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Written Records

July 2001

Apologies for the lateness of this letter, a daughter's 17th birthday and first driving experiences plus the school timetable and other events as outlined below managed to kill off last weekend!! But this particular cloud does have an interesting silver lining.

At about 2.30pm last Saturday I was about to sit own to do this month's website update when my wife walked in from the church fayre. "Come and talk to these people from New Zealand," she said. So I switched off the PC and dutifully walked down. I met three delightful elderly people who had a cousin who had served in WW2 at Feltwell and they wanted to see the war memorial. I walked them down to St Nicholas, they took some photos, we then went on to the Museum and it came to light that they had worked in agriculture in times past. By this time I had slipped into 'Tourist Guide' mode so I offered to drive them out onto the Fen. At 5pm I handed them over to a friend for delivery to a B&B in Hockwold. They were most grateful so I assume they had had a lovely time.

Last weekend was not only the Summer Fayre but also the first Feltwell Art Exhibition that I can recall, some of you may know different. My wife had seen a painting that she particularly liked and wanted me to have a look prior to purchase. She should not have been so persistent! You can't just have a look at one item in an entire exhibition and then leave, you have to browse it all and this I did. Unfortunately their was one painting which just shouted 'buy me'. After 20 minutes of deliberation, numerous opinions and cups of tea having been sought and drunk, I gave in and purchased. To my wife's disgust my painting cost 5 times as much as hers. And my son's opinion? Don't ask.

As I write this note we are sweltering in a heat wave (relatively speaking) but it's not expected to last much longer. I imagine the scaffolders who began work yesterday on St Mary's Tower could have done with things a little cooler. And talking of the tower...... thanks to those of you who have offered your donations from abroad, the PCC treasurer is trying to work out the most efficient and cheapest way to collect them.

Yesterday was 4th July so the tribe went on Base to share in the celebrations. Unfortunately Dad didn't get in until 9.15pm so had to go by himself, but what do you expect when you have teenage children around whom the world revolves! Anyway the village was one giant car park and a good time was had by all. A belated happy 4th July to all you Feltwellians in the USA.

The new website is coming on slowly and as promised I've managed to add one road this month. Wilton road is now in pictures or will be over the weekend. Also added a few additional extra pictures elsewhere. There must be a law that says once you think you are at a suitable point to change focus the old focus suddenly ups and grows again. Maybe it gets jealous! This has happened with both sites 1 and 2. I am now sitting on a small mountain of stuff for inclusion in these sites but I'll have to do some serious image reprocessing to make room for this new material. A summer job I think.