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I am told that this poem by Mrs Rutterford won a Women's Institute competition many years ago and I'm still trying to chase down the date.


'Twas a very reserved village, and quite historic too,
For hidden in our fens and fields treasures have come in view,
Which some of us have pleasure gained,
From the folks whose backs were strained.
Retrieving them to give us pleasure
Thanks to them in endless measure.

Our village, yes, was beautiful, the meadows bright with flowers,
Cowslips, daisies, buttercups, gave children happy hours.
The woodlands too were quite a scene with snowdrops, violets, bluebells too
And if you peeped just through the green our lovely rectory came in view.
Where once a year we had a treat, of tea and sports, called the Church Fete.
The trees so bright with flags around, and our brass band made quite a sound.

Another happy incident was on St. Valentine's Day.
To Feltwell Mill we used to go as soon as break of day,
To collect hot half pennies from the oven,
Which our miller had kindly given.

Good Friday too was a happy day,
To the sand pits we would stray,
Mum and Dad and children too, where we found so much to do.
Collecting wood and fir cones together
This depended on the weather.
We also had s Club Feast in Mr. Potter's field, 'twas grand
Watching all the fancy dress and listening to our band
Who did their best in every way to give us all a happy day.

We had a street lamplighter more than sixty years ago.
Also a fire engine, and a town crier too.
With bell in hand he would stand and shout with all his might,
"Come to the old pot auction on the Chequers hill tonight"

Our village fair took up its stand in the fair close, near the Oak.
This field was often deep with snow, the air was thick with smoke.
These things help us remember the dear old 20th of November.

Our Y.M.C.A. gave a helping hand,
We could pop in and hear the band.
Hot drinks and dancing in full measure
Gave us all a lot of pleasure.
This same place had Whist Drives too
And a sixpenny Dance Saturday evenings, so
We had free lucky tickets at the door,
Our band would often play an encore.

We remember too the unhappy days when floods engulfed our Fen,
Families to our village came bringing cattle, tools and men.
So for them we found a safer place because to us they were our race.

Two wars were near our doorstep. We had to understand
Why ration books and blacked-out homes were safer for our land.
We lost some of our shady spots, our avenues of trees,
The Long Lane, Lodge Road, Wilton Road and more which did not please.
But homes are built upon these spots, there are also lovely garden plots.
We have gained a Mr. Feltwell now. He keeps us all in order.
He is our village Chairman and comes from just beyond our border.

But there's so much to our village, too much for me to mention.
So many thanks to all of you, for your very kind attention

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