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The Enterprise Band
formed just before the close of the 19th century.

Members of the Enterprise Band

Standing - L to R
1. Robert Clark (1848-1926),  2. Edgar Harold Laws (1890-1976),  3. Daniel Killingworth (c1880- ), 4. Walter Hammond Beamis (1884-1977), 5. Alfred George Symonds (1870-1937), 6. Charles Matthews.
Seated - L to R
1. Salisbury King Lambert (1873-1932), 2. Jonathan (John T.) Willett (1858-1942), 3. Francis Ernest Rudland (1871-1940), 4. Fred (Dummy) Clark, 5. Arthur Edward Cracknell-Bullen (1892-1969)

Read the history of the Band here

Probably an earlier photo than that above as the band are not in uniform.

Back Row: Bill Johnson, Percy Brown, ?, Arthur Cock, ?, ?.
Middle Row: William Bensley, Fred Payne, John Willet, Walter Beamis, Jack Roper, Robert Howlett, Francis Rudland, ?, Miss Knight, Alfred G. Symonds, ? Porter.
Front Row: Mabel Payne (?), ?, Mrs Curtis, Lemon Payne, Mrs Payne, Horace King, ?, ?, Mrs Bensley.
Sitting: Blanche Rolfe, ?, ?, ?, ?.

Enterprise Band

Back from left. ?, Artie Cock, Salisbury King Lambert, Mr Edgar Laws, John Symonds, Willie Tuck

Front from left. Stephen Beamis, Walter Beamis, Tommy Gent, Charlie Matthews, Jack Roper.

Photo from Mr. Peter Cooper




Around the turn of the Century, Feltwell inhabitants could always look forward to fun and games on the Wednesday of Whit week. On this day, Friendly Society Members held their Annual Feast. At 10.30 a.m. Feltwell Enterprise Band would play beneath the ancient Oak Tree until the crowd had assembled. The Lodge officials resplendent in their highly coloured sashes and cuffs would add to the "glamour" of the occasion. The procession, led by the band, then moved off via Oak Street and The Beck for the service at St. Mary's Church at 11.00 o'clock.

Enterprise BandAfter the service, the procession wound its way via Cock Street (now High St.), Short Beck, Chapel Street (now Hill St.), The Beck and Lodge Road and into the Grange Meadow. Lunch was served in a marquee by Mr. Roper of the Oak Hotel. The afternoon was devoted to Sports and the great event was the Marathon. Runners had to make a circuit of Grange Meadow, then on to Lodge Road, passing by the Rectory, round by The Sandpits, returning via the Old Brandon Road to the Grange Meadow where another circuit had to be made before reaching the finishing tape. The race was usually won by either Herbert Maggs or Fred Nichols (alias Johnnie Maggs - Fred changed his name to Johnnie Maggs after his brother Jimmy ("Tudmutton") was hanged c. 1908 for the murder of Mrs. Wilson on Feltwell Fens.)   The man with the beard is the Rev. O'Rorke.

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