The Meeting of the Parish Council was held on Monday the 14th day of NOVEMBER 2016 at the Methodist Chapel, Bell Street – commencing 7.30 pm


COUNCILLORS PRESENT:  Mrs Batten (Chairwoman), Mr Lambert (Vice Chair), Mrs Bane, Mrs McGeeney, Mrs Williams, Messrs Cock, Cooper, Leamon and Rayner.  Also present 2 members of the public.


APOLOGIES:  received from Mrs Mills and Mr Storey.


DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST:  Mr Leamon declared an interest in Planning.


MINUTES:  The minutes of the last meeting were taken as read, agreed and duly signed by the Chairwoman. 


PUBLIC SPEAKING:  There were no matters in Public Speaking.




1.      RAF Feltwell – Sq Leader Neilds said that night flying has been increased and this would continue for the next 3-4 days and then quieten down towards Thanksgiving at the end of the month.  Mr Lambert asked if any more explosions were due and enquired why the demolition and firing activities could not be undertaken at the Stanford training area where there are no residents.   Sq Leader said that he had received the email from the Parish Council and explained that following complaints received back in 2008/09 regarding “purported” damage to residents’ homes, the Councillors were invited out to see the EOD team working on the demolition range.  Some changes were made then to further minimise the impact.  He went on to say that there is little more that can be done by way of compromise.  Mr Cock and Mr Lambert both felt that an explanation was needed as to why these activities could not take place at Stanford and Sq Leader asked them to write officially to the Base Commander.  Sq Leader departed the meeting at 7.40 pm.


2.      SNT –Various Police Connect emails have been received but none concerning Feltwell.


3.      Risk Assessment – Mrs Batten carried out the inspection report during the morning and was very pleased with the condition of the field.  The pathway needs a sweep approaching from Falcon Road which the litter collector said she would be happy to do.  There are leaves and algae on the tennis court, to be expected at this time of year.  Some suckers have grown out of the tree stumps; the grill has been kicked off the Changing Rooms and the gutter guard needs putting back in place.  Clerk to speak to Handyman regarding these issues.  Next inspection to be carried out by Mr Leamon.


4.      Balance Sheet – No queries.


5.      Allotment Pest Control – No report has been received for October.


6.      NALC – Weekly newsletters and updates have been circulated. 


7.      Skate Park –Mrs Bane is meeting with Tim Wall Leisure this week to discuss funding.


8.      Briefing sessions (i) Local Plan – Site Allocations & Development Management Policies Development Plan Document (ii) 5 year land supply – No further news.    




Clerk said a letter has been received from the Borough Council regarding a ‘Call for Sites and Suggestions Consultation’ which offers the Parish Council a chance to submit any sites they may wish to promote and put forward policy suggestions.


9.      Highways –Bollards outside Hall Farm Close are still outstanding.


10.  Street Light Replacement – Clerk said that she and Mrs Bane had inspected the street lights and felt that two could be moved up to increase spread of light underneath, namely the street light outside 28 Oak Street and also the street light on the corner of Hill Street/St Mary’s Street.  K&M Lighting have advised a ballpark figure of £25-£30 per light.  Mrs Bane proposed moving the two street lights up, Mrs Batten seconded, all in favour.  Clerk to organise.  Mr Lambert asked if his son could purchase four of the redundant aluminium street lights he was storing in his barn at the agreed selling price to Elton Parish Council of £5.00 each.  This was proposed by Mrs Batten, all in favour.


11.  Ranger Visit – Mrs Batten said it looked like the Rangers hadn’t undertaken any work during their visit.  Clerk has tried to get in touch with them but to no avail.  Clerk to pursue.


12.  War Memorial – Contractor’s Declaration has been returned from H Brett & Son with a note stating that the work will be done in the Spring.  The deadline for the work to be carried out in order to get the grant is August 2017.  Clerk to ensure H Brett & Son are aware of this.  


13.  ‘STOP’ Signs – No update as Mr Storey was not present.  Mrs McGeeney stressed her belief that these signs are needed or that lines should be repainted as a matter of urgency.  


