The Meeting of the Parish Council was held on Monday the 12th day of SEPTEMBER 2016 at the Methodist Chapel, Bell Street – commencing 7.30 pm


COUNCILLORS PRESENT:  Mrs Batten (Chairwoman), Mr Lambert (Vice Chair), Mrs Bane, Mrs McGeeney, Mrs Williams, Messrs Cock, Cooper, Leamon and Rayner.  Also present 5 members of the public and Sq Leader Neilds.  Mr Storey arrived at 8.30 pm.


APOLOGIES:  received from Mrs Elaine Mills.




MINUTES:  Due to an insufficient quorum, the August meeting had to be cancelled therefore minutes of the July meeting were taken as read, agreed and duly signed by the Chairwoman.    


PUBLIC SPEAKING:  The meeting was suspended for 2 minutes to allow members of the public to speak.  




1.  RAF Feltwell –Sq Leader Neilds reported that flying had quietened down in August.  There was a flurry of night flying a week ago but this has also quietened down again.  Sq Leader Neilds departed the meeting at 7.45 pm.


2.  SNT – Due to the introduction of new software, the Police Connect service has altered.  A weekly update and overview for the area will be provided which will highlight any crimes or issues relevant to Feltwell.  Various Police Connect emails have been received (see Correspondence) but none concerning Feltwell.


3.  Risk Assessment – The Clerk carried out the inspection earlier in the day.  There were no problems although grass needs strimming around the play equipment and around the edges of the scout hut.  Weeding is required around the changing rooms, the hard stand area around the teen shelter, the tennis court area and the inside of the fence.  Some repairs have been made to the North wall.  Next inspection to be carried out by Mrs McGeeney.


4.  Balance Sheet – Both July and August balance sheets were presented.  Clerk advised the £30 receipt in Open Spaces was from the circus.  The remaining £60 received from the circus was allocated to Changing Rooms for use of the water.


5.  Allotment Pest Control – Reports have been received for June, July and August.  Bait stations have been cleaned and rebaited.


6.  NALC – Weekly newsletters and updates have been circulated.  Clerk read out letter from the Planning Minister re the Neighbourhood Planning Bill which has recently been introduced.


7.  Skate Park –The Lawful Development Certificate has been received.  No further news.


8.  Bench – Benches are up and have been in good use.  Mr Lambert asked for thanks to be passed on to Mr Batten for assisting the Handyman with their installation.


9.  Briefing sessions (i) Local Plan – Site Allocations & Development Management Policies Development Plan Document (ii) 5 year land supply – The final report has been received and land to the rear of Chocolate Cottage, 24 Oak Street is allocated for at least 50 dwellings.  This will be presented to the Cabinet on 7th September and a request will be made to formally adopt the Plan at a meeting of the Council on 29th September,




The Clerk read out a letter from the Campaign to Protect Rural England concerning additional housing targets which asked for the support of Parish Councils but it was decided not to sign this pledge.  Proposed by Mr Lambert, seconded by Mr Cooper, all in favour.


10.              Lamp Post – New LED lantern has been fitted.  £160 has been received from the insurers and a full recovery has been made from the car driver resulting in the £250 policy excess being recovered too. 


11.              Highways – Loose manhole covers have been repaired and the large pothole along Wilton Road has been reported yet again.  Bollards at the entrance to Hall Farm Close have still not been installed.  Clerk to chase again.  Mr Storey was not present at this point to advise if he had spoken with Martin Edmunds regarding the length of time taken to resolve these issues.


12.              Street Light Replacement – All 33 lanterns have been fitted and everyone was of the opinion that they are excellent and make a big difference.  Mrs Bane said that some need to be moved up higher to extend the spread of the light underneath and will let the Clerk know which ones this applies to.  Clerk to enquire if the lanterns come on at a certain time or if they are light sensitive as the lantern along The Beck comes on very early.  Mr Lambert is storing the redundant lanterns and believes that only 20 of them are of selling quality.  Clerk to ask Elton Parish Council to come and view them.  Mr Lambert will continue to store the remaining lanterns for parts.  Clerk obtained prices for the street light maintenance contract; K&M were the cheapest at £1780.88 + VAT.  Mrs Bane proposed staying with K&M Lighting, Mrs McGeeney seconded, all in favour.  Clerk pointed out that there are savings here of approx £300/year due to the reduced maintenance cost for the new LED lanterns. 


