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High Street or Cock Street
[Come see it as it is now]

On with the tour

broadwat.jpg (21771 bytes) highst172.gif (25077 bytes) highst372.gif (28134 bytes) highst1950s.gif (25456 bytes)
A very rare photo of the High St/Church St junction before the newsagents was inserted into the gap. Manchester House is on the left.
Provided by Mr R. Walden
Manchester House at the time of John Broadwater (Grocer) looking down the High Street. Postcard from 1926 showing Manchester House as Siers grocery shop. The now demolished Cock Inn can be seen on the extreme left.
Loaned by Mr Peter Cooper.
A view from opposite Manchester House looking down the High Street. Probably from the 1950s.
highst1960s.gif (32155 bytes) high_street3.gif (40152 bytes) coksign72.gif (72669 bytes) cockgone.gif (27800 bytes)
A view looking up the High Street. St Mary's Church can just be seen on the left. Probably from the 1960s. Looking towards St. Mary's church with The Cock on the left.

Photo from Mr T. Llewellyn

The sign from the Cock Inn, now in the safe keeping of the Feltwell A&H Society. The Cock was knocked down to make way for Mulberry Close which took it's name from the Mulberry Tree in the grounds of the Inn

Three photos of a Barrel Organ player. The background is the cottages seen below and Mr Porter's barn, now replaced by houses. Late 1950s
Photos from Mrs L. Coates

High Street hand-coloured

high_street.gif (35294 bytes)

histr4.gif (32044 bytes)

highstreet_reid.jpg (34842 bytes)

The car had arrived and with it came pavements.

Provided by Mr. C. Cock

Almost the same view as the one on the left but note the Hovis sign.

Photo from Mr T. Llewellyn

A similar view again but further along High Street.

A possibly older photo of the row of houses on the left in the previous photograph.
Photo from Maureen Reid

doys72.gif (36206 bytes) butchers.gif (47091 bytes)

Barley Porter's (small)The BIG PICTURE icon. When you see this icon and click on it a full-screen picture will download.

highst272.gif (28583 bytes)

Late 1920s. Left to Right. Jack Steward, Harry Doy, Don Green, (Ted) Edgar Ernest Clarke Anderson. Ernest J. Neville was the butcher from about 1900 until made bankrupt about 1924.

The same premises as above only later. Could it be Mr Hopkins outside the revamped shop before moving in?

Circa 1910. Barley Page Porter purchased his General Store in 1899.

Circa 1920 by Harold's of Stoke Ferry showing Barley Porter's Shop

histr3.gif (35608 bytes)

high_street1.jpg (29745 bytes)

barley_porter_shop.jpg (41852 bytes) sheep72.gif (32942 bytes)

Another view down High Street with the Butcher and General Store on the left.

Yet another view down the High Street showing Barley Porter's shop mid picture.  Photo from Maureen Reid A superb face on view of Barley Porter's shop.
Photo from Maureen Reid
A flock of sheep being driven down the High Street.
Loaned by Mr Bob King
hstr5.jpg (30211 bytes)high_street2.gif (42381 bytes)

from Mr C. Cock

Sam Steward's Harness Maker's Shop High Street 41hst72.gif (27428 bytes)

Both taken from almost the same position as the one above but in the other direction.
Photo from Mr T. Llewellyn

Opposite the Butchers was Sam Steward's Harness Maker's Shop later to became The Blue Cafe
Photo taken Sept. 1973

Same house as in the photo on the left but note that Sam Steward's shop is not yet built.

This house was built in 1728. Note the thatch roof. Florence Marion White and son Roy.

lleweyans.gif (41093 bytes) high_street_shop.jpg (20910 bytes)

pollypryer.gif (52360 bytes)

Old Primitive Methodist Chapel

high_street4.gif (27949 bytes) 

Top - Mrs Llewellyn outside her General Store before Mrs Pryer took it over. Photo from Mr T. Llewellyn
Bottom - The sign over the small shop window reads 'S. Banham'. This postcard was dated 1905.
Photo from Mr C. Cock

Miss Polly Pryer outside her shop which stood just to the left of the entranceway which can be seen in the bottom photo on the left. The Old Primitive Methodist Chapel, as Wortley's Greengrocers.  Now it belongs to the Wither's family. Florence Withers used to work for Dan Wortley. Banham's House next to Coronation Hall. 

Coronation Hall

High Street with children

cockst72.gif (29295 bytes)

corofront.gif (41727 bytes)

A closer view of the front of  Coronation Hall.

Coronation Hall built by Barley Page Porter. He used the front window space to display goods available from his shop Coronation Hall mid picture. Note the farmhouse on the right This substantially built farm house was built by the West Family and was Blitzed during a Nazi air raid on the 21st Oct.1941 (Trafalgar Day)

palmer_shop.jpg (25397 bytes)

back_winelodge4.jpg (25374 bytes)

cambridge_house.jpg (22979 bytes)

back_cambridge_house2.jpg (27142 bytes)

A set of two showing Palmers Post Office, front and rear. Now the Wine Lodge Public House. This is the same building as Barley Porter's above.
For additional photographs of the Palmer family enjoying the grounds of this building click here.  
Photos from Maureen Reid
The sign over the window says Feltwell Post Office, run by the Palmer family. We now know the building as Cambridge House.
Photo from Maureen Reid
The rear of Cambridge House.

Photo from Maureen Reid