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V.E. Day Concert, 7th May 2005

From left to right: Brenda Bingham, Sue Wilson, Eileen Gillians, Marion Lucas, Mary ?, Jo Squires, Iris Norris, Maureen Waller, Pat Harnett, Sue Garland.  Mrs Sybil Cooper at the piano.

This event was part of the VE and VJ day celebrations organised by St Mary’s PCC. The singers were ably supported by Mrs Sybil Cooper at the piano. The audience, who had been provided with copies of the lyrics, was encouraged to join in and did so with great relish.  The walls of the Methodist Hall echoed to the sounds of The Lambeth Walk, White Cliffs of Dover and There’ll Always be an England to name but three songs from the extensive repertoire. Between songs we were entertained by a variety of readings reminding us that humour was an essential part of surviving the hardship of wartime. To underline this fact the ladies produced a selection of underwear from their song books during a rendition of Hang Out Your Washing On The Siegfried Line!

 Earlier in the day an exhibition of wartime memorabilia held in St Mary’s had raised £99. The concert added an additional £80 to this total.