The Meeting of the Parish Council was held on Monday the 14th day of MARCH 2016 at the Methodist Chapel, Bell Street – commencing 7.30 pm


COUNCILLORS PRESENT:  Mrs Batten (Chairwoman), Mr Lambert, (Vice Chair), Messrs Cock, Cooper, Leamon, Rayner, Mrs Bane and Mrs Williams.  Also present 5 members of the public and Sq Leader Neilds.


APOLOGIES:  Mr Storey.




MINUTES of the last meeting were taken as read, agreed and duly signed by the Chairwoman.  


PUBLIC SPEAKING:  The meeting was suspended for 5 minutes to allow members of the public to speak.  




1.  RAF FeltwellSq Leader Neilds said that March had been a busy month, making up for the indifferent winter months.  This is likely to continue to the end of the week and will then quieten down.  Sq Leader Neilds departed the meeting at 7.37 pm.


2.  SNT – No weekly crime reports have been received throughout March, again due to new software being installed, thus causing a reduced service.  Various Police Connect emails have been received (see Correspondence) but none relating to Feltwell.


3.  Risk Assessment – Mr Rayner carried out the playing field inspection earlier today and stated that the path leading from the car park to the changing rooms had deteriorated, containing cracks and holes.  Lots of general litter around, also wood and felt from the vandalised dugouts.  Clerk to ask Litter Collector to make the playing field her priority this week.  The dugouts have been completely vandalised and at the time of inspection, two youths were found inside drinking alcohol.  Mrs Bane suggested that the dugouts be removed completely from the field as they are now causing a nuisance.  Clerk to write to football club.  Mr Rayner suggested erecting wooden panels around the teen shelter as an alternative to replacing the missing polycarbonate panel.  Large holes are starting to form in the walls to the left and right of the far side gate, Chair and Clerk to carry out an inspection at the end of the week.  The slide was covered in chocolate mousse/milkshake.  The new mat has been fitted underneath the cantilever swing but has already been pulled up at the edges.  A few floor pads underneath the climbing frame are lifting up.  Football pitches could do with being rolled after the season.  It was also clear that the footballers are still banging their boots against the changing room walls despite a sign being put up telling them not to do this.  The fence opposite 42 Paynes Lane has been pushed down creating an entrance.  There were a number of dogs on the field and owners were entering via the far side gate.  Chair to ensure No Dogs sign is still in place on the gate.  Car park is in a terrible condition.  Clerk reported a complaint from a resident regarding lots of broken bottles around the play area earlier in February.  Next inspection to be carried out by Mr Lambert.


4.  Balance Sheet – No queries.  


5.  Allotment Pest Control – Monthly report received from G Smith.  Mr Cock said that Mr Smith had cleared his bait stations and that Mr Rolph’s were in place.




6.      NALC – Weekly updates including a vacancy on the Executive Town & Parish Council in West Norfolk and the Spring Conference taking place 28th April.  Subscriptions to Norfolk ALC and National ALC are to be increased by 1% for financial year 2016/17. 


7.      Skate Park – Mrs Bane asked if a bank account can be opened so that funding can be deposited.  This will run in conjunction with the Parish Council’s Community Account but will be completely separate.  Chair proposed, all in favour.  The Councillors have all viewed and agreed where the skatepark will be sited.  There is a meeting this Wednesday in the Social Club with Willscape where the company will present various skatepark designs, giving children the opportunity to view them and residents the chance to raise any questions.  The event has been advertised on Facebook and Mrs Bane will display posters in the village shops tomorrow.  Mrs Bane encouraged Councillors to attend also.


8.      Pensions Regulator – Clerk is sending Litter Collector a letter tomorrow advising how automatic enrolment applies to her.  Declaration of Compliance been completed and therefore, at present, all duties have been met.


9.      Play Equipment Inspection – Ongoing - Polycarbonate panel to be discussed in new budget.  Chain link fencing to be fitted within the next two weeks by Mr Lambert and Mr Batten.


