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Feltwell's Timeline
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This site is dedicated to all those Feltwell residents who gave me their support and encouragement, particularly the members of the
Feltwell Historical and Archaeological Society.

Written Records   Times Remembered

Documents from the past.


Personal recollections.

Like many villages Feltwell has a plethora of written material available for examination by amateur and professional historians alike. However, we are lucky in that much of this material has already been sifted and thus a large part of the research work necessary for the building of this site has already been done by, in particular Mr A. J. Orange and the Rev. A. R. V. Daubeney.



Recollections of times past by the senior members of the village have for several years now been a popular item in the village magazine.  They are collected here in the hope that they will prove of interest to amateur and professional historians alike and will also be used by the local schoolchildren as part of their history lessons.