The Meeting of the Parish Council was held on Monday the 9th day of OCTOBER 2017 at the Methodist Chapel, Bell Street – commencing 7.30 pm


COUNCILLORS PRESENT:  Mrs Batten, Messrs Cock, Cooper, Lambert, Rayner and Storey, Mrs Arnold, Mrs Bane, Mrs Enefer-Harrison and Mrs McGeeney.  Also present 11 members of the public and Squadron Leader Neild.


APOLOGIES:  None received.




MINUTES:  Minutes of the last meeting were taken as read, agreed and duly signed by the Chairwoman.  


PUBLIC SPEAKING:  The meeting was suspended for 10 minutes to allow members of the public to speak.




1.      RAF Feltwell – Sq Leader Neild has informed the DIO about the overgrown greenery outside

Trenchard Square and the bush on the corner of Blackdyke Road.  He reported that a handful of MOD families will be moving into Trenchard Square within the next six months.  Sq Leader Neild departed the meeting at 7.45 pm.


2.      SNT –Various Police Connect emails have been received, none relating to Feltwell.


3.      Risk Assessment – Clerk to order 3 x “24 hour CCTV in Operation” plastic signs at £5.90 + VAT each.  Tree surgeon has been to assess tree and given a quotation of £450 to include felling the middle section of a tree near the play area which is unsafe.  With Mr Cock’s assistance, this work should be done in a day.  Clerk to obtain further quotations and award the job to the cheapest company.  Mrs Batten proposed, Mr Rayner seconded, all in favour.  Clerk carried out the playing field inspection on Sunday 8th October and found a bolt missing from the baby swing.  Mr Batten has repaired the swing and thanks should be passed on to Central Garage for supplying the parts free of charge.  PCSO Law is dealing with the culprits responsible for the graffiti on the teen shelter.  Clerk to ask Handyman to spray weeds on the Changing Room slabs.  Otherwise the general condition of the field was good.  Mrs Batten to carry out next Playing Field inspection.   


4.      Balance Sheet – No queries.  


5.      Allotment Pest Control – Reports received for September.  


6.      NALC – Weekly newsletters and updates have been circulated.


7.      Skate Park – Mrs Bane reported that all funding has been applied for however the VAT of £15,000 still has to be found as this cannot be funded.  Sarah Dennis from the BCKLWN has advised that the Parish Council could apply to them for a loan for this amount.  Mrs Bane asked if the Parish Council would be prepared to apply for this on the basis that when the VAT is reclaimed, the loan is paid off and the interest incurred of 1.5% is paid by the Skate Park Fund.  Mr Lambert proposed applying for a loan of £15,000 on these terms, Mrs Enefer-Harrison seconded, all in favour.  Mrs Bane then asked if planning permission could be sought to display 12 advertisement signs around the car park to provide a yearly income to sustain the skate park, i.e. maintenance. 

Advertisers would pay an initial fee of £250 per sign and then pay a yearly fee of £100 for display.  Mrs Batten thought this was a good idea and proposed the motion, all in favour.  


8.      Briefing sessions (i) Local Plan – Site Allocations & Development Management Policies Development Plan Document (ii) 5 year land supply – No further news.


9.      Highways – Weeds have been sprayed although Handyman said he would be happy to undertake weeding the central roads in the village.  The pothole at Haythill Lane along Hythe Road has only been temporarily filled and the manhole covers along Oak Street still need attention.  Clerk to contact Highways.


10.  Street Light Replacement – 18 new street lights have been installed; 8 along Lodge Road and 10 along Paynes Lane.  It came to light that there are only 7 street lights along Lodge Road, the one outside 1 Lodge Road having been removed by UKPN.  K&M Lighting are looking into this and in the meantime will replace the lantern on the corner of Lime Kiln Lane with Short Lane. 


11.  Ranger Visit – Next ranger visit scheduled for week commencing 16th October 2017.  


12.  Defibrillator – Clerk has left several messages re the “Message in a Bottle” scheme run by the Lions but was advised that as members of the Lions are volunteers this could take time.  


13.  Enquiry re Property for Sale on Edmund Moundeford Road – Still no response as yet, Clerk to chase.


14.  Website – Mr Rayner presented two ideas for the proposed website after taking NALC’s advice on themes.  There were two options for layout and all councillors were in favour of Option 2.  Clerk said she would be willing to update the website when it is live but as this would increase her hours, she would appreciate being paid for her extra time.  To be discussed at next meeting.  Clerk to write to Mr Garland to advise him of the proposed new website.  A social media page was suggested, such as Facebook, but it was felt that the website should be live first before this is considered.


15.  Alleyway – Hedge belonging to 23 Archers Avenue has now been cut.


16.  Verges – Clerk will chase enquiry as to who is responsible for cutting the verge outside the entrance to Hall Farm Barns.


17 Parish Partnership Scheme Initiative – Clerk advised price for an SAM2 sign is £3500 including data collection and brackets.  Posts are £89 each.  Data collection can be taken off the price if not required.  This was discussed and it was felt this should be looked at when discussing the precept next month as it is for the financial year 2018/19.  The deadline for bids is 11th December 2017.


18.  Overgrowth on Wall – Still no response from Grantchester Construction, Clerk will pursue.


19.  Plaque – This has been reinstated.


20.  Hedge Cutting – Clerk has spoken to Joseph McNeil from Orbit Housing who is investigating this matter.


21.  Bus Shelter, Lodge Road – Clerk read out email she was copied into from Robert Pratt of Norfolk County Council to Intermodal Transport stating the need for a bus shelter and enquiring if there is any provision under Section 106 for a new shelter.  No planning has been applied for as yet.


22.  Alleyway – Clerk has been informed by the resident that the alleyway from Hall Drive to High Street was blocked when she bought the property so she will speak with the Estate Agent.  


