The Meeting of the Parish Council was held on Monday the 13th day of JUNE 2016 at the Methodist Chapel, Bell Street – commencing 7.30 pm


COUNCILLORS PRESENT:  Mrs Batten, Mr Lambert, Mrs Bane, Messrs Cock, Cooper, Rayner and Storey.  Also present 7 members of the public.


APOLOGIES:  received from Mr Cooper, Mrs McGeeney, Mr Leamon and Mrs Williams.




MINUTES of the last meeting were taken as read, agreed and duly signed by the Chairwoman.   


PUBLIC SPEAKING:  The meeting was suspended for 10 minutes to allow members of the public to speak.  




1.  RAF Feltwell – As Sq Leader Neilds was not present, there was no report available.


2.  SNT – No weekly crime reports have been received due to new software being installed, thus causing a reduced service.  Various Police Connect emails have been received (see Correspondence) but none concerning Feltwell.


3.  Risk Assessment – Mr Cooper carried out the playing field inspection which he emailed to the Clerk to read in his absence.  Overall the field was tidy and well maintained.  The ten nis court needs sweeping and the lines could do with a repaint.  The scout hut guttering is still full of weeds and debris and the Clerk said she had spoken with Mrs Scarff and this was in hand.  The North wall requires some maintenance before more damage is done as bricks are now becoming loose and falling onto the field.  Clerk to write to owners.  Next inspection to be carried out by Mrs Mills.  The annual inspection report from Playmaintain has been received, most items are either very low or low risk.  Playing field will continue to be monitored monthly.


4.  Balance Sheet – No queries.  


5.  Allotment Pest Control – Reports received for April and May.  Extra bait stations added in required areas.


6.  NALC – Weekly updates have been circulated.  Points of interest are forthcoming training sessions, Devolution briefings, NCC Total Transport Project and South Norfolk Area Meeting.


7.  Skate Park –Mrs Bane proposed Mrs Batten to be the third signatory on the Skate Park Fund account, Mr Lambert seconded, all in favour.  The planning application has been submitted at a cost of £49.00 and Mrs Bane asked if the Parish Council would pay for this as although it is not a Parish project, it is on Parish land.  Mr Lambert thought this to be a reasonable request.  Mr Cock proposed, Mr Rayner seconded, all in favour.  Cheque to be written out at meeting and signed accordingly.


8.  Play Equipment InspectionNiagri have installed the panels and have done an excellent job.  A letter of appreciation has been sent.




9.      Bench – Ongoing – Concrete slabs have been laid.  Benches will be erected by new Handyman when appointed.  


10.  Briefing sessions (i) Local Plan – Site Allocations & Development Management Policies Development Plan Document (ii) 5 year land supply – Nothing further at present.


11.  Lamp Post – A new bracket has been fitted, a temporary lantern has been fitted and the overhead connections are all in place.


12.  Wall growth/Parking – Situation is being monitored – ongoing.  


13.  Highways – Still waiting for potholes to be filled although they have all been white lined.  Clerk has spoken with Martin Edmunds (Highways Officer) who said they will be filled in the next few weeks.  Mr Storey to chase this as Mr Edmunds had said these would be repaired within a much shorter timescale.


14.  Street Light Replacement – Clerk pointed out that the saving in electricity costs to be made in the first year by replacing 33 lanterns is £1375.77 at the current rate.  The eventual savings when all 130 street lights have been replaced will be £5419.70 per annum.  Enquiry received from Elton Parish Council asking if they can purchase the old lanterns.  Price to be agreed, Mr Lambert to investigate.  Maintenance contract is up for renewal on 7th September, Clerk to obtain prices.


15.  Fence – Nothing heard re planning breach.


16.  Handyman – Two applications have been received.  Both gentlemen will be interviewed by Mr Leamon and the Chair, Clerk to be present.  Interview date to be agreed and then Clerk will contact the applicants.


17.  Ranger Visit – Hill Street was weeded at the last visit.  Next visit is w/c 18th July.  Substantial weeding needs to be undertaken throughout the village with paths along main roads being a priority.  Alleyways also need weeding and sweeping.  Oak Garden also needs attention.


18.  Special Expenses – Price from CGM is £400 + VAT for an initial cut and then either £185 + VAT for fortnightly regime or £550 + VAT for monthly regime.  Clerk to obtain quotations from two other contractors.  In view of the village being in a particularly poor condition at present and that numerous complaints have been received, it was suggested that CGM carry out the initial cut in the meantime.  Chair proposed, all in favour.  Prices were also obtained from the Borough Council to increase the cutting regime but Clerk to clarify if prices are total costs or cost per cut.  Mr Storey said he will speak with the Borough Council direct about this situation.


