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Inside the The Oak Hotel?

These photographs were provided by Toni Burr whose parents ran The Oak from 1951 - 1965.  Information about their contents is still required.
They may not all be taken inside the Oak Hotel

1. James L. Burr at the bar.

2. Unknown individuals in the grounds of the hotel.

3. Drink up chaps!

4. Information required.

5. Lost something?

6. Somebody must know something about this one.

7. Barbara Howes, 4th from left.  Jean Westhead, far right.

8. L-R Toni Burr, Mike Regan, (?) Rosemary Walden and Derek Thorburn

9. L-R Derek Thorburn, Rosemary Thorburn (Walden), Barbara Howes (Scism)
Rosemary's 21st birthday party, February 1962

10. Is that 2.10 in the morning?

11. Could this be in the Officers Mess at RAF Feltwell or it the hotel?

12. Members of the RAF I suspect. Wonder what the occasion was?