13.              Ranger Visit – Next visit is w/c 17th October.  Clerk to write a letter of complaint to the Rangers as work specified for the last visit in July was not carried out.


14.              Wall – Clerk has heard nothing back from the owners of 23 The Beck but the wall outside 25 The Beck has been rendered.


15.              Flag Pole – The flagpole is up and Mr Cock was thanked for assisting the Handyman with its installation.  The red Ensign flag was displayed for Merchant Navy Day on 3rd September and Mrs Batten commented that it was a shame more Councillors were not in attendance.  A flag will be flown again on the 15th September to commemorate the Battle of Britain.


16. War Memorial – Grant application has been approved.  A grant of up to £190 has been awarded.  Clerk to instruct Brett Stone Masons to commence the work.


17.  Installation of Street Sign – Street sign at Crabbe’s Close has been installed.


18.  ‘STOP’ Signs – The Highways Officer believes that STOP signs are not necessary at the junctions of Hill Street with Short Beck and The Beck with St Mary’s Street.  Councillors are still concerned that vehicles are not stopping at these junctions but Mr Storey was not present at this point of the meeting to advise if he had spoken with the Highways Officer about this.


19.  Centenary Fields Programme – Mr Cock has looked into this further and does not believe there is anywhere suitable in the village to accommodate this.


20.  Feltwell Youth F.C. –  CGM are cutting the grass shorter at no extra cost.




21.  Parish Partnership Scheme – This was discussed and it was decided not to participate this year as it was felt money should be put towards purchasing new street lights for other areas of the village.  Mr Lambert proposed, Mrs Batten seconded, all in favour.


22.  Tree – Clerk has had no response so will again contact Borough Council re the topping of the Silver Birch tree on the grass area along Bell Street.


23.  Allotments – Tenancy Agreement: Due to costs incurred of almost £200 to clear an allotment left in an unsatisfactory state by the previous tenant, the Clerk, at the request of the Allotment Committee contacted the solicitor for a price to add a clause into the Tenancy Agreement stating that all costs will be to the tenant if they do not clear their allotment once vacated.  The fee would be approx £150.  As there is no guarantee payment will be received, it was felt that this would not be commercially viable.  Mrs Bane said that the Allotment Committee were to carry out monthly walkabouts next year so hopefully issues can be dealt with immediately rather than reaching a stage where costs have to be incurred.  Hedge Cutting: Prices have been received from Mr D Waters and Mr M Enefer.  Mr Enefer’s quotation was £28/hour and the Chair proposed asking Mr Enefer to carry out 2 days work, all in favour.  Hythe Road Gateway: There is a lot of water around the gateway that needs pumping out.  Mr Cock suggested asking John Allen to do this and Mr Cock offered to fill it at the same time.  Chair proposed, all in favour.  Mr Cock to organise.


24.  Review of User/Hirer Agreement for Changing Rooms – Clerk read the Agreement to the meeting and Mr Leamon said that “Any electrical equipment (over 1 year old) must be PAT tested” needed to be amended to “Any electrical equipment must have a current PAT test”.  Mr Leamon proposed, Mrs Bane seconded, all in favour.


25.  Grass Cutting of the Churchyard – A letter has been received from the Church Warden asking for clarification on who pays for the Churchyard grass cutting, as she believed that at a meeting held earlier in the year, the Parish Council had offered to cover this cost.  The Councillors all agreed that this was incorrect and that the agreement which has been in place since 2009 (that the PCC submit a balance of income from burials etc at the end of the year and then send the payment for this to the Clerk) still stands.  Clerk to write to the Church Warden to advise her of this.


