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Written Records

April 2000

The worldwide family continues to grow. Check the Feltwellian page for new members. The April update will go live over the weekend or even on Friday night if I get the time! I've added a couple of text pages, one that is a complete and detailed listing of each gravestone in the war graves cemetery at St Nicholas. Thanks to the children of Feltwell Primary School and Dave Stansbie, their teacher, for compiling the list. The second text page is a dated history of RAF Feltwell from the RAF Museum, squadron by squadron, and it complements the information already existing on the site. Both are filed on the Written Records page. I've also added a new photo page this month concerning the Payne family who owned what was the Shortlands Hotel (It was purchased last month and is to be converted back into a house.) The Payne and Lemon families are linked by marriage so this page will be of interest to some of you. It's on site 2. Many thanks to Mr Bennett for the photos. I've also started developing site 3 but it will be several months before anything goes live on this - I'm aiming for the summer. The Photo of the Month on Site 2 is a real cracker and, I'm sure, very rare. I was thrilled to receive it and am most grateful to robbz. Go and have a look.

News from the village continues to be depressing. Last month we heard that the bank was being closed (thank-you Barclays) and this month we have heard that a pharmacist has applied to open a pharmacy in the village. Surely this will be good I hear you say, but no; the problem is that if permission is granted the Doctor will have to stop dispensing to his Feltwell patients immediately. Those from other villages will be okay because they live over a mile away from the surgery. The really crazy thing is that the restriction to dispense comes into force as soon as permission is granted even if a pharmacy has not yet opened. In such a situation the nearest pharmacy is 6 miles away! Just how the elderly, the infirm and those without transport are supposed to manage if this arises nobody can tell us. And all of this without even considering the possible impact on the existing village shops. The upshot is that a petition against the application has been compiled. Incidentally, the applicant lives in Northampton! Watch this space.

The Millennium Photo Album is 99% complete and my target is to get it wrapped up in time for the reopening of the museum at Easter. Thank goodness that Easter is late this year! Opening times will be Saturday and Tuesday afternoons if any of you are in the area.