The Meeting of the Parish Council was held on Monday the 9th day of MAY 2016 at the

Methodist Chapel, Bell Street following the Annual Parish Meeting – commencing 7.00 pm


COUNCILLORS PRESENT:  Mrs Batten, Mr Lambert, Mrs Bane, Mrs McGeeney, Mrs Williams, Messrs Cock, Cooper, Leamon and Rayner.  Mr Storey arrived at 9.05 pm.  Also present 8 members of the public and Squadron Leader Neilds.


ELECTION OF CHAIRPERSON:  Mr Lambert asked for nominations for position of Chairperson, Mrs Bane proposed Mrs Batten, seconded Mrs Williams, there were no further nominations, all agreed.  Mrs Batten was duly re-elected to position of Chairperson.  Mrs Batten signed her declaration of acceptance to office and took the chair.


ELECTION OF VICE-CHAIRPERSON:  The Chair asked for nominations for the position of Vice-Chairperson.  Mrs Bane nominated Mr Lambert, seconded Mrs McGeeney, there were no further nominations, all agreed.  Mr Lambert was duly re-elected to the position of ViceChairperson.


APOLOGIES:  received from Mrs Mills.


DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST:  Mr Cock declared an interest in the Local Plan.


MINUTES of the last meeting were taken as read following amendments to Item 3 to read “Next inspection to be carried out by Mrs Williams” rather than “….Mr Cooper”, Item 39 to read “School Close” rather than “Hall Close” and next meeting date to read “9th May 2016” rather than “9th May 2015”, agreed and duly signed by the Chairwoman.   


PUBLIC SPEAKING:  The meeting was suspended for 10 minutes to allow members of the public to speak.  




1.      RAF Feltwell – Sq Leader Neilds said that recent visiting aircrafts had attracted lots of interest but that reduced flying was expected to continue with maybe the odd exception.  He warned that in Eriswell and Lakenheath, some catalytic converters had been removed during the night from several vehicles.  He had no further news regarding Trenchard Square.  As there was nothing further to report, Sq Leader Neilds departed the meeting at 8.16 pm.


2.      SNT – No weekly crime reports have been received throughout May, again due to new software being installed, thus causing a reduced service.  Various Police Connect emails have been received (see Correspondence) but none relating to Feltwell.


3.      Risk Assessment – Mrs Williams carried out the playing field inspection earlier in the day.  The floor matting underneath the climbing frame is starting to lift up and the frame itself needs painting.  The slide needs a thorough clean.  She reported the crack in the wall near the corner gates and holes in some of the other walls.  Guttering on the cub hut is full of weeds.  The drain below one of the downpipes is missing and water is going underneath the hut.  Clerk to advise Claire Scarff.  There was some glass under the teen shelter and Mrs Williams advised that complaints had been made on social media regarding glass around the play area also.  Verges around the park are overgrown, this would be a job for the new handyman when employed.  Mr Lambert had purchased the iron sulphate and said he will put it on the tennis court if someone could sweep it.  The Chair advised Mr Batten had repaired the downpipes on the Changing Rooms but that next time they would need replacing.


Next inspection to be carried out by Mr Cooper.  Clerk advised Play Maintain carrying out annual inspection this week. 


4.      Balance Sheet – No queries.  


5.      Allotment Pest Control – Invoice/report has not been received this month.


6.      NALC – Weekly updates have been circulated.  Points of interest are forthcoming training sessions and the Parish Paths Seminar whose purpose is to identify practical and proactive ways in which NCC, parish/town councils and volunteers can work together for the benefit of rights of way network and associated routes.  Further information can be obtained from the Clerk.


7.      Skate Park – Mrs Bane said that all information has been sent to Barclays for the new bank account.  Both Mrs Bane and Mrs Williams to be signatories.  Mrs Batten said she wished to be a signatory but had not received the information, therefore Clerk to pass on details.  Mrs Bane stated that public liability insurance will cost £261/year which would be paid for by fundraising.  In the open session, a member of the public had asked what the annual maintenance bill was likely to be.  Mrs Williams said that the skate park will be made from concrete which is relatively low maintenance and guaranteed to last longer than one built from wood.  The resident went on to ask who would foot the bill should, for instance, the skate park be vandalised with graffiti.  Mrs Williams said that this would be maintained under the project.  Another resident asked what would happen to existing funds if insufficient money was raised to build the skate park to which Mrs Bane replied that it would be spent on another form of play equipment and if this situation arises, it would be her intention to hold a public meeting for the village to decide on what this should be.


