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Written Records

April 2002

The scaffolding around St Mary's Church came down a couple of weeks ago to reveal an extensively repaired tower and a new clock face. Of course a lot of the renovation work is not visible as it was done inside the tower itself. Hopefully the tower will now remain intact for many years to come and not end up like St Nicks. The attached photo is a thumbnail of the tower.

Spring seems to have arrived in Feltwell as we have had wonderful weather for nearly 2 weeks now. The trees and bushes are coming into leaf and there is a sense of renewal in the air. The village is 'greening'. It is also the time that people start to think about moving house, a lot of 'For Sale' notices are appearing and applications for planning approval are starting to be made. We currently have new houses being built opposite the Garage where an old bungalow has been demolished, plans for new development in Paynes Lane and on the Wilton Road and the old Tower Mill site looks like it is approaching completion at last. Even the Parish Council wants to turn a small amount of allotment land into a car park for people visiting the Doctors' Surgery, however, this could take some time as permission has to be obtained from the Department of the Environment!

As I seldom mention village sport in the newsletter I thought it was about time to change things. This omission is not deliberate but simply due to the fact that as I am not particularly sporting the idea of including sport news had never occurred to me. Feltwell United will be playing in their League Cup Final at the end of April having lost only 6 games out of 30 this season, a great achievement for all concerned and we wish them well in the match. The Social Club darts team are top of the Methwold League and both the Social Club and The Chequers Pool teams are battling at the top of the Northwold League. Those of you who follow darts may have heard of Shaun Greatbatch who won the Dutch Open title in February. During that match he became only the third player to score a nine-dart finish on television. Congratulations to Shaun.

A Feltwell branch of the Trefoil Guild has been established recently in the village for all those who are former (and present) members of the Guide and Scout Associations. Perhaps some of you might wish to join. The Chairman is Anne Brooks.

Website additions this month are very few. I will be uploading an Addisons Close page to site 3 this weekend together with the ‘Reminiscences of Catherine Louisa Orange’. Catherine was Pip's mother (Pip founded the A&H Society) and the Reminiscences were leant to me by Ken Stowell, Chairman of the A&H. I have just started their serialisation in the magazine but Feltwellians will be able to read them in their entirety on the website from next week. It is, I believe, the first time that they have appeared in print and they make fascinating reading. Feltwellian Derek Routen has been sending me photographs of his days at RAF Feltwell and these will be added to the Aerodrome pages on Site 1, look out for the 'Brassoed' Harvard trainer. Corinne Brown has sent a photograph of a school play from December 1960 together with some names, I still need the rest. This photo will be on site 2.

My friend David Stansbie has found a retired teacher of History who is prepared to give advice on how the site may be developed as an educational resource. We are due to meet in a few weeks and I'm quite excited about the potential of this new development.