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I will be delighted if, like mighty Oaks grow from little acorns, this page becomes so large that I can't manage it!  How big can the Feltwell family be?  It got so long that on 25/2/2000 I had to reduce the font size!   Members so far = 144

To qualify for entry onto this page you must have a Feltwell connection. You must have either been born in the village, have lived in the village, have been educated or worshipped in the village or be able to prove Feltwell ancestry.

E-mail me with your details and reason(s) why you want to join the family and I'll enter you in the list if I'm convinced.  Send to garlandpREMOVE@btinternet.com - take out REMOVE.

Please note that this list is NOT alphabetical.  Part of the fun is the browsing!    Paul.           NOTE - In an effort to foil the automated email address trawlers please note that I have added the word SPAM to all hyperlinked  addresses.  This will have to be removed before you send an email to anyone in the list.

1-3 The Walden family.  Robert Walden. - Flitcham     Jeremy Walden - Dereham   Sandra Phipps (Walden) - Diss     Rosemary Thorburn (Walden) - Dunfermline
4 Kathleen Goodall (nee Boon) Kathleen was brought up in Feltwell with her Auntie May (May Spencer) and lived in the High Street opposite the Cock Public House from the age of 6 weeks until 12 years old.  She would very much like to get in touch with anyone who remembers her.
5 Fred and Elaine Davis My husband, Fred Davis, was stationed at RAF Lakenheath from 1987-1993.  We lived at 58 Lodge Road, Feltwell
6 Lynn Jones Lynn spent 5 years of her childhood in Feltwell, the a child of an Air Force officer who was stationed at Lakenheath and then Mildenhall. She lived in Portal Close, just outside the main gates. Now in Philadelphia,  USA
7 Brenda Gallagher Brenda is an ex- Landlady of  The West End Inn, 1972-1979. She and husband Gerald took over the Inn from Joan Fletcher, mother of Bobby Fletcher, shortly before Joan died.  Gerald died 30 March 1994 and is buried in Brandon. Family members are Tim Gallagher, Lakenheath, Leigh Walters (Gallagher), Idaho, Tracey Clark ( Gallagher), Hethersett.  Brenda lives in Huntsville, Alabama.
8 John Watters Doctor (retired) Watters served at Lakenheath and now lives in Virginia Beach.
9 Pat & Sid Banks Pat and Sid met while serving in Flying Training, B Flight No 1 Squadron in 1950-52. Sid was an SAC Engine Mechanic Aircraft, Pat worked as a LAC Parachute Packer and Dinghy Radio Maintainer. Their Single names were Sidney (Sid) Banks and Patricia (Pat) Cooper.They married and lived at 44 Munsons Place at the home of Fred and Pat Young. They have lived in Canbarra Australia since 1955.
10 Denise Howie My Father was in the RAF and we lived in RAF Feltwell 1963 - 64.  My sister, Alison was born there. We lived at 18 Birdsview Square.
11 Linda Wiedman Lived in Harvard Square, aged 12-14, when father was stationed over here.
12 Barry Davidson Barry's Great Great Grandfather was Thomas Beadle born in Erith, Kent in 1848 and married Mary Ann Flatt on Dec 26, 1870. Mary Ann Flatt was born 22 Jan, 1852 in Feltwell. Mary Ann's parents were from Feltwell viz Robert Flatt and Martha (nee Gathercole).  Mary Ann had a sister called Sarah Maria.  He is keen to know more about  Robert Flatt who lived to be 100 yrs of age and was buried in St Nicholas church, Feltwell.
13 Bob Matthews My great-grandfather was Greenfield Cock.  His daughter Dora was my grandmother.
14 Carol Rhodes The Jacob family have lived in Feltwell for over 300 years and Carol's great grandfather Harry Jacob was born here in 1846 and eventually moved to Kent.
15 Corinne Allen (nee Brown) Corinne was a pupil at Feltwell Primary from Sept 58 until July 61. Her father was in the RAF
16 James Cunningham I had a brief visit to your beautiful area on the evening of June 7, 1944 as a member of the 490th Bomb Group, 8th Air Force. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
17 Doreen Giniel (nee Sparrow) Lived here 48-60 in Munson's Place. Parents Dora and Leslie, grandparents Wilson and Clare Sparrow lived High Street. Now in Fair Oaks, California. Address available
18 Iain Sidey Iain's mother was born and bred in Feltwell (Mary Irene Brown), she still has family living there (Chris Scarff and family) and she was married there. Her brothers, the Scarffs, are Iain's uncles. I was christened there as my father was stationed at Feltwell when they married.  'Ginger' Scarff (No. 35) must be one of his uncles.