8.      Play Equipment Inspection – Clerk has contacted Niagri, a company based in Hockwold, regarding a solid panel and Mr Nicholson, the Managing Director, had very kindly offered to supply a solid stainless steel panel, for both sides of the shelter, free of charge.  Mr Nicholson recommended stainless steel as it is easily cleaned and painting it would mean limited use of cleaning products should it be defaced.  Mrs McGeeney was concerned that the panel should be transparent for safety reasons.  However, it was felt that at present the shelter was an eyesore and the Chair proposed replacing the panels with stainless steel panels, all in favour.


9.      Bench – Ongoing – Clerk advised Mr Waters price had increased to £360 + VAT due to an increased levy on premix.  Mrs Bane had obtained another quote of £650 + VAT from CLC.  Mr Lambert proposed Mr Waters price be accepted, Mrs McGeeney seconded, all in favour.


10.  Briefing sessions (i) Local Plan – Site Allocations & Development Management Policies Development Plan Document (ii) 5 year land supply – It was decided at the Annual Parish Meeting to arrange a public meeting with the Planning Officer and Borough Councillors, before the consultation deadline of 18th May 2016, so that residents can pose questions and raise concerns.  Clerk to display notices around the village.  Mrs Batten urged Councillors to write to the Inspectorate individually.  Mrs Bane proposed a letter of objection be sent in which the Parish Council should state that the whole impact on the village has not been considered, Mr Rayner seconded, Mr Cock abstained, rest in favour.  Clerk to write to Inspectorate.


11.  Lamp Post – Clerk said UKPN are due to connect electricity supply imminently.  A decision then has to be made as to whether a replacement lantern or new Urbis Ampera lantern is to be installed.


12.  Wall growth/Parking – Situation is being monitored – ongoing.


13.  Highways – Clerk and Chair met with Martin Edmunds from Highways and travelled around the village to discuss the various work required.  Mr Edmunds said potholes would be filled within the new few weeks but that funds were limited.  Some potholes still have not been repaired.  Clerk to contact Mr Edmunds.


14.  Street Light Replacement – Clerk circulated an email prior to the meeting detailing cost to replace 22 lights (9 along Wilton Road, 1 on Oak Street, 2 on Hill Street, 2 on St Mary’s Street and 8 on The Beck) at £264.95 per light and savings to be made over 1 year (£5419.70).  Mr Rayner had asked if lights along Lodge Road could also be replaced.  This was debated and it was thought that the footpath lights within the village should be replaced first (4 on Bell Street, 4 on High Street and 3 on Short Beck).  Subsequent to the email, K&M Lighting had come in slightly cheaper at a cost of £264.50 per light.  This would mean the replacement cost for 33 street lights would be £8728.50.  Mrs Bane proposed replacing all 33 street lights and employing K&M Lighting to undertake the work, Mrs McGeeney seconded, all in favour.  Clerk to make necessary arrangements.


15.  Fence – Nothing heard re planning breach.


16.  Handyman – No applicants as yet.


17.  Ranger Visit – Clerk had requested update but has not heard back as yet.


18.  Special Expenses – Price from CGM to cut the grass verge along Wilton Road fortnightly is £45 + VAT every cut.  Clerk to obtain prices for all other areas.  Email from Chris Durham stated that two options could be offered which the Clerk has subsequently enquired about; firstly to cut the whole area at a rate of 6 cuts and obtain the charge to Special Expenses for the area to be flailed; secondly obtain the one-off payment this year for 12 cuts and going forward, the cost to add this to next year’s special expenses.


19.  Royal British Legion – At the Annual Parish Meeting, Mr Linkin advised that the RBL will be holding a tea party to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday on Sunday 12th June which will be open to the public.


20.  St Nicholas Church Wall – Mrs McGeeney suggested Mrs Parker contact the local colleges to carry out this work, such as CITB at Bircham Newton.  Mrs Parker said she would look into this but said the work is specialist and there are rules and regulations that the Church has to adhere to, particularly as this is a flint and chalk wall.  


