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Written Records

December 2002

As I write this I am looking out over a very waterlogged lawn and it seems as though it has rained for most of November. Although, to me, this sentence is depressing I know that to many of you they will bring back memories of your time in our village and of your realisation as to why the Brits are obsessed with the weather. I had another one of my crazy ideas the other day, which is why I started with this theme. I would like those of you with digital cameras to take me a picture of the weather on the day you receive and read this email and to send me the photograph. I particularly look forward to receiving those from the southern hemisphere!

It is the 1st of December today and tonight is the Christingle service at St Mary's Church. This is always a special occasion and this time it coincides with the last night of the Festival of Light in which many beautifully decorated Christmas trees have been on display in the church for public viewing. This fund raising activity raised in excess of 300 over the two days of the Festival and a big thank-you must go to all involved.

The annual but unofficial Christmas competition between the house illuminators has already begun with the main contenders once again clambering over their eves, burying wires in the ground and partaking in other preparatory work. The end result will, I'm quite sure, be spectacular. And as most of it is done for charity we must applaud their efforts. If I can get any reasonable photos I'll post them on the website.

And talking of websites I must thank Alison Whistler for the huge number of family photographs and village scenes that she recently sent me. They revolve around the Walden family but include many other village family names particularly in the various wedding and family group pictures. I'll put them up as a separate page eventually and they should keep the 'Picture This' column in the magazine going for several months. Those of you who have really searched out the hidden corners of the website will have discovered the following: -

"A limited edition of 100 prints will be available, signed by the pilot of V-Victor in 1940, and the artist. Priced at 35, including P&P (UK). Overall size: 420 x 297mm Image size: 330 x 250mm

Below the print will be the title "Wellingtons of 75(NZ) Squadron over RAF Feltwell", and the crests, in colour, of both RAF Feltwell and 75(NZ) Squadron.

Unsigned prints will also be available. Priced at 25, including P&P (UK).

Orders and enquiries should addressed to: Mr M.I.M Curtis (Email: michael.curtis@tesco.net)"

Michael recently donated 50 unsigned prints to the village to be sold to raise money for the benefit of any organisation in the village. The only proviso is that they must be sold at the price above, 25. This is a most generous offer and I want to publicly thank Michael for it.

After a couple of dry months I've had two requests for membership. One from Donna Tate (Bowen) daughter of Kenneth Bowen who lived 14 Lancaster Close on Base and the other from Dorothy Green in Hawaii. She is interested in the Flatt family and wants to contact Alan Benson who has moved email addresses and not told me. Is anyone in contact with him? For those of you who have wondered about the ownership of the Base here is the definitive answer from TSgt Greg Henneman, 48 FW Historian, "The short answer is that Feltwell is still an RAF station, just as Lakenheath and Mildenhall. The bases remain RAF property and have the titles, "RAF Lakenheath." However, it was in 1967 that the USAF took operational control of the base."

Apart from three roads Site 3, Millennial Feltwell, is now complete..........I think! And, if I can get permission from some of the local newspapers, I'll be starting work on a 'Feltwell in the News' section that will be based upon the vast number of newspaper cuttings that are available in the village. (Now, where did I put that straight jacket?) And I must remember to help Ken produce the village Tourist Guide, and then, and then..........it will be Christmas, so I would like to end by wishing you all a very Merry Christmas wherever you are and I'll be back in touch in the New Year.