19 Lionel Badcock Lionel is the older brother of Ivan Badcock  (No. 92). He lives in north Nottinghamshire.
20 David Stansbie Lives in Feltwell and taught at the Primary School from 1993-2001.
21 Sheila Moore Sheila Moore and her parents lived in Feltwell from 1977 to 1982.  Her father was in the USAF.  They lived at number 8 Sparks Way.  Her mother worked with the girl scouts and girl guides. She is looking to contact Sharon W. and Beth T. She now lives in Michigan.
22 Brian Porter I am descended from JOHN PORTER 1791-1857 who married SARAH STEELE in Feltwell in 1815 and raised his family there (although my grandfather decamped to Canada in about 1854 and his brother Jacob descended south into Lakenheath not long after!). Although John was originally from Southery (where there are far too many Porters) Sarah is descended from a very long line of Feltwellians. Through long and arduous research (done in the days before indexes) I have traced Sarah's line through the CAPP, HICKS (though they may be from Hockwold), LAWES and WRIGHT families to DANIEL STEELE born in about 1650 in Feltwell, but probably in the registers that were burned in 1664. I have been to Feltwell, visiting Grange Farm and tromping around both cemeteries before enjoying a refreshing pint.
23 Steven Dennington Steven's grandparents and father lived in the village and they both appear in photographs on the website. He lives in Sydney, Australia. His grandfather was Arthur Dennington.
24 Bruce & Jenny Rudland Bruce's great, great, great grandfather Thomas Rudland was born 11th October 1796 and was christened at St Mary's Church in Feltwell.  Bruce lives in New Zealand.
25 Barbara Smith Barabara's Great Grandfather, Charles Robert Vine, was born in Feltwell.  He was one of 11 children.  His mother Thirza Pearson (born 1835 in Feltwell) married William Vine (Bury St Edmunds) in 1857.  Thirza was also 1 of 11 children.  Her parent were John Pearson and Jane Palmer.
26 Maureen Fisher (nee Cock) Maureen's great grandfather Charles Jabez Cock was born in Feltwell, as was his father Robert before him. Charles married Agnes Johnson in the neighbouring village of Hockwold.
27 Peter Hopkins Peter worked in his father's Butcher's Shop in the High Street from about 1961 to 1968.
28 Lisa Pace Lisa's father was in the Air Force stationed at Mildenhall AFB and they lived on Feltwell AFB from 1968-1973. His name is Karl W. Fahlbusch.
29 Lee Ann Feltwell Lee Ann is another Feltwell descendant,  She lives in Pennsylvania.
30 Elizabeth Shewan Long lost cousin to Robert Walden. Connection made via this website.
31 Peter Cooper Peter lived in Feltwell for many years, did much for the village including beinmg Secretary of the Archaeological and Historical Society. Sadly, he died in December 2019.
32 Beverley Six (nee Sammons) Beverley lived in Feltwell from 1972-1981 in Western Close. Her family are still here. She now lives in North Carolina, USA. She went to Feltwell Elementary school and eventually graduated from Methwold Middle and went onto Kings Lynn Tech. She moved to the US in 1981.
33 'Ginge' Scarff Ginge was native Feltwell for 30 years until he moved to Exeter.  His brother and sister-in-law Chris and Clare still live in Feltwell.
34 Anne Singleton Anne lives in Australia but her great grandfather's was John Barnes, born Feltwell in1872. She is researching the family and would like any info.
35 Chris Cock Chris farms in Feltwell and has provided many of the photographs for this site.
36 Bridget Hall (nee Cock) Bridget was born in Feltwell and is Chris's sister.
37 John Doyle & family The Doyles used to live four doors along from me. My children and theirs played together.
38 Kate McEwen (nee Barnes) Born in Oak Street in 1946. Parents are Len and Irene Barnes. Len worked for Mr Porter on his farm.  Now lives in Sydney, Australia.  Contact Len and Irene via Kate.
39 Paul Waites Paul was born on Weasenham Farms along the Poppylot Rd. and spent the first nine years of his life there until moving to Kings Lynn. He says, "Technically I was born sort of half way between Feltwell and Southery, but couldn't bear the thought of being considered a Southeryman ;-)"
His father, Sid Waites, was secretary of the ex servicemen's for many years and still works in the Fens near Shrub Hill.
40 Pam Hadley Pam is related to the Lemmon family.  Her grandfather was Herbert Lemmon.  She now lives in West Sussex.
41 Heidi ? Heidi's ancestor was Jane WIFFIN although she doesn't know much about her except that she was born in Feltwell c1810.  Jane's father was John Wiffin although the name might be spelt WIFFEN.  Jane married Robert REEVE probably in Feltwell c1833.