21.  Wall – Clerk has heard nothing back from the owners.


22.  Flag Pole – Mr Cock said that materials had been purchased, and after speaking with Mr Linkin, the flag pole will be lowered so that base can be reconcreted.


23.  War Memorial – Clerk read out three prices from Saxon Monumental, Mildenhall

Monuments and Brett Stone Masons.  Brett Stone Masons were the cheapest at £250 + VAT.  Mr Lambert proposed Brett Stone Masons carry out the work, Mr Cooper seconded, all in favour.  Clerk to contact the War Memorial Trust to investigate whether funding would be available for this.


24.  Burger Van – Due to the number of complaints received when a similar outfit was parked on the Social Club car park, it was thought that this should be rejected at this time therefore the Chair proposed this should not be permitted, all in favour.


25.  Southern Electric – Clerk read out three prices from E-on, NPower and Scottish Southern Electric (SSE).  SSE were the cheapest at 10.28p/kwh with a £2.72 monthly standing charge therefore Mr Lambert proposed renewing with SSE for another year, Mr Cock seconded, all in favour.  Clerk to renew contract.


26.  Audit - Internal audit completed and invoice received at £275 + VAT.  Chair read out the Annual Governance Statement and the accounts were accepted as correct.  Mr Lambert proposed, Mr Rayner seconded and all in favour.  The form was then duly signed.    


27.  Installation of Street Sign – Clerk read out email request from resident to install a street sign at Crabbe’s Close.  Price from BCKLWN to supply and install a new sign is £150 unless the original had been defaced or stolen, in which case this service is free of charge.  Both the Chair and Mr Cock believed there was an original sign therefore Clerk to contact BCKLWN.




28.  Norfolk Police Connect –Various emails received, none relating to Feltwell

29.  Op Randall Rural Crime – Newsletter detailing various rural crimes

30.  Norfolk Trading Standards – Email – Request for information for Market Fair Scheme

31.  Norfolk Non-native Species Initiative – Email – Last opportunity to complete survey

32.  Norfolk Biodiversity Partnership – Email – Nominations for Norfolk Community

Biodiversity Award

33.  TWR Accountants – Email – ‘May Tax Tips & News’

34.  Police & Crime Commissioner – Statement of persons nominated (displayed on Parish

Notice board) & email since advising result that Mr Lorne Green had been elected

35.  E-on – Letter re change to terms and conditions

36.  Magpas Air Ambulance – Request for donations

37.  Brochures – Parish Magazine, NBB Recycled Furniture, Clerks & Councils Direct


38.  CHEQUES - Were signed for the following – J Martin £937.63, S Sargent £118.00, Cash £10.00, Methodist Church £25.50, E Lambert £32.99, TWR Accountants £330.00,

Norfolk ALC £339.18, NPFA £30.00, Post Office Ltd (SSE) £593.26, Viridor £102.72, E Lambert £5.00


39.  PLANNING – No planning applications have been received.




40.              Highways – Resident selling car on the grass junction of The Beck.  Clerk to contact highways.


41.              Central Garage –Vehicles are being parked on the grass and pavement which is causing a visual restriction to vehicles coming out of Long Lane.  Clerk to write to owner.


42.              Stop’ Signs – Mr Lambert asked if a ‘Stop’ sign could be installed at the junction of Hill Street with Short Beck and Mrs McGeeney requested another one at the Hill Street junction with The Beck and St Mary’s Street.  Clerk to contact Highways.



43.  Frimstones – Mrs Bane said that she has contacted the Environment Agency after being informed that a lot of different vehicles had been seen going up to the quarry.  They informed her that a company called Gilders have been going in to remove a League A liquid and Mick George is making good the waste site.  They assured her that no hazardous waste was being discarded.


44.  Norfolk Minerals Site Specific Allocations DPD – The County Council has published the Pre-Submission version of the Minerals Site Specific Allocations DPD – Single Issue Silica Sand Review.  No site allocations have been proposed for Feltwell.


45.  NS&I – Interest rates for the investment account are changing on 1st July 2016 from 

0.75% gross/AER to 0.45% gross/AER.


Next meeting to be held on Monday 13th June 2016 at 7.30 pm. Meeting declared closed 9.20 pm.