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Written Records

August 1999

This month there is an absolutely huge upgrade as I missed the one for July due to being on holiday and the pressure of work. Many, many new photographs, not always with details, plus better versions of existing ones, have been added all over the place; you'll just have to go on the Tour again to see them as there really are too many to list here. (Look for the little red markers on the Tour start page). I've still got a few photos to add for next month and, hopefully, I will have added any missing detail by then! Regular viewers will note that an entirely new section, Feltwell at 'Work and Play' has been added. This contains photographs, not of Feltwell, but of Feltwell folk from yesteryears and will, hopefully, grow rapidly. If any of you have photographs of your Feltwell ancestors please e-mail copies so that I can put them on the site or, alternately, contact me for SAEs so that you can send them to me using snail mail. I promise to return them within the week.

The site has now become so large that it is being housed in TWO separate places. I hope that the seams don't show but if they do, please let me know. I've got the Inside of St Mary's sorted, added a page of 'Fen Flood' photos and Doreen Giniel has sent me a 'Times Remembered' about her time at Hopkins Butchers. I've also added AJO's Chronology of Feltwell pre 20th century. And finally, I've added all the orphaned Written Records from AJO that I could find on the hard drive!