42 Valerie Burns Valerie lives in Abbotsford, B.C. Canada. She is researching her mother's family tree.  Her mother's maiden name was SOUTHGATE and her connection to Feltwell is through this family.
43 Mary Wilburn In 1958-1960, while with the US Air Force at Lakenheath, we lived in Feltwell on the Lodge Road next door to a house named Shirholme, owned by Fred Fuller and his wife Elsie. Our youngest child was born whilst we lived there.
44 Sally Highland (nee Faulkner) Sally left Feltwell in 1953 and now lives in Kentucky. Her grandparents lived at Elm House and she and her mother lived in Paynes Lane.   She worked for a time in Mr Hockleys shop.  She was born in London but came to her granny when the bombing got bad.  At that time her grandparents lived on the Popplot road in a bungalow called Dunrovin.
45 Michaela Martland-Skweres Michaela was born in Kings Lynn and lived at Feltwell caravan site, and briefly at a flat in East Hall. Her family have lived in Hockwold and Feltwell for many years.  Her grandfather, Ken Martland, is mentioned in the Times Remembered of Mr. Peter Jordan). She now lives in Hampton, Virginia, USA.
46 Jon (or Jonathan) Magee Jon lived in Feltwell from 1962 till 1966, initially in Bird View Square, and then next door to the NAAFI in Oxford road. He attended primary school for less than an academic year where the teacher was Mr. Feltwell, and then went to Methwold school. He attended the local scout group, and his family attended the Methodist chapel where mum was a Local Preacher. Would appreciate hearing from anyone who remembers him.
47 Maureen Reid Maureen's great grandfather was Jonathan Palmer, born 1832 Lakenheath, an apprentice draper's assistant to John H Moore.  He married the daughter Elezabeth Moore who was born in Feltwell.  On the 1881 census he owned a Drapers/Grocers shop in Cock Street.  Maureen's grandmother Mary Ann Palmer, born Feltwell 1873 was the youngest daughter of Jonathan Palmer and attended Feltwell School.
48 Ellen Hackett Ellen recently discovered that her grgrgrandmother was MARY ELLEN ROBINSON who died aged 26 in Feltwell from consumption on June 18 1849. She was a Methodist and her husband was RAY ROBINSON a grocer.  Her daughter apparently went to a private school.  Ellen would like to know more details about them?
49 Alan Peggs Alan has been researching his Cracknell maternal ancestors and the trail has found its way to Feltwell. Amy is the second wife of his GGGGrandfather John Cracknell who was buried in Feltwell on 21 January 1871
50 Kirsty Johns My Great Grandfather, Cornelius Leonard (1852-1919), was a farmer and lived at Wannage Farm, Feltwell Fen between 1892 and 1920.  The 1901 census shows a family with 7 children at that stage (there were a further three children after that).  He is listed in Kelly's Directory of Norfolk for 1912, as a Farmer. My Grandfather, Wilfred Cornelius Leonard, talks vividly about a childhood at Wannage Farm.  My Great Uncle, Sydney Leonard, also farmed in the area. There is a connection with the Palmer family - Cornelius's father, John Leonard, married an Elizabeth Palmer (b1820) in 1839 - I need to investigate this further!
51 Kevin Davies My father was in the RAF at Feltwell when I was born at the RAF hospital Ely in November 1962.  We lived in Mallett's Caravan Site in Feltwell village. Dad was 21 in September 1962 and a few weeks after I was born we were allocated quarters in Brandon. So although I only lived in Feltwell for the first few weeks of my live, I believe it gives me the right (and proudly so) to be included in the list of Feltwellians.
52 Julie Bullen (nee Brown) Julie's Grandfather was born in Feltwell in 1895. Frederick Harold Brown - F. Frederick Brown died before 1922 and mother Eliza (nee Carver). Seeking additional family history details
53 Wanda & Joe Davies Wanda and her husband Joe lived in Feltwell from May 1964 until they moved onto Lakenheath base about August l965.  They lived in Paynes Lane
54 Des Moxey Des is a great, great grandson of Francis Pidd who married Caroline Langley Barber in Feltwell and arrived in Australia in 1868. 
55 Derrick Etches Derrick was stationed at RAF Feltwell from 1958-196
56 J Edward Bass The family lived in Feltwell from August 1995 to August 1997, at 16 Bell Street (The Woodlands). He was a radiologist with the 48th Medical Group Hospital (Dr. Watters (No.8) was his CO)
57 Ann Curtis (nee Lemon) Ann was born in Feltwell, grew up in Feltwell, married Monty Curtis who  was also born in Feltwell. They are still together in Feltwell after 50+ years.
