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Feltwell's Timeline
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The Parker Family

A few notes provided by Robin Parker

My Gt Gt Grandfather George Parker, his wife Olivia Parker (nee Wagg) and one of their children are all buried in the small graveyard at St Nicholas Church. They moved to Feltwell from East Tuddenham where he was born in 1832 and ran the Grocers Drapers at Commerce House, Short Beck.  William Wagg Parker is  born in Feltwell in July 1867.  Charles Harry Parker, my great-grandfather, was born in Feltwell on 5/1/1873, the fifth of seven children. He would later take over the shop. All the seven children bar one were born in Feltwell. One was born in Liverpool but she was not the last born so that must have been whilst visiting family that had moved up that way. My father states we had a few family members who moved from Norfolk up North. 

George remained in Feltwell and died in 1928 and was buried in the small church where he lies with his wife Olivia. There is also another member of the family buried near to them but I cannot recall who that is at the moment. George had brothers who also owned Grocers and drapers shops in Methwold, Southwold and elsewhere in Norfolk.

Charles married Florence Louise Belton in Feltwell in August 1899. She was the Milner working in Commerce House. They had their first child Donald Charles Parker in Feltwell in March 1901. (He later went on to be involved in the De Havilland Comet Investigation in Italy and the UK). My Grandfather Kenneth Dale Parker was born in 1908 and was the son of Charles and Florence. He lived in Feltwell until his teenage years with his brother Donald, and sisters Beryl, Olivia, Eileen and Lillian (born 5/4/1914) and their mother Florence. Kenneth was wounded during the battle for Monte Casino while in the 8th Army.

From my understanding Charles was not a good businessman and after he took over from George he would walk into the pub and buy all the drinks. He would write off debts owed on 1st January each year and would gamble. Also Florence loved to spend and buy expensive clothes. They are not here to defend themselves so I am not sure if that is true. My Grandfather's older brother Donald and his elder sister Beryl were both privately educated. My Grandfather never got the opportunity as the money had gone.  The story goes that they went broke and loaded all they could onto a wagon one night and left for London.

Some of the employees who worked for them were Aubery PALMER (Bootboy later apprentice grocer) Lillian Belton (Florence's sister who was trained to be a Milner and shop worker) and Emma Coleman.  In this picture taken outside Commerce House my grandfather has his hand on my great grandfather's shoulder (Charles). The bootboy stood behind him. My Great Grandmother is seated. Her sister with her hand on the back of the chair (maid). The housekeeper is stood in the doorway with another maid holding one of my grandfather's sisters. His older siblings Beryl and Donald are away at  University at this time. The property burnt down a few years after the majority of the family had left Feltwell.  

The house had at least one Tennis Court in the garden.