10.  Bench – Ongoing – New bench to be fitted in the Spring.  Fixing kit will need to be purchased for the donated bench.  Clerk to contact Mr Waters re available dates for laying concrete slabs.


11.  Briefing sessions (i) Local Plan – Site Allocations & Development Management Policies

Development Plan Document (ii) 5 year land supply – Clerk advised a document entitled

“Follow up work in relation to the Examination into the King’s Lynn & West Norfolk Local Plan: Site Allocations and Development Management Policies (November 2015)” could be viewed within the planning portal of the BCKLWN website.  The Inspector’s Preliminary Findings (February 2016) can also be viewed here.  Clerk has also received documents regarding the Community Infrastructure Levy.  The Draft Charging Schedule will be subject to formal public consultation from Monday 14th March to 5pm Monday 25th April 2016.  The consultation documents and response form are available from 


12.  Proposed Post Office Relocation – Still no confirmed date as yet. 


13.  Hedge Cutting – Report received from Rene Garner, Operations Manager for Housing & Grounds, confirming discussions with Mr Lambert and Mrs Williams which were detailed in February’s minutes.


14.  Grass Cutting Contract – Contract has been received.  CGM will invoice monthly instead of two instalments.  Contract was signed by Chair.  Clerk to return copy.


15.  Circus Tyanna – Arriving Sunday 10th April 2016 at approx 6.30 pm and will be charged £30/day for water.  Mr Cock will organise access to changing rooms.


16.  Lamp Post – K&M Lighting still chasing UKPN to connect electricity supply.


17.  Wall growth/Parking – Parking situation is ongoing and being monitored.




18.  Bus Stops –New flags have been installed.


19.  Sector Led Body for audit procurement – Advice received from NALC is that opting in will be more cost effective.  Clerk will make necessary arrangements.


20.  Highways – Clerk to chase repair of pothole along Hythe Road which was inadequately repaired.  Recent repair work at Wilton Road needs attention as the road has sunk again.  The whole of Oakfields entrance and a further 10 yards towards the village centre needs resurfacing.  Southery Road to Leonard’s Lane is not in a good state.  Clerk has reported these issues but will chase.


21.  Lodge Road – Parking of construction vehicles is becoming dangerous and creating a similar situation to that along Bell Street.  Clerk to write to owner.


22.  Street Light Replacement – Clerk read out costing comparison and there is a massive saving to be had by switching to the Urbis Axia street lights with dimming facility.  The energy cost over a 12 month period is £625.17 compared to current costs of £5072.52.  Maintenance costs also provide a saving, at present the charge is £15.24 per light per year

(130 lights = £1981.20), this would be reduced to £6.35 per light per year, giving a saving of £1155.70 per year - a total saving of £5603.05 per year.  It was felt that at least 10 street lights should be replaced within the current budget and that the next precept should include further street light replacement.  A six-year plan will then be discussed to replace the remaining street lights.  A survey will be carried out to distinguish where replacements are most necessary and Mrs Bane asked all Councillors to survey the lights in time for the next meeting when a decision will be made.


23.  Fence – Clerk to chase planning breach.


24.  Football Club Dugouts – Carried over to next meeting.


25.  Review of Financial Standing Orders – No amendments so will remain the same.  Chair proposed, all in favour.


26.  Handyman – There are no outstanding jobs at present therefore it was thought there was no need to advertise for a new Handyman at the present time.  This will be reviewed at the next meeting.


27.  Changing Rooms Hire Charge Review – Due to the Cleaner’s wage increasing in April as National Living Wage comes into force and with increasing rates of electricity and water, a hire charge review was carried out.  Mrs Williams proposed increasing the Senior FC rent to £25 per hire and the Junior FC to £15 per hire as the changing rooms are currently running at a loss.  Mr Cock proposed no increase as he believed the Parish Council should subsidise sport in the village.  Mr Lambert proposed increasing the Senior rent to £20 per hire with no increase for the Juniors, as they only use the kitchen facilities, Mr Rayner seconded, Mr Cock against, rest in favour.  This will be effective from the start of the 2016/17 season.  Clerk to write to Senior FC.