58 Don Pidd Don's great grandfather, George Harpley Pidd was born in Feltwell on Dec. 7, 1861. He went to America in the 1880's and settled in Utah as a Mormon. His father was John Pidd (1835-1899) and his grandfather was George Pidd (1809-?). Don may be connected to Tracy above.  His family records can be found at www.west-marin.com/pidd 
59 Chris Chater Chris' grandparents Jessie (nee Spencer) and Wilson Brookes lived at Primula Cottage, High Street, Feltwell until the early 1960's. He has happy memories of visiting them as a child. His mother Iris  Hall (nee Brookes) was born here. He know his grandmother went to Feltwell School as did her sister Mabel who was aged 12 in 1886 and Ethel Spencer who was age 10 in 1886. Wilson was a carpenter and made coffins in his workshop at the back of Primula Cottage. He also used to wind the church clock. Both grandparents are buried in the churchyard.
60 Joy Billany Joy attended the primary school from 1959 to summer 1963. She remembers Mrs Walden, Miss Barret Sims, Mr Charlesworth, the Headteacher and she was in Mr Froud's class. The family lived on the camp, Lancaster Drive. She lives in East Yorkshire.
61 George and Jean Shaw
(nee Whiffin)
The Shaws have been researching Jean's maternal side of the family namely CURREY. The line has been taken back to 1834 when her gtGrandfather was born in WENDLING and her Grandfather, William Hewen CURREY was born in FELTWELL in 1876. At this time her GtGrandfather was the Innkeeper at "The Bell Inn" in Bell Street, FELTWELL. William Hewen CURREY Senior was married to Sarah Ann nee PLATT. Further details required. They live in Australia.
62 Kathleen McManners Daughter of Geanie McManners (see No. 60)
63 Jamie Shewan Daughter of Elizabeth Shewan (see No. 43)
64 David L. Anderson-Walmsley David arrived at Bomber Command Strategic Missile School, RAF Feltwell on the 16th of August 1961 to attend a missile propulsion course.  He stayed for 6 months and fell in love with the village.
65 Chris Newall My 6x great-grandparents John Armiger and Sarah Russell were married at St. Nicholas, Feltwell in November 1743. Their daughter Diana Armiger, baptised at St, Nicholas in December 1745, married John Newell at St Mary and All Souls, Weeting in October 1770. I am trying to untangle the various branches of the Armiger family who lived in Feltwell and Weeting during the 17th and 18th centuries.
66 Gloria Villella (Evans) Used to live in Flat 8 of the old rectory from May 1966 to May 1968.
67 Ann Shewan Daughter of Elizabeth Shewan (see No. 32)
68 Ken & Barabara Wright Kenneth Charles Wright was born in Feltwell in 17.7.1923 in Church Street. His parents Charles Wright and Charlotte Anne Wright, nee Willett, are buried in St. Mary's churchyard.
69 Spencer Ellis & family
Stationed at RAF Lakenheath from 1987 to 1997.  Ann taught school on RAF Feltwell most of those years and through 1998. Currently living in Monett, Missouri.
70 Bob Lynskey Bob lived on the camp from 77 to 84.   Started out in block 34 then to 7 Birdview Square and ended up in block 94.   Knows Pete Jordan well, also Ann and Monty Curtis. Used to play darts for The Oak along with Cudge Spencer and Fred Moon.
71 Richard Yeldon Lived at RAF Feltwell 1959 -1962 (9 to 12 years old). During that time he attended both the new and old schools.  He lived at 51 Bird View Square.
72 Frank Cassidy Frank 'was an RAF brat - my father was a RAF Police Sergeant - and, along with my parents and eight brothers and sisters, I lived at numbers 11 and 13 Wellington Road on the base: two houses to accommodate such a large family.
73 Maureen Penn
(nee Baldock)
My father served at RAF Feltwell from 1958 to 1960. We lived at 9 Trenchard Square and I attended Thetford Girls' Grammar School. My husband and I emigrated to Canada in 1968. I live a beautiful small town on the banks of Lake Huron. it would be a pleasure to hear from anyone who remembers me!
74 Ted King Ted arrived in Feltwell in Aug. 1947 as an airman. On Dec 23rd he married Pamela Walden Younge in the Chapel. He has been stationed here three times.
75 Donna Makowski Cousin to Gordon Langley (no. 83). Her Great Grandparents were Robert Walker and Emma (Langley) Walker. Her Grandmother was Ivy (Walker) Pope, Great Aunt Amy (Walker) Jenkins, lived in Feltwell until her death. Donna is the daughter of Lorna, Ivy's youngest daughter. She lives in Vacaville, California.
76 Ivan Badcock Ivan is not only born and breed Feltwell but lives here also.  Ivan's father Aubrey is pictured on the Pear Tree Cottage page.
