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Written Records

February 2000

By the time you read this the latest edition of the site should be on-line. I would like to say welcome to all those new members around the world. The time after Christmas was very busy with emails from all over the world especially from Sydney, Australia. Isn't that right Kate and Anne? These two new members live only 20 miles apart, are both researching the family name Barnes and were put in contact with each via this site. The best coincidence yet! Other families being researched currently are Rolfe, Prior (Pryer), Barnes and Drake. If anyone can help with details then I've got several people waiting eagerly. I suspect that I'll have to put the B, M and D records on line somehow! But before then the H&A Society is going to update the graveyard records sometime this year and that will definitely go on this year.

The Feltwell Millennium Photo Album is almost complete and when it is modern views will start to appear on the site. For those of you planning to visit this year the album will be available for viewing at the museum which will open from Easter on Tuesday and Saturday afternoons.

Only a few changes this month - several new names added to various photos on Site 2 in the At Work and At Play sections (thank-you Len and Bridget) and some lovely new photos of Newcombe Hall from Mr Peter Cooper. More of Peter's collection next month.