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All photos from Mrs Verna Ryan, cousin.

The Lemmon Family

Bill, Arthur, Flo, Percy and Ken Lemmon.
lemmons2.jpg lemmons1.jpg
About 1932.  The cottage is one of a pair that stood behind the Chapel in the High Street. Both cottages were damaged by a bomb in the same raid that took out the farmhouse in the High Street.  The family moved to Wilton Road and the cottages were demolished. Information by Verna Ryan, cousin. Early 1930s. L to R Dulcie Lemmon, Charles Arnold, Bessie Winkworth and  Walter Arnold. (bros and sisters)  Taken in the lane of Mickleboro Farm, Feltell. Taken in meadow of Newcombe Hall when British Legion Fete was held there in the 1950s. L to R Walter Arnold, Bessie Winkworth, Charles Arnold, Dulcie Lemmon. (bros and sisters)