77 John Laws John is a descendant of Henry LAWS, born in Feltwell on the 12th of April, 1844. His parents were William, born in Hilgay, and Alice LAWS, born in Feltwell. They immigrated to the USA from there. Actively researching the Laws family of the Fens.
78 David Wells David's father was Alfred Owen Wells who was stationed at Feltwell as a flying officer in 1950 with No3 Flying Training School and was killed whilst training a student pilot on February 22nd.1950. David was 5 years old at the time. His father was a New Zealander and a Lancaster pilot during the latter part of the war and was aged around 29 at the time of his death.  David lives in Brisbane, Australia.
79 Paul Perriman Paul and Helen left Feltwell in 2000 to live in Devon.  They both contributed articles to the village magazine and Helen did a monthly column. At last they've got back on-line.
80 Tim Trowbridge  Tim lived two doors from me. He is now back in his home town of  Indianapolis where he is a Recruiter for the USAF.
81 Fay Walker Fay's Great Great Great Grandparents were Richard Shinkfield or Shingfield, now Shinfield & Oatey Britton who were married in Feltwell in 1828.  Richard was born in Feltwell. They arrived in Australia on the Walter Morrice in 1849 with children John, Robert, Richard & Ellen. Ellen married  John James Carr in NSW in 1858.  She is trying to find out what happened to the rest of the children.
82 Sarah & David Wright David, nickname Treb, is the son of Les & Ivy who still live in Feltwell.  He lives in Tennessee and work for a toolmaking company.  He would like to contact Peter&Sue Hopkins, Robert Vine, Glyn Walden, Barry&Kieth Vincent, Christine Vincent and others he went to school with.
83 Carol Anne Barber Carol is descended from John Walker of Feltwell who had son John in 1680, who had son John in 1721 (married Jane Gresson in 1743), who had son John in 1747 (married Deborah), who had daughter Deborah in 1779. Deborah married Charles Adams in 1796, had son John who was a shepherd. Charles and Deborah were shepherds. Their son, John, born in 1801 married Frances Mays in 1820, she becoming Fanny Adams. They had seven children, including Thirza in 1835. Thirza married Charles Brundle in 1856 at Feltwell and then moved to West Harling. She is Carol's great, great granny. Fanny Adams died in 1883 in the almshouse at Feltwell. 
84 Christine Aziz I am looking for any information on the Eyres family, who I believed lived for several generations in Feltwell. My grandmother was Bessie Eyres and is buried in St Nicholas Church. My grandfather was George William Carter. My father, Abram James Carter, and his brothers George and Frederick and sister Mary, all spent their youth in Feltwell and all had very fond memories. My cousins from this side of my family, Rosalie and Jean Carter, would also be interested in any information on the above.
85 Diane Fox Diane's grandfather’s family came from Feltwell and Southery. Her great, great grandfather Joseph ASH (b 1851) was originally a farm labourer in 1881 and then became a gateman on the railway. His son Joseph, was also born in Feltwell but moved his family to East London in the late 1880s.  Joseph senior’s twin brother Robert and his wife Naomi remained in Feltwell as agricultural labourers and were living at Riverbank, Feltwell Anchor in 1881.  A third son, Samuel lived a few doors away with his widowed mother Susan (nee Barritt).
86 Colin R. King Colin's connection to Feltwell is though his grandmother born at Feltwell in 1884. She appears on the 1891 census as 7 years old. Her name was Ellen Elizabeth Killingworth.
87 Pat Bennett (nee Fletcher) Pat's gr-grandparents were Thomas and Ann Fletcher (nee Walker) who lived at Poppylot Farm, Feltwell, at the time of the 1881 census. Thomas was an agricultural labourer and at that time they had 6 children. Her granddad, Harry Fletcher, was born in 1891. Pat lives in Vancouver, Canada.
88 Malcolm Halls Malcolm is researching the Halls family. His grandfather William Henry (Lincoln) Halls was born in Feltwell about 1884 and later moved to Kendal and then Leicester with his wife Ethel Maud nee Bean. His great grandfather was a Feltwell farmer who is believed to have married twice but further details are not known.   Malcolm currently resides in Beijing.
89 Sue  Peavy nee Conant Sue's father, Dick Conant, was in the US Air Force and they (Mom - Jo, brothers Jon & Stu, and sister Beth) lived at number 2 Trenchard Square from 1974 - 1977.
