The Meeting of the Parish Council was held on Monday the 14th day of AUGUST 2017 at the Methodist Chapel, Bell Street – commencing 7.30 pm


COUNCILLORS PRESENT:  Mrs Batten, Mr Cooper, Mr Leamon, Mr Rayner and Mrs Arnold.  Also present 3 members of the public.


APOLOGIES:  Received from Mrs Bane, Mr Cock, Mr Lambert and Mr Storey.




MINUTES:  Minutes of the last meeting were taken as read, agreed and duly signed by the Chairwoman.  


PUBLIC SPEAKING:  The meeting was suspended for 3 minutes to allow members of the public to speak.


Due to five Parish Councillors not in attendance, the meeting was not closed therefore this business will be carried forward to the next Parish Council Meeting.




1.      RAF Feltwell – Sq Leader Neild was not present therefore no report was received.


2.      SNT –Various Police Connect emails have been received; reports of 200 litres of heating oil stolen from a property and two incidents of hare coursing at Feltwell Anchor.


3.      Risk Assessment – Mrs McGeeney was not present therefore no report was available.  Clerk has looked into CCTV cameras and consulted other parish clerks regarding their experience with these.  Clerk to look into this further.  Mrs McGeeney to carry out next Playing Field inspection.


4.      Balance Sheet – No queries.  


5.      Allotment Pest Control – Reports received for June and July.  


6.      NALC – Weekly newsletters and updates have been circulated.


7.      Skate Park – Mrs Bane was not present therefore no update was received.


8.      Briefing sessions (i) Local Plan – Site Allocations & Development Management Policies Development Plan Document (ii) 5 year land supply – No further news.  Mr Storey was not present to comment on the training session he was due to attend on 24th April 2017.


9.      Highways – Roadsweeper was present in the village w/c 31st July but again not all roads were swept.  Clerk to chase.  Cats-eyes will not be reinstated as Highways feel they are no longer required.  Splays have been cut at the top of Lodge Road but Mr Rayner suggested writing to the owners of the land requesting that saplings are dealt with as these seem to be the cause of problem. 


10.  Street Light Replacement – 19 new street lights have been ordered.




11.  Ranger Visit – Completed works report received and only two items listed as being completed; strimming of Oak Garden and trimmed hedge along Blackdyke which upon inspection has not been done.  Rangers were unable to carry out weeding, gullies, grips and footpath along the High Street as these all need inspecting and programming.  Mrs Batten said this was not good enough and asked the Clerk to contact Andrew Wallace from Highways.


12.  War Memorial – No response as yet.


13.  Defibrillator – Training session confirmed for Saturday 19th August, 10 am – 12 pm at the Primary School. 


14.  Dogs on Playing Field – Ongoing.  Clerk to ask for an update.


15.  Enquiry re Property for Sale on Edmund Moundeford Road – No response as yet.


16.  Resignation – Mrs Batten advised that as one candidate had withdrawn their application, four candidates attended.  The majority vote was won by Miss Faye Enefer.  Clerk to write to all candidates and arrange for necessary paperwork to be completed by Miss Enefer.


17.  Website – Ongoing.


18.  Alleyway – Hedge belonging to 23 Archers Avenue has still not been cut back.  Clerk to contact owner again to request it is cut after the nesting season.


19.  Allotment Report – The Parish Council agreed to reimburse the Clerk for the extra hours she worked in connection with issues raised concerning the allotment gardens.  A considerable amount of information had to be collected and verified and several extra committee meetings were held resulting in numerous correspondences to the Committee and tenants.  The extra work was spread over several weeks.  The Clerk is employed for 15 hours per week to carry out the normal work load of the Parish.  Mr Storey to carry out the August walkabout.  


20.  Verges – Clerk spoke with the Borough Council who informed her that the verges opposite the school have been dropped from the schedule due to past requests from residents to undertake this work themselves.


21.  Parish Partnership Scheme Initiative – To be discussed at next meeting.




22.  Norfolk Police Connect – Various emails received and circulated 

23.  Op Randall Rural Crime – Newsletters received and circulated as appropriate

24.  BCKLWN – Email – Norfolk Single Issue Silica Sand Review - Main Modifications and

Additional Modifications

25.  Norfolk Constabulary – Email – Denton Parish Newsletter (circulated 20/7/17)

26.  Norfolk County Council – Email - Public Information Notice: Families in Norfolk are being invited to get their child car seats checked for free next month

27.  Norfolk Strategic Framework – Email – Consultation on a draft NSF document, comments are invited via an online response form 

28.  TWR Accountants – Email - August 2017 Tax Tips and News

29.  Wicksteed – Email – Promotion on playground equipment

30.  Brochures – Parish Magazine

31.  CHEQUES – Were signed by Mrs Batten and Mr Cooper for the following – S Sargent

£94.53, Cash £5.00, Methodist Church £17.00, Post Office Ltd (PAYE) £220.77, Post Office

Ltd (SSE) £81.53, Post Office Ltd (SSE) £530.74, Viridor £126.36, Berryman £23.40, TOP Garden Services £342.85, John Rolph £100.00, Anglian Water £104.27, Mazars £240.00.  As no third signatory was present, Mr Cock signed the cheques on 15th August 2017.


32.  PLANNING – Mr R Golding – Removal of existing conservatory and construction of a single storey rear extension and conservatory at 5 Lamberts Close – APPROVED; Mr L Webber – Removal of garage and construction of a single storey side and rear extension at 9 Lamberts Close – APPROVED. 




33.              Highways – White line needs repainting at the junction of Hill Street with Short Beck.  Clerk to contact Highways.  Trees/bushes belonging to 12 Short Beck and Hill House need cutting back, Clerk to contact owners.


34.              Overgrowth on Wall – Clerk to contact Grantchester Construction re the overgrowth of weeds and bushes outside Hall Farm Barns along Bell Street.


35.              Plaque – Clerk said that the plaque needs reaffixing to the brick seat on the grass island between Old Methwold Road and Lodge Road.  This is currently with Mr Cock who will liaise with the Handyman about this.


Next meeting to be held on Monday 11th September 2017 at 7.30 pm. Meeting declared closed 8.20 pm.