The Annual Meeting of the Parish Council was held on Monday the 8th day of MAY 2017 at the Methodist Chapel, Bell Street following the Annual Parish Meeting – commencing 7.00 pm


COUNCILLORS PRESENT:  Mrs Batten, Messrs Lambert, Cock, Cooper, Leamon and Rayner, Mrs Bane and Mrs Williams.  Also present 2 members of the public.


ELECTION OF CHAIRPERSON:  Mr Lambert asked for nominations for position of Chairperson, Mr Cock proposed Mrs Batten, seconded Mr Cooper, there were no further nominations, all agreed.  Mrs Batten was duly re-elected to position of Chairperson.  Mrs Batten signed her declaration of acceptance to office and took the chair.


ELECTION OF VICE-CHAIRPERSON:  The Chair asked for nominations for the position of Vice-Chairperson.  Mr Cock nominated Mr Lambert, seconded Mrs Bane, there were no further nominations, all agreed.  Mr Lambert was duly re-elected to the position of Vice Chairperson.


APOLOGIES:  Received from Mrs McGeeney and Mr Storey.




MINUTES:  Minutes of the last meeting were taken as read, agreed and duly signed by the Chairwoman.  


PUBLIC SPEAKING:  The meeting was suspended to allow members of the public to speak but there were no issues.  




1.      RAF FeltwellSq Leader Neilds was unable to attend therefore no update available re relocation of firing and demolition activities or hedge cutting (see Item 18).  


2.      SNT –Various Police Connect emails have been received.  No crime reports for Feltwell.


3.      Risk AssessmentPlaying Field – Mr Rayner visited the field on Saturday afternoon.  The fence facing 44 Paynes Lane needs straightening up, and bushes and tree seedlings need cutting around the grass verges.  Main entrance doors to the changing rooms need a clean.  Clerk to contact Cleaner.  There is a hole in the fence surrounding the tennis court near the teen shelter and the net could do with replacing.  Handyman to look at fences, Clerk to obtain tennis net price.  Play area was in good condition but needs cleaning, Clerk to ask Handyman if he can help.  There was also a lot of soft and alcoholic drink cans around the play area.  Grass has been well cut but lots of loose clippings.  Playmaintain to carry out annual playground operational inspection w/c 5th June.  Mr Lambert to carry out next Playing Field inspection.  Allotments – Inspection carried out by Mr Cooper who said that the allotments appear to be in good order, although one could do with a tidy up.  This will be looked at again at the next inspection in June which is carried out by all members of the Allotment Committee.


4.      Balance Sheet – No queries.  Clerk said that there is a discrepancy of 80p as Cheque No 103974 to Viridor has appeared on the bank statement as £155.08 and this should be £155.88.  Bank Manager is looking into this.


5.      Allotment Pest Control – No report has been received for April as yet.




6.      NALC – Weekly newsletters and updates have been circulated.  Mrs Williams said she would like to attend three courses; ‘Budgeting Workshop’ at £25 + VAT, ‘The Planning System’ at £25 + VAT and ‘Being A Councillor’ at £50 + VAT.  Mrs Bane proposed Mrs Williams attend the courses, Mr Rayner seconded, all in favour.  Clerk to book.


7.      Skate Park – Mrs Bane said the grant application with Sport England has progressed to the next stage. 


8.      Briefing sessions (i) Local Plan – Site Allocations & Development Management Policies Development Plan Document (ii) 5 year land supply – No further news.  Mr Storey was not present to comment on the training session he was due to attend on 24th April 2017.


9.      Highways – White lines will be renewed along Hythe Road within the next two weeks.  The poles along Southery Road belong to British Telecom who had no choice but to reinstate them there unless they were put underground.  No response re the poor state of Old Brandon Road but Clerk will keep chasing.  Roadsweeper was not in the village w/c 25th April, Clerk to make enquiries.  Areas with multiple potholes such as Oak Street and Old Methwold Road have been repaired with asphalt and other individual potholes will be repaired in due course.


10.  Street Light Replacement – Ongoing.  


11.  Ranger Visit – Clerk has spoken with Andrew Wallace who said the inspection regime has changed and at present there is no fixed schedule although specific items can be requested.


12.  War Memorial – Clerk has spoken with Mr Brett who said work will commence this week and will be completed by the end of May.


13.  ‘STOP’ Signs – White lines have been renewed at the junction of Hill Street with St Mary’s Street and The Beck.  Clerk to speak to Highways regarding ‘Give Way’ sign which needs adjusting so that it is more prominent.


14.  Defibrillator – Installed and signed off last Friday.  Mr Rayner is awaiting a ‘Go Live’ date so that he can hold a public training session and put some information in the Parish Magazine.  He will ensure the owner of the Londis, Mrs Sawjeevvijay, is publicly acknowledged for allowing the Parish Council to house it on her premises.  Mrs Batten thanked Mr Rayner, on behalf of the Parish Council, for undertaking this project. 


15.  Dog Bin – Licences have been obtained and dog bins along Long Lane and Old Brandon Road have been installed.


16.  Email re Speeding – Clerk said data has been received relating to the safety camera on Wilton Road on the 16th March and will forward this on to all Parish Councillors.  An enquiry has been received from a resident along Lodge Road requesting the repositioning of the flashing 30mph sign before the bend as you approach the village and for the footpath to be continued in front of properties around this bend.  Mrs Batten said an additional sign could be purchased for this location and Mr Rayner suggested an SAM2 which flashes the speed and warns drivers to slow down when exceeding the speed limit.  Clerk to get price.  It was felt that a footpath is not necessary as it would not be used frequently enough.  Clerk to write back to resident.