90 Peter Blyth Peter's mother was born in Feltwell in 1922, one of four children, to Percy and Nora Spencer. His mother was called Peggy and she had two brothers, Derek and "Cudge", and a sister Nita. During the war she married and when his father was demobbed they moved to Sunderland. to live. His grandparents lived in Chapel Yard.
91 Vic Redmond Vic was stationed at RAF Feltwell 1969/1970 and was amongst the last of the RAF to leave the base.  He saw the USAF move in.
92 Ian Feltwell Ian is related to John Feltwell (no.27).  He has to be a member because...well, just try his name backwards!
93 Charlene Rook Charlene thinks she is of Feltwell stock as she has an ancestor, CATHERINE, born Feltwell, who married a John ENGLEDOW, born Hilgay. Their children included a STEAD, a Catherine and a William. When going through the 1851 Census she found the Christian name STEAD appearing in the SPENCER family to whit Mary Spencer (head), Stead Spencer age 41yrs. relative at Hockwd Road, Thetford Union: both born Feltwell.  John and Sarah Spencer and son Steed  Thetford: all born at Feltwell.  She would like to know "Did John Engledow marry a Catherine (possibly Spencer), but definitely born in Feltwell?  Can anyone help her?
94 Alun Lines Alun's father was in the RAF and was stationed at RAF Feltwell when it was a Thor missile base. The family lived at Lancaster Road on the Base. 
95 Elizabeth (Betsy) Ruggiero (Bonner) Lived at No. 1 Trenchard Square from '78 to '80. Dad was an Air Force doc (Robert Bonner--died 2003).  Hope to move back to the area in August 06.
96 Paul Buckenham Paul's great-great-grandmother was Mary Ann Cracknell, born ca. 1828, and came from Feltwell. She married his great-great-grandfather William Buckenham in the Church of St. Mary in Feltwell on 8th January 1848. His great-grandfather Robert was born in Feltwell also in 1848.
97 Chris Russell Chris' family lived in Feltwell from around 1950-1958, in Munson Place and his Grandfather lived in the cottage opposite the Chequers, which, after his death, passed to Alfred Russell. He would appreciate any information on other Russell's in or around Feltwell.
98 Rick Koenig Rick was stationed at RAF Lakenheath from '77 to '79. He lived at "The Oak", and East Hall.
99 Brizey (Jill) Palmer, (formerly Harrison nee Waterhouse.) Jill first went to live in Feltwell just after WW2 with her mother, brother and very young sister. They were the seventh family to move into No. 37 of the old Married Quarters.  Her Father, at that time, was still out in Germany and it was a good two years later that he was actually posted to the camp. Jill was over 15 years old before they left. At one time she worked for Bill Hockley.
100 Brenda Hamilton nee Carroll Brenda's family lived in Harvard Rd for 6 yrs. (See Kathy's entry 2 down for detail)  Looking for friends from Feltwell Elementary school.
101 Debbie Ivey (nee Carroll) Debbie lived in the Feltwell for 6 years and grew up here. Her father was stationed at USAF Mildenhall.
102 Kathy E. Stacey (nee Carroll) My father, MSgt. Ralph M. Caroll was stationed at Mildenhall AFB from 1973 to 1978. He, my mother, sisters, and brother lived at Feltwell all those years, making many friends along the way, including Katrina Leskanich, of Katrina and the Waves fame.  I was 15-years-old when we moved to Feltwell and had just turned 20 when we returned to the United States. Kathy lives in Oklahoma.
103 C. E. Messersmith I am an American whose father was stationed at RAF Lakenheath with the US Air Force from 1974-1977. We lived at RAF Feltwell during that time.
104 Edina Maureen Scott (nee Gent) Edwina's grandfather, Barford Gent, was born at Feltwell Lodge on 19th May 1862. His father was  Robert Gent (farm labourer) and his mother Mary Gent nee Gathercole. On the 1881 census there is a family living in Cock Street with a son Barford, age 19. Barford married (have no idea who) and had a daughter Liza  (Eliza or even Elizabeth) always known as Aunt Liza. Edwina has no idea what happened to her mother, but she must have died as Barford then married a Hannah Hart and had eight more children. Hannah being Edwina's grandmother. She would love to know more.  Edwina lives in Littleport.
105 Carol Chambers Lived No.2 Trenchard Square 88-91.
106 Sharon Mountford Sharon is researching the Palmer family.  She's back to the 1700s at present!
107 Cliff Rusted Cliff was stationed at RAF Feltwell in 1944 where he earned The Soldier's medal (a US decoration). Cliff was 80 on June 3 2002 and would be pleased to hear from anyone who remembers him.
108 Suzanne Ruiz nee King