19.  Wall – Clerk has heard nothing back from the owners.


20.  Flag Pole – Whilst lowering the flag, Mr Cock and Mr Linkin discovered that it had rotted at the bottom and therefore were not of the opinion that it should be re-erected.  Both gentlemen had obtained prices for new flagpoles, the cheapest being from Flagpoles Express at £121.95 + VAT plus £16.80 carriage for an 8m fibreglass pole, supplied in two-pieces of 4m.  Mr Lambert proposed purchasing this, Mrs Bane seconded, all in favour.  Concrete base and installation will be undertaken by the new Handyman.  Clerk to order new flagpole.




 21. War Memorial – Funding is available for repainting the lettering, Clerk to proceed with application.  Work cannot be carried out beforehand.


22.  Installation of Street Sign – Clerk has ordered new street sign for Crabbe’s Close from the Borough Council which will be installed within the next 3 months as the team responsible procure quarterly.  As there was originally a sign in place, there will be no cost for this.


23.  ‘STOP’ Signs – Martin Edmunds will look at these junctions (Hill Street with Short Beck and The Beck with St Mary’s Street) when he is next in the village and lines will be refreshed if needed.  In order to get ‘Stop’ signs, a traffic order is required and then accident data will be checked to assess if these are high accident sites.  Mr Storey will speak with Mr Edmunds regarding this.


24.  Review of Committees – All committees remain the same. 




25.  Norfolk Police Connect –Various emails received, none relating to Feltwell

26.  Op Randall Rural Crime – Newsletter detailing various rural crimes

27.  BCKLWN – Emails - Notice of Referendum with attachment ‘Notice of Poll and Situation of Polling Stations’; Notice of Referendum Agents (displayed on Parish Notice Board and forwarded to Parish Magazine); “The Roaring Twenties” fun day to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday (displayed in One Stop)

28.  New FLEXIBUS Transport Service – Email – West Norfolk Community Transport’s

Flexibus service will provide transport Mondays and Tuesdays into Thetford from 25th July

2016 from various villages including Feltwell (forwarded to Parish Magazine)

29. Red Cross – Email – ‘HumaniTea’ party to raise money (forwarded to Parish Magazine). 30. NCC – Email – ‘Norfolk’s youngsters urged to get creative with “Write On Norfolk” competition (forwarded to Parish Magazine)

31.  West Norfolk Older Persons Forum – Invitation to attend Forum on 15th June 2016

32.  TWR Accountants – Email received “June Tax Tips & News”

33.  Wicksteed – Flyer re savings to be made on playground equipment

34.  Brochures – Parish Magazine, NBB Recycled Furniture, Glasdon, Eureka


35.  CHEQUES - Were signed for the following – J Martin £812.23, S Sargent £106.60, Cash £10.00, Methodist Church £40.25, B Reeves £30.00, John Rolph £100, Post Office Ltd

(SSE) £538.19, G Waters £432.00, Playmaintain £54.00, Berryman £32.58, Viridor £139.32, BCKLWN £49.00


36.  PLANNING – No planning applications have been received.




37.              Highways – Mr Edmunds reported that the manhole covers from Long Lane to the Base Camp are unsafe and need attention.  Mr Storey reported a loose manhole cover at far end of Lodge Road.  Clerk to report to Highways.


38.              Centenary Fields Programme – The RBL and Fields in Trust are introducing this programme to Town and Parish Councils.  The objective of this programme is to secure recreational spaces in perpetuity, in honour of the memory of the people who have lost their lives in conflict.  An area within the churchyard near the war memorial was suggested.  Clerk to obtain further information.




39.              E-on – Renewal is due for electricity supply to changing rooms on 7th September 2016.  Clerk to obtain quotations.


40.              Feltwell Youth F.C. – Email received from Neil Edwards stating that the youth team will be continuing next season at Under 9 level.  The pitch will therefore need to be extended from 40 x 30 yards to 60 x 40 yards.  


41.              Edif ERA – UKPN have contracted this company to carry out at earthing assessment at the substation in Feltwell and surrounding area.  As the Parish Council owns part of this land, Edif ERA have requested permission to carry this out week commencing 18th July 2016.  


42.              Norfolk Playing Fields Association – Autumn Conference taking place 27th October 2016.  Mrs Bane and the Clerk would like to attend.


43.              Parish Partnership Scheme – NCC will repeat this scheme for 2017/18.  £300,000 has been allocated on a 50/50 basis to fund schemes put forward.  Closing date is 16th December 2016.


44.              Tree – Chair reported Silver Birch tree on the grass area along Bell Street needs topping.  Clerk to speak to Borough.


Next meeting to be held on Monday 11th July 2016 at 7.30 pm. Meeting declared closed 8.40 pm.