14.  Tree – Clerk said that the Tree Officer had looked at the Silver Birch tree and ascertained that the tree belongs to Norfolk County Council who have been informed.


15.  Allotments – Some hedge cutting has been undertaken but Methwold Hythe roadside still needs to be cut.  Mr Cock said he would be happy to undertake this work.  A skip has been hired and the Handyman has cleared two allotments.  Mrs Bane stated that in future the Allotment Committee will be doing monthly walkabouts from March through to August to try and avoid these costly situations occurring again.


16.  Grass Cutting of St Nicholas Churchyard – The Clerk read out a letter of thanks from Mrs Parker on behalf of the PCC which also stated that the Archdeacon and possibly the Diocesan Secretary would be present at the December Parish Meeting.  Mrs Batten had received an article for approval which the PCC wished to put into the Parish Magazine to promote this visit and invite residents to raise any questions at the meeting.  However, Mrs Batten said she had asked for the article to be amended so that the Clerk could be made aware of any questions the residents wished to raise beforehand due to time constraints.


17.  Complaint – Clerk has spoken with Highways about double yellow lines but was told that due to the nil accident history here, they are not viable.  An email from PCSO Law stated that in her view the only logical option was for the Parish Council to approach the owners of the

One-Stop to ask if deliveries could be made at the back of the premises along Paynes Lane. 


18.  Explosions from Base – This was discussed with Squadron Leader Neilds under Item 1.




19.  Adopt a Kiosk- Mr Rayner has circulated information and prices for a defibrillator to be installed in the telephone box along Old Methwold Road.  All Councillors felt that a defibrillator is needed within the village but that it needs to be situated somewhere more central, preferably with CCTV.  Mr Cock pointed out that the telephone box could be moved.  Clerk to write to the One-Stop, the Wellington and Central Garage to ask if they would be in favour of this being installed at their establishment.  It was felt by all that the precept should be slightly increased to pay for the defibrillator.  Mr Rayner proposed purchasing a defibrillator, Mrs Bane seconded, all in favour. Mr Rayner was thanked for his efforts with this and was asked to contact the British Heart Foundation for further information.


20.  Feltwell Senior Football Club – Clerk read an email from Neil Edwards confirming that the football club has disbanded and said she had received one set of keys back.  She said that the Changing Rooms cost the Parish Council about £22 a week to run (a calculation made by totalling up cleaning costs, water rates and electric but excluding insurance).  Should another team approach the Parish Council to hire out the facility, Mrs Bane proposed a hire cost of £20/time.  This was seconded by Mr Lambert, all in favour. 


21.  Churchyard Flowers – Clerk advised that within the letter from the PCC regarding the grass cutting, the Churchwarden had also advised that artificial flowers will be permitted in the churchyard but must be secured in a vase on the headstone.


22.  Dog Bin – Clerk has received three quotations for dog bins, the cheapest being £126.69 for the bin, a post and fixings from Glasdon with free delivery.  It was thought the best place to site this would be just outside the car park entrance of the playing field.  Mrs Williams felt that a dog bin is also required outside the Chinese along Long Lane as currently people are throwing their dog waste in the normal dustbin here which is unacceptable.  Mr Lambert proposed purchasing two dog bins from Glasdon for these sites, Mrs McGeeney seconded, all in favour.  Clerk to contact the Borough Council for permission to site the bins and request the emptying of them.


23.  Precept – Precept for 2017/18 was discussed.  It was felt that with the planned purchase of further street lights and the defibrillator, for the first time in many years the precept should be increased.  Mr Lambert suggested increasing the Band D payment to £42.00, an increase of £4.00 per Band D payer, a total precept of £27,600.  Mr Rayner proposed putting the precept up to £27,600, Mr Cock seconded, all in favour.


24.  Email re Speeding – Clerk read out an email received from a resident concerned about vehicles speeding into the village from Lodge Road.  The resident has spoken with PSCO Claire Law who requested a safety camera attendance request form be completed by a member of the Parish Council.  Mrs Batten proposed completing the form, all in favour.