Daughter of  Bob King. Granddad Ernie was born and lived at 18 High Street with wife Faith. The King family can be traced from 500 years ago to Weeting.

109 John Hitchin John attended No.3 FTS at Feltwell in 1951. Course No. 48P.
110 Alison Whistler Alison's grandparents were Arthur Whistler and Dorothy Jacobs.
111 Linda Kearney, (nee Butcher) Linda's gr,gr,granparents were James and Ann Maria Levett, (born in Preston, Suffolk, about 1858-9). Their son, Harry Levett was born in Preston 1859 and sometime between 1859 and 1867 they moved Feltwell. On the 1881 census they lived in Short Beck. James was a carpenter's labourer.
112 Margaret and Colin Whistler  
113 Margaret More-Vale (nee Dallywaters) Margaret's brother is in the cubs photograph from 1953.
114 Dorothy Green Dorothy's great Great Grandparents were Robert and Martha Flatt.
115 Peter Dopson Peter's parents Reg & Barbara Dopson used to own the West End pub back in the 70's. Peter and his sisters Lesley and Toni attended Feltwell school and Methwold High school.  He now lives in Michigan.
116 Mark Felwell NOT the same as No. 141!
117 Vionne Freeman Vionne is featured in one of the photographs on the website.  Additional details awaited.
118 Susane Smith Susane is the great granddaughter of Margaret "Maggie" Feltwell (1859-1933), daughter of Joshua Feltwell and Mary Montgomery of Clearfield County, Pennsylvania. Joshua was the son of William Williams Feltwell who came to Pennsylvania from England, in 1804.
119 Lorna & Derek [Chris ] Howes Derek writes, "Came to live in Feltwell May 7, 1945. Apart from about 4 years lived there until 20 Dec. 1961. On that cold winters day left Feltwell for Australia, with wife Lorna and baby Kaye, car driven to Lakenheath station by Mr Len Barnes family friend. Len now lives in Sydney. My brother David Howes & wife Joan, my sister Barbara & husband Ron Scism still live in Feltwell.
120 Janet Macrae (nee Brock, my mother was nee Minett, her mother, nee Levett) Pauline Tilley's (No. 117) elder sister.  Janet lives in New Zealand and is also interested in finding out about her g-grandparents, also  Adams, who managed Vines (Cock Inn?), and Grass, who supplied rabbits.
121 Gaynor Emerson (nee Urquhart) Lived Birdview Square in the 60s. Left 30 + yrs ago and still in Gainsborough, Lincs.
122 Mark Feltwell Joining for obvious reasons.
123 Barry Davies Barry was a National Serviceman given flying training at 3FTS on Provosts on a 9 month course in 1956. Read his memoirs.
124 Kelley Badillo Kelley's husband was stationed at RAF Mildenhall (Oct 1998 - Oct 2003). She worked at RAF Feltwell, Feb 1999 - June 2001. In  June 2000 they moved into 21 Portal Close where they stayed until Oct 2003.
125 Cindy and Jim Sammons Cindy and Jim lived in 4 Trenchard Square until June 2003. Jim was a Dr at RAF Lakenheath and Cindy does the occasional article for the magazine.
126 Helen Weddell Helen's Gt. Gt. Gt. G'Father Gilbert WATSON was buried 1796 in Feltwell. His son Robert WATSON b. 1786 and Robert's wife Tabitha RICHARDSON b 1789 (her Gt GT G'Parents) were both born in Feltwell and married at Feltwell St Mary's 1812. The next 2 generations were mainly born next door at Hockwold, Thomas Watson m. Susan GORE (my Gt. G'Parents) and their Son, Jacob WATSON m. Edith Helen WHITTA ( my G'Parents) m. in Hockwold. Helen has family spread around the area.
127 Steve & Yvonne Crouch The Crouch family, incl. daughters Gemma and Katie lived in Feltwell from 1988-2001.  They now live in RIVERS, MB, CANADA
128 Val Ross Val was born in Feltwell and lived in Wilton Road until she was 15. Her brother is Feltwell resident Peter Cooper.  Sadly, she is now deceased.
129 Philip Lord My family and I moved from London to Feltwell in 1981, initially to Paynes Lane and then moving to 3 Hill Street.  I stayed there until leaving college and then moved away only as far as Lakenheath and Mildenhall but my parents both resided in Hill Street until, sadly they both passed away in 1995. I currently am residing in San Diego CA. Mother:  Janet Herbert, Father:  Bill Herbert, Brother:  Martin Lord.
130 Ejon Traister Ejon lived in Feltwell in the 1950s when his father was stationed at RAF Feltwell.  He lives in Dallas.
131 Neil Rhodes Neil's great great grandfather, George Richardson, was born in Feltwell in 1823 as was his great grandmother, Caroline Susannah Richardson in 1851.  The family moved to Bradford, Yorkshire in the mid nineteenth century.
132 Barbara Mobley Barbara lived in the village from  July 1998 to August 2002.  She was employed with the USAF and worked at RAF Feltwell.  She lived at 15 St. Johns Way.
133 John Cooper John's father was Selvyn COOPER was born in Feltwell in January, 1900. He has two cousins living in the village. One is Peter Cooper, number 35
134 The Withers family. Susan who, together with her father run the village greengrocers and her brother  Chris who now lives in Norwich.
135 Toni Burr (nee Neighbours) Toni's mum and Dad owned The Oak Hotel for 14 years, 1948 until 1964. She went to school in Feltwell for about 3 years. Left 1962 and now lives in Lincoln, CA. USA.
136 Debbie Tillman nee Hodson Debbie is the youngest daughter of the late Babs and Tom Hodson. She was born and raised at 35 High St, Feltwell.
137 Aaron Beam Aaron and family lived in Feltwell from 2005 to 2008 whilst he was stationed with the USAF at RAF Mildenhall.
138 Ann Donnelly nee Steward Ann's father was Samuel Robert Steward, son of John Arthur Steward and grandson of Sam Steward.
139 George Shackle George can trace his Norfolk pedigree back to the mid-1750s. His great-great-great grandfather was Harrison SHACKLE who married Elizabeth BANHAM in 179x.  They had three sons  Banham (1800)   Harrison II (1804) and my great grandfather William (aka James) (1807)   He married Alice TOWLER  and they had two sons.   Harrison III (1835) and my grandfather John (1842) who married Sophia STANNARD (Wretton 1842).  She died in childbirth in 1875 and John died in 1883  leaving my father Robert and his two sisters Susan and Emma to be taken in by my maternal great-grandmother Susan CORK (nee SHACKLES). When they were old enough, the girls went into domestic service and Robert lived with the Corks as an unofficial adoptive son. In 1899 my great uncles John and Samuel CORK moved their aged parents to Lancashire where my grandmother  was able to care for them. George's maternal great-grandfather  John SHACKLE(S)  was also born in Feltwell, in 1792. Of the three brothers, Banham who did not marry, and William - apparently gave themselves airs and adopted the up-market version SHACKELL  although they were only "Ag Labs", but Harrison II was the one who seemingly bettered himself as he is listed in the 1851 census as living at Downham Market as a "farmer of 40 acres.
140 Jeanette Goodrow

