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  MICKLEBOROUGH FARMHOUSE, situated in Hythe Road was demolished.

20 Feb

Fire at the Fenland Club (Coronation Hall). The Club had been closed since Christmas.

20 Feb

Induction of Rev. Kenneth Gordon Haynes.

15. May

Small dwelling (the first) being erected on Great Burnt House Close (the eastern half of what is now St. Nicholas Close Estate.)


Youth Club re-formed at the instigation of P.C. Alan Hower.


Mrs E. M. Swann, J.P. left Feltwell after 45 years service to the community.


Wall of South Hall (along Bell St.) demolished.


First Flower and Harvest Festival in St. Mary's Church raised about 250


19 Feb

Survey of gravestones in St. Nicholas Churchyard by Feltwell (H&A) Society. Oldest decipherable stone:- William Stallon (died 1728)

24 March

Miss Alice Baker appointed Churchwarden. The first lady to hold this position in Feltwell.

24 March

Mr A. J. Orange, manager of the Norwich Heartsease Branch of-Barclays Bank Ltd, appointed Manager of Brandon, Methwold and Feltwell.

29 May

British Legion became Royal British Legion.

14 June

Work started on clearing the site of the Cock meadow development (later called Mulberry Close.)

24 Sept

Flower & Harvest Festival at St Mary's. Exhibition of Maps, Documents and sundry small tools in the Mission Hall for two days by the Feltwell (H&A) Society. The taped history of St Nicholas by Mr. A. J. Orange played in that church during the 2 days festival.


Ancient Stone of Feltwell mounted on a plinth on Cross Hill by the Feltwell (H&A) Society.


The P.C.C. applied for St Nicholas Church to be closed as a "safe ruin".


5 Jan

Demolition Commenced on South Hall.


Orange View Cottages (The Barracks) demolished.


Worst "Fen blow" in living memory.


Turf removed ready for new roadways on the Weston Close (later known as Manor Park Estate).


Death of John William Southgate, M.M. after 40 years of service to the Church. New carpet in the Sanctuary & Chancel of St Mary's given in his memory.


Parish Council planted new trees round the War Memorial and on the Playing Field.


Seal of Pope Clement VI (1342-1352) which had been found in the garden of 22 Bell St. presented to the Feltwell (H&A) Society.


The Exhibition of Sept. 1971 and the History of St. Nicholas repeated for two days.

10 Sept

Letter from Feltwell (H&A) Society to the Secretary of the Moundeford Trustees seeking to hire the Old (big) School for a museum.



First-of the bungalows in Mulberry Close occupied.


Tree planted on St. Nicholas Hill by the 1st Feltwell Girl Guides.


Combined Harvest and Flower Festival in St. Mary's raised about 350.


  Found in the garden of 40 St. John's Way was a 'Token' issued in 1658 by Francis WACW of Wilton. The token bore crossed swords and the Drapers Arms indicating that Francis was a Draper and a member of the Drapers Guild. Francis Wace was buried on 21st September, 1678.
  A ROMAN COIN was found in a flower bed in the War Graves section at St Nicholas. It was from the reign of Constantius, AD 337-341.

11 Jan

Application by the P.C.C. for a Declaration of Redundancy to be made on St. Nicholas Church.


Village sign re-painted.


22 Feb

Mrs Margaret Ashton (widow of Parke Ashton) of 34 High Street celebrated her 100th birthday.

31 July

Resignation of Rev. K. G. Haynes. The Churchwardens, Miss Alice Baker and Mr. George H. Lawrence appointed Sequestrators.


New Telephone Exchange in Paynes Lane.


Population estimated by the County Council to be 3543.

17 Sept

St. Nicholas Church vested in the Redundant Churches Fund.


Human skeleton found in the garden of No. 30 Lodge Road.

31 Oct

U.S. Army & Air Force Exchange system moved its U.K. H.Q. and distribution centre to RAF Feltwell, initial workforce 150.


17 May

New sub-branch of Barclays Bank Ltd opened at St. Mary's House (business transferred from No 21 High Street).

10 Sept

Rev. & Mrs Hall moved into the New Rectory at No. 8 The Beck.

17 Sept

Induction of Rev. Charles William Wall who was taken ill the next day.


Dedication of New Standards of Royal British Legion Feltwell Branch and the Women’s Section. Old standards "laid up" in St. Mary’s.


The bed of the beck in Short Beck was destroyed by the laying therein of large drainage pipes and the levelling of the surface.


Prunus tree planted on St. Nicholas Hill by the Women’s Institute.


3 April

Recital given on the recently restored organ of St. Mary’s Church.


New clerestory windows (6) in St. Nicholas Church. Internal repairs completed to St. Nicholas by the end of the month.


Mr. & Mrs E. W. Porter's new house on Lodge Road nearing completion.


Donations in lieu, of floral tributes for Walter Hammond Beamis (died 23 March aged 92) to be used to provide a communion set for use of the Rector when visiting the sick.


St. Nicholas Church cleaned by members of the Feltwell (H&A) Society ready for Jubilee Day "Songs of Praise" and organ recital.



  'Pip' Orange established organ fund to replace the organ in St Mary's.
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