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Written Records

August 2002

As the last month in the academic year July is traditionally a busy month what with dotting the i's and crossing the t's of the year before putting it to bed and then starting to think about September . . . . . but let's not go there! Suffice it to say I didn't get much time to spend on the websites and I've only just caught up on the emails. A big apology to all of you who must have thought I'd given up the ghost. The only item of note is that I've decided to widen the scope of the RAF Feltwell - Personnel page following an email from Caroline Kesseler (nee Waterfall). Those who have been members for some time now will know that occasionally I have a "good idea" triggered by a chance comment that usually becomes something far larger than originally intended. And this just might be another one of those. I have decided to make the page a Memorial Page to all those who have served in the RAF at Feltwell starting with Sgt. John Henry Waterfall. I know that this excludes USAF personnel but I have to draw a line somewhere, sorry. All they or their relatives have to do is email me with some details - see Caroline's entry on her uncle for guidance.

A gentleman called Dan Engle moved into the village 2 years and has only just discovered the website! I must be doing something wrong. He is an assistant researcher with the Norfolk & Suffolk Aviation Museum, Flixton and he has already begun to make contributions to the site (See his entry on Sgt Spalding in Written Records and 'The night the petrol ran out'). The Museum plans to recover a Feltwell Harvard wreck near the village starting this month. Further news on this next month I hope. Dan was also able to provide some info. on the photos on the RAF Feltwell page and this rather interesting snippet - 'Spoke to Hubie Fairhead, our museum curator, and he has confirmed that Prince Phillip attended No. 3FTs Feltwell as a student in the 1950's. Apparently, HRH, trained on Harvard aircraft and obtained his first Pilots license here!'

The annual barbecue of the A&H Society was held on the 26th July (my birthday!) and guess who had the honour of doing the cooking? The weather was brilliant and everyone had a really good time, as usual. The weather stayed fabulous for the following week until a couple of days ago when we had a month's rain in an hour! Apparently the part of Long Lane outside the Base entrance was under so much water that youngsters were swimming in it - or so I'm told - anyway, it was a most incredible downpour and probably not what the farmers wanted at all. I know my lawn is still like a sponge 48 hours later.