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On with the tour

Chapel Street now Hill Street
[Come see it as it is now]

On with the tour

Chapel Street from the Post Office (small)

laurels72.gif (37621 bytes)

Newsagents 2 (small)

Newsagents 1 (small)

Looking West up Chapel Street.
Sycamore House on the left. The Wesleyan Methodists Chapel (Centre) with Chapel yard on the opposite side.

Billy Clark went "bust" in '24

Opposite Chapel Yard is Hill Farm House or 'The Laurels'.  The  Rev. Daubeney lived here when he wrote his  pamphlets. (See Written records).   To the right hand side is the 'Mission Hall' left from the days of the Methodist Chapel.  Mr Ambrose Whiteman, who is credited with introducing Methodism to Feltwell, lived here.

Photo provided by Robert Walden.

   WW2 1939-1945. (Left hand photo) First building is newsagent and house (Note: War-time sticky tape on house windows). The next 2 (Flint cottages) have been faced (hiding the flints). The next building was demolished in 1971 (last occupants [second house] Fred Vale & Percy Gent). Liptons Tea van is delivering to Step House. The next house demolished many years ago - last occupant Frank Johnson. Last roof visible is first house in Chapel yard.
  (Right hand photo) Note number of adverts for cigarettes and 'bacca. "As a lad I often had the task of slipping a half penny into each packet of 20 Players Medium Cigarettes before they were inserted into one of the two machines pictured here, so that by inserting a shilling (5p) the customer received his cigarettes and his correct change." A J Orange
hilstpeople.gif (28529 bytes) Wesleyan Chapel (small)

wesleychap.gif (37015 bytes)           wesleyint.gif (31998 bytes)

Looking East. The wall on the right is to Hill House and on the left is the shop, as seen above right before it was painted. Photo provided by Chris Cock.

Looking East down Chapel Street.
The driver is on his way to a wedding. His whip would be draped in black for a funeral.
Looking East. The Wesleyan Chapel in the centre of the left hand photo opposite the houses seen in the left hand photo above.   The right hand photo shows the interior of the same chapel. Note the heating source in the foreground.
chequers_house.jpg (34062 bytes)
Looking east across the junction with Church Street.  Blacksmiths Forge in the background (centre). 

hillhouse.gif (50739 bytes)
Hill House

Photo provided by Robert Walden

When the RAF took over Feltwell in 1937 Hill House was let to various officers.  One was John Williams a Hollywood film star – he was still there in early 45.

In Sept 46 Group Captain J E Johnson DSO, DFC, purchased it.  He was Johnnie Johnson; top British Air Ace of WW2.