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About half a mile from St. Nicholas Church, on the Hithe Road, is Owlsholm (or Owlsham) Lane leading into the Fens; and at the bottom of the Lane is the mudgin pit; mudgin being a Norfolk word for a mixture of clay, chalk and mud. Before the Fens were drained the sea came as far as the mudgin pit, and, dotted about here and there, were several islands known as Holms; the largest of them being St. Katherine's Holm, now part of Methwold and called Catsholm. Not far from the mudgin pit were two small islands known as the Great Owlsholm and the Little Owlsholm; they were covered with grass and apparently had trees, for they take their name from the number of owls making their home there. Owlsholm Lane is named after these two islands and, what is interesting, that particular part of Feltwell where Ketel Lane, Little Owlsholm Lane and Great Owlsholm Lane meet at the mudgin pit, is still known for its number of owls.

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