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Written Records

January 2001

Membership has reached 100! I set the target back in the summer and on 24th December Philip Lord applied for membership and was accepted as the 100th member. Congratulations Philip.

December has been a very hectic month, so much so that I have done very little to the sites apart from update the membership list and the Photo of the Month pages. This is partly due to the earlier than normal deadline for the village magazine and because I've spent a lot of time trying to upload site 3 (Millennial Feltwell). I finally got details from Paul Whiteside who is kindly providing the space but his server is not accepting my ID and password. I hope the new year will bring a solution as I'm presenting site 3 for the first time at the A&H meeting on Jan 19th. All local Feltwellians are invited to attend - 7.30 in the school library - the site will go live thereafter. It will only be 33% complete at that time deliberately!

The St Nicholas Carol Concert this year was particularly memorable as we met John Wilkinson, a recently joined Feltwellian. John is the son of Rev. Wilkinson and he remembers a lot of fascinating details about Feltwell from that time. He even recalls going for walks with the Rev Daubenay, one of the main chroniclers of Feltwell village history. John lives near Cambridge and I hope to get a 'Times Remembered' out of him somehow! (Start jotting memories down John) Coincident with John joining us was the receipt of an email from Tim O'Rorke, great-grandson of the Rev O'Rorke. I'm hoping that Tim can provide us with lots of details about his great-grandfather's time in the village and what happened to the family.

The village has been incredibly generous on the run up to Christmas with over 3000 being raised for various causes, many of them here in Feltwell. This is a staggering amount of money for a small village and shows just how strong our 'sense of community' really is.

After the heavy rain that I talked about in last month's newsletter came a fairly mild run up to Christmas Day (and a lovely family day it was) but a couple of days later the wind turned and we woke up to snow for the first time in several years.  The village looks lovely covered in snow and, of course, the children love it, particularly those who have never seen snow before. The appearance of snow reminded me that I never sent a Christmas card to you all this year so, with digital camera in hand I headed up to St Nicholas this morning and took the attached image. Unfortunately the sun was somewhat into the camera so the contrast is very strong but it is possible to make out one of the US Space Command radomes just to the left of the tree and one of the old RAF hangers on the skyline to the right. View at 50% size for best effect.

Finally, some of you I know take the village magazine but I thought I would offer it to everyone as it is the start of a new year's subscription. If anyone would like a copy posted to them then send me a cheque made payable to Feltwell PCC for 3.50 together with sufficient airmail stamps for 12 months and I'll ensure that a copy gets to you each month.

All that remains is for me to wish you all a very prosperous and healthy 2001.