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Just a china figure smiling,
Smiling from her shelf on me,
Till I shut my eyes and dreaming,
Dream that once again I see;
In my old room treading- lightly
One so dainty and so fair,
That the sunbeams dancing brightly
Seem more bright when she is there.

She with tiny hands is moving
Fragile figures, old and rare;
Dusting now with touch so loving,
Lifting now with anxious care;
And I see a smile of pleasure
Lighting up her lovely face,
As she moves her dearest treasure
To the highest, safest place.

But in this world one so tender
Could not long in safety- stay,
Surely God did only lend her,
Lend her for a little day.
Even as the figure which she
Moved with loving hands herself,
So from Heaven she smiles upon me
From God's highest, safest, shelf.

(By Mrs. -----------of Feltwell).

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