26.  Insurance Renewal – Clerk presented prices from several insurance companies, the cheapest of which was Zurich Insurance at an annual premium of £1319.13.  The cheapest quote the current insurer, Came & Company, could offer was £1762.12.  Chair proposed renewing insurance with Zurich Insurance, all in favour.


27.  Hedge – Hedge has been cut along Wilton Road.


28.  Minutes – Clerk advised emailing minutes to PCSO Law, Councillors Lawrence, Peake and White was acceptable to all concerned.


29.  Norfolk Police Connect – Various emails received, none relating to Feltwell.

30.  Op Randall Rural Crime – Newsletters received and circulated as appropriate

31.  Norfolk County Council – Email – Norfolk recycling centres all set for hazardous waste amnesties; Spotlight on self neglect and hoarding for safeguarding adults awareness week

32.  TWR Accountants – Email – September tax tips

33.  National Playing Fields Association – Newsletter




34.  RAF Mildenhall – Invitation to attend the Joan Mann Special Sports Day, Saturday 24th September.  Chair asked if anyone could attend but no-one available, Clerk to reply.

35.  CharityPals – Invitation to event which encourages collaboration between charities

36.  Astro Brain Tumour Fund – Email – Annual Norfolk family walk 

37.  Came & Company – Email – Moving offices 9th September

38.  UKPN – Email – Information on new national power cut phone line 105

39.  Brochure – Parish Magazine, NBB Shelters, Clerks & Councils Direct


40.  CHEQUES – Were signed for the following – J Martin £833.39, S Sargent £147.18, T George £24.00, Cash £10.00, Post Office Ltd (SSE) £574.83, Viridor £121.32, Berryman £32.40, John Rolph (J&M Pest Control) £50.00, K&M Lighting £10,863.60.


41.  PLANNING - Mr T Farrell: Extensions & Alterations at 4 Short Lane – APPROVED;

Mr & Mrs Amas: Two storey rear extension to dwelling at 26 Long Lane – APPROVED; Mrs Christine Barrett: Outline Some Matters Reserved: Demolition of No 28 - 30 and coal yard bungalow, Long Lane and development of approx 27 dwellings along with access road at 2830 and coal yard bungalow, Long Lane – OBJECT – over-intensive development, all agreed.




42.  Highways – Footpaths are breaking up along Bell Street and High Street, 30mph sign along Lodge Road is obscured by the hedge, Clerk to write to Highways.  Water along Paynes Lane has been reported to Anglian Water and is due to a leaking drain in the middle of the road.  Anglian Water requires the road to be closed in order for repair work to take place and Highways have given them a date in October (unknown at this time).


43.  Complaint – The Chair read out a complaint received from a resident living along High Street opposite the One Stop.  The resident feels that deliveries are too early and cause a lot of disturbance; vehicles are now parking along the other side of the street when unable to park outside the One Stop which is not only causing further damage to the pavement already in need of repair but is also dangerous to pedestrians who are having to walk on the road.  As well as being very dangerous due to the speed at which vehicles race around the one-way system, it also causes a backlog of traffic along High Street.  Also there is no litter bin outside the One Stop and litter is often thrown onto the ground and finishes up in the resident’s garden.  To be discussed at next meeting.


44.  Explosions from Base – Mrs McGeeney asked if notifications received from the Base could be sent out to residents.  The Clerk said she doesn’t get much notice, usually on the morning of the event.  Mr Storey said this was unacceptable and that more notification should be given.  Mr Cock asked why the explosions had to be carried out in a residential area when there are other areas, i.e. Stanford, that are set up for this purpose.  Clerk to write to Base.


45.  Overhanging Tree – Tree belonging to Hill House, is hanging over onto the path and road along Short Beck and needs trimming back.  Clerk to write to owners.  


46.  Notification of New Property Address – 47 and 49 Long Lane.


47.  B1160 via Southery – Responses received after a consultation on part-time 7.5T weight restriction order to be discussed at an EDT Committee meeting on 16th September 2016.


Next meeting to be held on Monday 10th October 2016 at 7.30 pm. Meeting declared closed 9.11 pm.