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On with the tour

Munson's Lane
On the North side of the village.
[Come see it as it is now]

On with the tour

"Munsens Lane used to be a lovely green lane with violets growing in the hedge all along and of course all the May blossom in the hedge.Mrs Charlotte Rolfe

       barracks_lane2.jpg (31839 bytes)

Munson's Lane runs east-west behind the school. At its eastern end it joins with the Old Methwold Road.

The photograph far left was taken about 1926, almost from the same position as the one below.

The outbuildings are believed to be in the gardens of The Barracks - shown left, below.

Photo from Peter Blyth

barack72.gif (44607 bytes)

Almost on the junction of Munson's Lane with the Old Methwold Road, but no longer there, was this row of cottages known locally as The Barracks or Grange View, built in the early 1920s.

Munsens Lane looking West

Looking West along Munson's Lane from its junction with the Old Methwold Road, which leads from Cross Hill.  The car is an Austin 7.

Almost directly behind you as you look up Munson's Lane is the Grange farmhouse, home of the Porter family.

The Grange farmhouse