbital Housing.


45.  Minutes – Mrs Bane suggested that monthly minutes could be emailed to PSCO Law and Councillors Adrian Lawrence, Mick Peake and Anthony White to save on postage costs.  This was deemed to be acceptable.  Clerk to contact those concerned.


Next meeting to be held on Monday 8th August 2016 at 7.30 pm. Meeting declared closed 8.30 pm.





One planning application was received after the meeting and circulated to all Councillors.  This was APPROVED by Mrs Batten, Mrs Bane, Mr Cock, Mrs McGeeney, Mrs Mills and Mr Rayner.  Mr Lambert declared an interest and was therefore unable to comment.


12/7/16 – Mr & Mrs Lambert – Extension to dwelling at White Dyke Bungalow, Black Dyke Road, Feltwell, Norfolk  IP26 4JW