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Feltwell's Timeline
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Written Records

December 2006

The attached file is a bit of fun and, no, I didn't paint it, the PC did that!

2006 has been a relatively quiet one for the village and the website. Website growth has slowed now that we have so much recorded on the website and this has given me the opportunity to slow down as well! Actually it's given me time to tinker and explore other outlets on the Internet through which Feltwell can be promoted. I've already mentioned the Feltwell Frappr group and I've recently spent a lot of time exploring Google Earth and yesterday I made my first posting to the Google Earth Community BBS. If I did everything correctly there should be a marker for St Mary's Church appearing in the Community Layer of Google Earth within the next couple of months. The marker contains brief details about St Mary's and a link to the stained glass window page of the website.

The highlight of any Feltwell website year is the contacts made by friends and relatives via the Feltwellians page and 2006 was no exception, witness this comment from Pat and Sid Banks, "Thank you for letting us know Pat's address. As a result we have received a very warm and friendly letter from Pat and will communicate with her further. The Computer makes for a very small world doesn't it?" Whilst contacts like this continue to be made rest assured that the website will continue also.

Wishing you a Happy New Year,