17.  Dogs on Playing Field – Ongoing.  An update will be given following a review of responses to the proposed amendment to include all fenced in children’s play/recreational areas.


18.  Hedge cutting – the Base – No update from Rene Garner but this will hopefully be received when Sq Leader Neild has intervened.


19.  Grass Cutting Contract – No complaints have been received although Mr Cock said the Memorial garden has not been cut for a while.  Clerk to contact TOP Garden Services.  Mr Cock queried whether land belonging to the PCC should be included in the Parish Council’s contract and Mr Lambert suggested obtaining separate quotations when the renewal is due.


20.  Junior Football Club Request – Clerk has received copy of Public Liability insurance from Mr Williams.


21.  Enquiry re Property for Sale on Edmund Moundeford Road – Clerk will write to the Housing Minister when the elections have taken place re Orbit Housing’s attempt to sell this property.  


22.  Rugby Promotion – Clerk has received email from Mr Soanes with a link to insurance covering all affiliate clubs of the RFU.  He has requested use of the field on 17th May at 7 pm which all Parish Councillors welcomed.  Clerk to advise Mr Soanes.


23.  St Nicholas Churchyard – Mrs Parker has been informed and a working party is taking place 14th May.  


24.  Resignation – One application has been received from Mrs Sue Arnold of 1 Clough Drive, Feltwell for the casual vacancy in the Feltwell Ward.  Mr Lambert proposed Mrs Arnold, Mr Cooper seconded, all in favour.  Clerk to write to Mrs Arnold.


25.  Audit - Internal audit completed and invoice received at £275 + VAT.  Chair read out the Annual Governance Statement and the accounts were accepted as correct.  Mrs Bane proposed, Mrs Williams seconded and all in favour.  The form was then duly signed. 


26.  Review of Committees – All committees remain the same. 


27.  Record of Attendance – Clerk read out figures for attendance at monthly Parish Meetings  from 1st May 2016 – 30th April 2017, as follows:- Mrs Bane 8/11, Mrs Batten 11/11, Mr Cock 9/11, Mr Cooper 10/11, Mr Lambert 11/11, Mr Leamon 8/11, Mrs McGeeney 8/11, Mr Rayner 11/11, Mr Storey 8/11, Mrs Williams 6/11.  There were only 11 meetings as the August meeting was cancelled due to an insufficient quorum. 


28.  Website – Mr Rayner said the current website, which Mr Garland kindly runs for free, could do with updating and more information adding.  Mr Rayner to liaise with Mr Garland and ask him for any suggestions to improve it.




29.  Norfolk Police Connect – Various emails received and circulated 

30.  Op Randall Rural Crime – Newsletters received and circulated as appropriate




31.  RAF Lakenheath – Invitation from Colonel Pettus to view F-35A Lightning IIs currently at RAF Lakenheath on 24/4/17.  Chris Cock attended and gave a brief report of the visit.

32.  Norfolk Constabulary – Email – Invitation from PC Emily Carter to Rural Brainstorming

Event (circulated 11/4/17); Email – Parish Newsletter (circulated 12/4/17)

33.  HAGS (play equipment suppliers) – Promotion letter and brochure

34.  BCKLWN – Email – Planning Committee Notification – 8/5/17 (circulated 28/4/17); Invitation to briefing on the Borough Council’s Boundary Review Procedure 22/6/17.

35.  National Playing Fields Association – Email – Newsletter (circulated 29/4/17)

36.  Brochures – Parish Magazine


37.  CHEQUES – Were signed for the following – J Martin (Expenses) £45.96, S Sargent

£82.53, T George £19.20, Cash £5.00, Methodist Church £17.00, Anglian Water £84.03, Post

Office Ltd (SSE) £392.09, Post Office Ltd (SSE) £260.43, TOP Garden Services £342.85,

Community Heartbeat Trust £2020.00, National Playing Fields Association £30.00, Norfolk

Association of Local Councils £349.64, E Lambert £5.00, TWR Accountants £330.00, Viridor £125.76


38.  PLANNING – Mr & Mrs Baptist – Conservatory to the front aspect of 20 Falcon Road -





39.  Highways – Redundant road signs need removing.  Mr Rayner said there are a few sunken manholes that need attention on Oak Street.  Clerk to contact Highways.


40.  Skip - A skip has been placed on the green outside Addisons Close and hasn’t been emptied for over a month.  Clerk to make enquiries.


41.  Bus Shelter – Mr Rayner asked if the bus shelter on Lodge Road could be cleaned as it is turning green.  Mrs Batten said that it will inevitably have to be moved if building work starts so at present there is little point in spending money to clean it.


42.  Allotment Land – Mr Rayner asked if the Parish Council would be interested in selling land behind the Doctor’s Surgery to create some capital.  Mr Lambert said the Parish Council is not in need of capital money at present and that this could be considered in the future if required.


43.  New Property Addresses – Emails from Borough Council advising two new property addresses; Whitehouse Farm Barn, 42A Long Lane and Brea Barn, 4B Hill Street.


Next meeting to be held on Monday 12th June 2017 at 7.30 pm. Meeting declared closed 8.50 pm.



Planning Applications received after the April Meeting with deadlines before the May Meeting as follows:-


Mr D Heath – ((17/00414/F Amended) Side and rear extensions and porch at 32 Paynes Lane – APPROVED; Mr & Mrs Reeve – (17/00274/F Amended) Single storey side extension and changes to existing rear elevation and rendering to sides of bungalow at 6 Nightingale Lane – REFUSED due to rendering not being in keeping with other properties on Oakfields Estate.