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A Photographic Exploration of Old Feltwell

For the Mystery Tour Nine hot spots exist on the photograph below.
Explore at your leisure or use the maps at this link
For the Conducted Tour, board the bus.
Click to board the tour bus.
(For those with images turned off see bottom of page for links)


North to:-
Munson's Lane
St. Nicholas Church
The Chequers Inn
Cross of Sacrifice and war graves.


West to:-
Chapel St,
Elm Tree,
The Borough,
Long Lane
Pear Tree Cottages
West End P.H.
Western Cl,
Fen Flood.
Church Street (now St Mary's Street) Feltwell Hall Post Office The Old School High Street Bell Street The Beck St Mary's ChurchAriel view circa 1947

East to:-
Lodge Rd,
The Oak,
Almshouses Village Sign
Salisbury House,
Old Rectory
East Hall.


South to:-
Wilton Road
Paynes Lane
The Airfield
Tower Mill.


High Street    Church Street    Post Office    St. Mary's Church     Old School    The Beck    Feltwell Hall    Bell Street    Manchester House

Please note that most photographs are in B/W and that, due to their age and condition, some did not scan very well.  Apologies in advance for the odd poor one.