28.  NCC – Emails received.

29.  Norfolk Police Connect –Various emails received, none relating to Feltwell.




30.  Came & Company – Advice for events being organised by councils to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday such as “Clean for the Queen”, Beacons and Street Parties.

31.  Norfolk Non-native Species Initiative – Survey to improve management and eradication of invasive species present in Norfolk. 

32.  Norfolk Biodiversity Partnership –The Community Biodiversity Awards.

33.  Norse – Services they provide in light of parish councils being urged to plant more trees as part of their flood defence programme.

34.  Fenland Leisure Products - Free of charge, no obligation design and quotation service for play area equipment, ongoing maintenance and operational inspection.

35.  Email from resident – relating to neighbouring property erecting a rotating camera which he believes overlooks his property.  This is a private issue, clerk to advise resident.

36.  Tower Mint Ltd – Letter received re medal to commemorate the Queen’s 90th birthday for schools and councils.  Clerk to advise Feltwell School and Claire Scarff.

37.  RAF Marham – Event to provide information regarding development in preparation for the arrival of the new Lightning II aircraft arriving at the base in 2018

38.  Barclays Bank- Letter advising Business Saving Account will be renamed the Business Premium Account from 6th June 2016.  No other changes.

39.  Berryman – New company dealing with enquiries called Indigo Waste Services.  Accounts will remain the same.

40.  SLCC – Letter regarding training day for clerks and AGM.

41.  Brochures – Parish Magazine, NBB Outdoor Shelters, Clerks & Councils Direct, HAGS SMP (playgrounds equipment).


42.  CHEQUES - Were signed for the following – J Martin £834.91, S Sargent £180.63, Cash

£10.00, Methodist Church £17.00, BT £49.79, Viridor £120.12, Post Office Ltd (SSE)

£537.96, G Smith £36.00, Berryman £18.36, BCKLWN £320.44, Playmaintain £34.50, Norfolk Parishes Training Partnership £150.00.  Clerk to obtain mandate in order to pay BT by direct debit.


42. PLANNING – No planning applications have been received.  Neither Mrs Batten nor Mrs Williams were able to attend the training session however the presentation has been received by the Clerk who will forward this on to all Councillors.  Clerk has received email from NCC advising that revisions to the Local List for Validation of Planning Applications have been made and these can be viewed on the NCC website.  Clerk also advised that as of 1st June 2016, planning applications will only be received electronically.  Therefore it was suggested that upon receipt, the Clerk will email planning applications to all Councillors.  Any objections or comments should be advised at the following meeting if this is within the deadline or emailed to the Clerk if not.  Chair proposed, all in favour.




43.              Highways – Pothole on Oak Street, just by the junction with The Beck.  Clerk to report.  Clerk has received complaints from two residents along Lodge Road that water is not reaching the drains.  This has been reported to Highways.  Clerk has also received complaints of speeding along Lodge Road.  Resident advised to contact Police.


44.              Ranger Visit – Taking place w/c 18th April, Mr Lambert advised that Hill Street needs weeding.  Any other work required to be reported to the Clerk by 21st March.




46.              Special Expenses – As a number of parishes have not previously been subject to a charge where it should have been levied, the Special Expenses element of the Council Tax will be increased in 2016/17.  Grounds maintenance costs are included within Special Expenses and as part of an ongoing review, regimes will be reduced and regularised across the borough.  Clerk to email Councillors information and display areas this could affect on the Parish Noticeboard and in the Parish Magazine.         


47.              E W Porter – Email received from Mr Porter advising application for a new street name for the barns along Lodge Road.  Proposed name is Croft House Drive.  Clerk advised Councillors to make any comments direct to the Borough Council.


48.              New Property Address – Email from Borough Council advising new property address of Hill Cottage, 6 Short Beck.


Next meeting to be held on Monday 11th April 2016 at 7.30 pm.


Meeting declared closed 9.53 pm.