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A collection of photographs featuring people at...

Parties and Plays
In some cases names can be found by clicking on the photo.

Many thanks to all those who kindly lent me photographs.

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Victory Tea in the Gymnasium 1944

Photographs  provided by Mr P. Cooper and Mrs D. Mitchell

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Victory Day celebrations at RAF Feltwell.
Photo provided by R & J Sizer

December 1960.    Stephanie Brown (nurse/nanny) front row extreme left.  Heather Ridge, left of the wizard, the king might be Peter Hammond. Jackie Back, the 'princess'. Additional names required.  (Names as of Oct 02)

Photo from Corinne Allen nee Brown

About 1925 in Coronation Hall. A Concert Party. All villagers.  Names not known. c1966. Far left looking down - Pauline Carter (Alan Carter's sister) Middle front row with spectacles Beryl Bunting (nee Addison) left with Gertie Walden right. At the back grey haired Mr Charlesworth, on his right Bob Walden - School Governor.
Photo from Glynn Walden

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Junior 2's "Wizard of Oz" 1972. From Chris Cock Some WI event in the Methodist Hall. Nothing else known.
If you have any information relating to any of the following  photographs please email me. children.jpg (19314 bytes) children2.jpg (26515 bytes) dinner1.jpg (28680 bytes)
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