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Written Records

August 2000

I am very pleased to report that the family keeps on growing. We now have 90 members, well on our way to the magic 100 by Christmas. Remember that new members names are added at the bottom of the list. New members this month are Richard Yeldon, John Wilkinson, Pamela Aguila, Lewis Sink, Carol Johnson and Donna Makowski. Extra detail is on the page.

August has been a fairly quiet month in the village. The most notable event (that I'm aware of) was the Italian Night held at St. Mary's Church. This was the second time that this event has been held and almost 65 people attended. Everyone shared a delicious Spaghetti Bolognaise made by the Settles. The evening was rounded off by the annual Frog Race and a new game, Farmyard Bingo. The frogs are wooden cut-outs on long lengths of string and the winner is the person who gets their frog over the winning line first.

Several heats were run before yours truly won the final. I first came across this game whilst on an educational cruise on the SS Uganda. You may remember that the Uganda saw its final voyage as a hospital ship during the Falklands war. Farmyard Bingo involves everyone making the noise of an animal if one of the numbers on their bingo card is called out. It may sound silly but It's very funny. At the end of the evening was the Jelly Bean spitting contest which the children (aged 7-70!) really enjoyed.

At this point I'll give you advance notice of the Wedding Dress weekend on the 16-17 September at St Mary's. If you are in the area then pop in and don't forget to visit the museum on the Saturday afternoon.

I hope you are all enjoying the Howlett story on the website. It's proving very popular in the magazine, and did you all find the Feltwell murder article on site 2. For full details about site additions see the What's New page. Some members may remember the Blackjacks - I'll say no more for now!

Requests this month:

1 John Wilkinson lived in Feltwell as a child and his father, Mr Gordon Wilkinson was the rector at the local church in the years leading up to and during the Second World War. He is anxious to contact old friends.

2 Information on the Tollerton family.

3 Information on Ben Brown, born Nov. 15 1863 and his descendents.

I would like to finish with this rather interesting email that I received from a non-Feltwellian. Read on,

"I was stationed at RAF Mildenhall in 70-73, lived in married quarters at RAF Lakenheath and my son attended school at RAF Feltwell. One of the men in my unit was housed at RAF Feltwell and one night when he came on duty he told a fantastic story. He was not eager to tell it as he thought I'd think he was crazy. He said that although the airfield was closed to air traffic he had heard a plane land, and taxi up near the barracks and that it kept its engines running. Suddenly some RAF personnel came into his barracks but he said they wore the flying gear of WW2. They came in, looked around and then went out as he stood there dumbfounded. He then ran outside and there was a shot up Lancaster bomber with the crew all running about doing things to the plane. Suddenly they all climbed in and that it took off and vanished. I related this story to a local resident and he said that the Sgt had seen the Ghost Bomber. He seemed to know all about it. I could not find anything in your site about this ghost. Has anyone else heard of it?

Thanks. Ed Zizulka"

PS Those interested in 57 squadron should take a look in Written Records.