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St Mary's Raise the Roof Appeal

See the damage

Our beautiful church, St Mary The Virgin is in very urgent need of roof repairs.  The cost is estimated to be in the region of 225,000, however, after initial exploratory work we expect this figure to rise.  English Heritage has offered a provisional grant of of 175,000 and Norfolk Churches Trust have offered a grant of 10,000 but this still leaves a huge shortfall for the village to raise.

The Friends of St Mary's was formed in 2007 to undertake the daunting but exciting  task of raising this shortfall and have received an encouraging amount of support to date.

September 2008 sees the launch of our biggest fund raising project so far.

We are offering you the opportunity to sponsor a roof slate for 5 and for children to sponsor a nail to secure the slates for just 1.  There is no limit on the number of slates or nails that any one person can sponsor.

Sponsors will have the option of entering their details, dedications or family information in a book to be printed once the roof repairs have been completed. Each sponsor will be able to make their entry up to half a page; there will be a special section for children sponsoring nails. This book will be kept on display in the church once the work has been completed.

If you would like to sponsor some slates or nails please contact Paul Garland and I will send you a donation slip.
Please remove the capitals from the email address first.

Registered charity number 245456


One of several blocked downpipes so the rainwater has nowhere to go but down the walls.