23.  Bush – Overgrown bush belonging to 2 Newcombe Drive has been cut back.


24.  Dog Bins – Clerk advised price for dog bin complete with post is £126.69 + VAT.  Mr Cock proposed purchasing the dog bin, Mrs Enefer-Harrison seconded, all in favour.  Position to be ascertained in conjunction with local dog walkers and then Clerk to apply for licence.


25.  Railings – Handyman will repaint railings in front of the Chequers in due course.


26.  Denver Sluice – Clerk to contact the Environment Agency re their tour of the sluice and talk on its workings in aid of third world water aid.


27.  Changing Rooms – Electricity Supply Renewal: Clerk read out three prices, the cheapest was with the current supplier SSE at an estimated cost of £354.64 per annum.  Mrs Batten proposed renewing with SSE, all in favour.  Clerk to arrange paperwork.  Review of User Agreement: Annual review took place and Mrs Batten proposed adding that football boots are not to be struck against the changing room walls, all in favour.  Clerk to update and send to the Junior Football Club for signature.


28.  Football Club Request – Email received from Mr Williams asking if a couple of lights could be installed on the external wall to allow the team to train during the week now that the nights are drawing in.  It was felt that this would be acceptable in principle, Clerk to invite Mr Williams to attend the next meeting to discuss further.


29.  Edmund de Moundeford Trust – Expiry of Trustee Term – Mrs Batten’s and Mr Garland’s terms are due to expire in November.  Mrs Batten said she would be happy to continue therefore Mr Cooper proposed renewing Mrs Batten’s term, Mrs Arnold seconded, Mrs Bane, Mrs EneferHarrison, Mr Leamon, Mrs McGeeney and Mr Rayner were in favour, Mr Cock, Mr Lambert and Mr Storey declared an interest as serving Trustees and therefore abstained.  The Clerk had received written confirmation from Mr Garland stating he would be happy to renew his term.  Mrs Batten asked if any Parish Councillors wished to be nominated and Mrs Enefer-Harrison put her name forward.  Mr Cooper felt that a Parish Councillor should take precedence and proposed Mrs EneferHarrison, Mrs Arnold seconded, Mrs Bane, Mr Leamon, Mrs McGeeney and Mr Rayner were in favour, Mrs Batten, Mr Cock, Mr Lambert and Mr Storey declared an interest as serving Trustees and abstained.  Clerk to write to Mr Garland and advise Barry Hawkins.


30.  Additional Post Boxes – The post box along Wilton Road has been stolen and needs replacing.  Mr Cock also felt that as the village has lost a significant amount of post boxes over the past few years, additional post boxes are required, perhaps to be situated near the Londis and somewhere near where an original post box was situated near R H Lindsays.  Clerk to report stolen post box and make enquiries re new ones.




31.  Norfolk Police Connect – Various emails received and circulated 

32.  Op Randall Rural Crime – Newsletters received and circulated as appropriate

33.  BCKLWN – Email from Lee Osler, Office Manager for Environment & Planning re updates to

Public Access (circulated to Councillors 12/9/17)

34.  Norfolk Constabulary – Email – Denton Parish Newsletter (circulated 15/9/17); Norfolk

Neighbourhood Watch AGM

35.  Norfolk County Council – Email - NCC works hard to clear roads following Storm Aileen;

Driving safer for longer – information events for older drivers start 2nd October

36.  ITV News Anglia – Email from Victoria Leggett, Production Journalist, containing ITV News

Anglia survey - Youth services and the impact on our communities

37.  UK Power Networks – Email re Reminder of Roadshows 29/9/17 – 9/10/17

38.  Community Action Norfolk - October Newsletter

39.  National Playing Field Association AGM Papers - Thursday 12th October 2017

40.  NGF Play – Email – Dereham company advertising their play equipment products

41.  Brochures – Parish Magazine

42.  CHEQUES – Were signed for the following – J Martin £28.95, S Sargent £87.14,

Cash £10.00, Methodist Church £12.75, Post Office Ltd (SSE) £568.78, Viridor £125.76, John

Rolph £50.00, Came & Company £1213.30, Post Office Ltd (PAYE) £283.84, TOP Garden Services £685.70, Environment Agency £36.51, Shaw & Sons £23.82.  Standing orders paid to Mrs J Martin £813.19 and K&M Lighting £164.04, and direct debit to BT £45.00.

43.  PLANNING – Mr T George – New build 3 bedroom chalet in part of existing garden at 24 Addison Close – OBJECT on the grounds of it being a back yard development, access is extremely close to the corner of the neighbouring property and encroaches on their privacy and it is not in keeping with surrounding properties, Mr Storey abstained, all agreed; Mr & Mrs Stroud – Construction of cart shed at Hill Cottage, 6 Short Beck - APPROVED




44.  Highways – Several residents attended to object to the proposed seven bollards along Hill

Street.  Parish Councillors were in agreement that this was totally unfeasible.  Mr Storey asked the Clerk to request a site visit with Richard Smith of NCC Highways so that residents and local farmers could voice their objections.  White lines need renewing at the top of Lodge Road, road needs cleaning outside the entrance to the gravel pit along Lodge Road, weeds in the path outside some properties on Clough Drive are nearly a foot high, Clerk to contact Highways.


45.  Breach of Planning – Mrs Batten said there is no planning for the wall that has been built at 1 Fairfield Way.  Clerk to report.


46.  Advertisement Signs – Several signs belonging to Marshall Building & Paving have been tied around lamp posts and put up around the village.  Clerk to write to them as they do not have permission.


Next meeting to be held on Monday 13th November 2017 at 7.30 pm. Meeting declared closed 9.10 pm.