I lived at 44 Birdview Square in 1967 and 1968, when my father was stationed at Mildenhall.  He was in the U. S. Navy.  I went to Feltwell Elementary School in 2nd and 3rd grade, our last name was Davis, and my best friend was Beth, who also lived on Birdview Square. I was a member of the Cobber’s Club and earned one or two pins – does anyone remember the Cobber’s Club?  It was in an area newspaper.

141 Lyn Osborne

John Skinner Kelland (local vet and he also worked for the Duchy of Lancaster) who lived in Feltwell, was my Gt. Grandfather. My grandmother Kate Kelland and various siblings were born there.  Louisa is buried in St. Mary’s cemetery.

142 Maurice Butcher

Maurice's uncle Arthur Jarvis Rutterford Butcher was born in Feltwell. He died 9 October 1917 in the WW1 at Ypres. Maurice is looking for details of his Grandad Joseph Jonathan Rutterford Butcher born in Lakenheath 1864-66. He married Elizabeth Levett in September 1886.


John R Alce

John arrived at RAF Feltwell (204 Signals Unit) in early 1967  as NCO/IC Special Project. He married Margaret in Oct 1970. He was the instigator of the construction of the then RAF Feltwell Golf Course and was assisted by several of the serving airmen of 204 SU. He remained serving at RAF Feltwell until Jan 4th 1972 when he retired after 22yrs service. He continued to be at Feltwell at the American Junior High School as Supply/Handyman until 1979. Margaret was a Math/Computer Teacher at the school. They live in Suffolk.

144 Marnie Wright

Marnie's grandmother, Louisa Pearson Alley's, mother, Eleanor Pearson Alley is listed in the 1891 census as born in Feltwell, Norfolk.  Her great great grandfather, John Pearson (8/10/1793), is listed as having been the Clerk to St Nicholas Parish.

145 William (Bill) Wright

Bill was born in the back bedroom of the Chequers Inn on the 21st August 1946. His grandparents were Mr and Mrs Wm and Mary A Eyres, the Licencees at the pub from the late 20s until 1970's. He attended the village schools from 1951 until 1957. He now lives in Grimsby. His dad, Ken (Pip) Wright, lived for some years in Wilton Road and was an air force officer and holder of the MBE and DFM, also a founder member of the golf club. His mother was the eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs W. Eyres.

146 Roger Barrett Roger's 4x great grandfather, Samuel Barritt, widower, & Mary Terrington (or Turrington), a widow, were married at St Nicholas Parish Church on the 15th June 1812. The family has Feltwell connections through generations 3, 2 and 1. He is researching family connections.
147 Jan Harrison

Jan was born in a house in High Street where mother, Sybil, still lives. She attended the primary school and also the old school which is now housing. She left the village in 1974. Daughter of Peter Cooper (deceased).

148 Judi Anderson

Judi is Jan's sister (147), was born in Feltwell, went to Feltwell Primary School and attended the Methodist Chapel every week. Daughter of Peter Cooper (deceased).

149 James Mahoney

James was stationed at RAF Mildenhall from '68-'72 and lived in Barracks 93 and in the NCO Club quarters at RAF Feltwell from October '68-Aug '70. He spent many interesting evenings at Joan's West End Pub, as well as at a friend's flat in East Hall. Consumed substantial numbers of egg and cheese sandwiches at Sid's Blade Cafe--occasionally even after hours.

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