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My Memories of Feltwell
by Elmer Lake

Age Concern Oxfordshire offer Mobile Internet Taster Sessions to older people in Oxfordshire.  At a recent session we carried out a search for Feltwell with Elmer.  We were really pleased to find your excellent website & Elmer really enjoyed reliving memories of people and places he knew in his childhood.

On our next visit he dictated the following:

When I was a boy I lived in the village.  My name is Elmer Lake.  Do any of you remember me?  I was born in 1927 and lived in the village until 1941.

I lived by the infantís school and also went there.  When I was eleven I went to the primary school.  My friends were Alan Whitehand, Cyril Nicholls and Billy Vale and many others.

I used to go newt fishing and fell into the Beck Pit a number of times.  When I arrived home, soaking wet I got a good hiding from my mother.  The pit is not there any longer.

I enjoyed playing football and played for Wilton Road against Long Lane which was the other end of the village.  The games were quite rough.

We also used to play some wonderful cricket matches with all the men and boys joining in.  The games were played on Flour Riceís meadow.

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