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For most of this decade the Town Crier was John W. Willett.


  PEAR TREE FARM HOUSE demolished (Oak Street No. 13?)





16 April First move to have electric light supplied to the village byEast Anglian Electrical Supply Co.
27 April 62 people involved in putting out Mr Howlett's fire at a cost of 26-2-0.


  METHODIST CHURCH erected in Bell Street.
Mains ELECTRICITY installed in the village.


Old Chequers Public House Demolished and new one built.
  Oak Tree and Railings become Parish property.
11 August Parish Council accepts that 16, 75watt lamps be installed for 56-10s/yr but excl. summer time.
16 Oct. Acquisition of Sterns Acre began for the building of the current school.


  TOWER MILL, at the top of Wilton Road, demolished as it is a hazard to RAF aircraft.
April Oil lamp standards to be removed.



Sept. WW2 started on the 3rd.
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