25.  Vandalised Dog Bin – Clerk reported that the dog bin along Long Lane has been vandalised although the post is still standing.  Prices for dog bins had been read out previously under Item 22.  Mr Lambert proposed purchasing a bin and fixings from Glasdon at a cost of £86.52 for the bin and £3.68 for the fixings.  Mrs McGeeney seconded, all in favour.


26.              Norfolk Police Connect – Various emails received and circulated, none relating to Feltwell




27.  British Red Cross – Email – Requesting support during the lead up to Christmas

28.  Op Randall Rural Crime – Newsletters received and circulated as appropriate

29.  Norfolk County Council – Email – Launch of “Stay well this winter” campaign;

Emergency notice for temporary closure of The Beck due to burst water main from 2nd – 4th

November 2016

30.  USA AF – Invitations to attend Thanksgiving Eve Service at Ely Cathedral, Wednesday

23rd November 2016 and the RAF Lakenheath and RAF Mildenhall Yuletide Winter

Reception, Friday 2nd December 2016.  No-one available to attend either of these

31.  TWR Accountants – Email – November tax tips

32.  BCKLWN – Email – Nominations for Mayor’s Civic Awards for Voluntary Service 2016

33.  Brochures – Parish Magazine; Clerks & Councils Direct


34.  CHEQUES – Were signed for the following – J Martin £831.22, S Sargent £105.20, Cash £10.00, Methodist Church £25.50, Viridor £121.32, Post Office Ltd (SSE) £538.17,

Berryman £23.40, Anglian Water £148.64, Allens Skip Hire £140.00, RBL Poppy Appeal £50.00


35.  PLANNING – Mr J Leamon: Two storey extension at 4 Bell Street – NO OBJECTIONS; Mr J Leamon: First floor extension to 1 Bell Street – NO OBJECTIONS; Mr J Leamon:

Single storey side extension to 3 Bell Street – NO OBJECTIONS




36.  Highways – Road work signs have been left behind and need collecting at Mulberry Close and Leonards Lane.  A drain cover has come off at Long Lane exposing the drain and needs to be replaced asap.  White lines need repainting along Southery Road and throughout the rest of the village.


37.  Dogs on Playing Field – An email was read out from a resident reporting someone walking their dog across the playing field at 8.00 am each morning.


38.  Hedge cutting – the Base – Mr Lambert said the work regarding hedge cutting which was due to take place before the end of March 2016 still has not been completed and asked the Clerk to chase this up.


39.  Minutes – Clerk has received an enquiry asking if draft minutes could be published.  The Clerk had contacted Norfolk ALC who said that if a Parish Council’s turnover is over £25,000, they are not lawfully required to publish draft minutes.  A discussion took place and it was felt by all that minutes would not be published until they were approved at the following month’s Parish Council meeting.


40.  Memorial Tap – Recently the Memorial tap was left running and caused a flood.  Mrs Batten asked if the tap was necessary and Mr Cock said he had used it whilst relaying turf.  As this was a one-off incident, it was decided to monitor the situation.


41.  Clerk’s Wages – The Clerk requested payment of her wages by monthly standing order rather than having inconsistent pay dates.  Monthly expenses would still be paid by cheque.   Mr Lambert said that while he was in favour of this, the amount should still be advised within the ‘Cheques’ section of the meeting each month.  Mrs Bane proposed, Mr Cooper seconded, all in favour.  




42.  New House Name – Letter received from Borough Council notifying of new house name “Lazygate”, 60 Paynes Lane.


43.  K&M Lighting Standing Order – This will change to £157.36 on 13th November and then monthly payments of £178.08 will be made due to change in Maintenance Contract price.


44.  Special Expenses Charge – Correspondence received from the Borough Council advising that the Special Expenses charge and Parish Precept amounts will appear on separate lines in council tax bills for 2017/18.


45.  Grass Cutting Contract – Expired end of October 2016.  Specification to be circulated with December’s Parish Council minutes.  


Next meeting to be held on Monday 12th December 2016 at 7.30 pm. Meeting declared closed 9.15 pm.