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Written Records

June 1999

It is my hope that I will be able to post the next monthly update on the 30th May. At Larry Maly's request I have brought forward the planned addition of two village maps, one of the west end and one of the east end of the village figure-of-eight road system. These maps were originally drawn by A. J. Orange and, with the help of the A&H society I have added the location of all the village shops that have ever served Feltwell residents. I am sure that that claim will be challenged! I have also added an overview of the tour route.

Other new bits include a brief history of the Dame School cottages (look at The Beck page) and, finally, an accurate listing of the Cleaning Ladies on the History of the Methodist Chapel. Also a complete listing of the landlords and owners of the Chequers and the Oak, the former from Mr C. Scarff.

I was delighted to hear from Robert Walden that, through his membership of the site, he is now back in contact with Gaynor Emerson after many years. Mrs Doreen Giniel has promised us an account of her time at Hopkins butchers in the High Street. I look forward to receiving it. A lady from the Isle of Skye, (I canít find the piece of paper with her name on it right now!), who gets sent the village magazine by her daughter, 'phoned me the other day to offer an account of her time living at Methwold airfield whilst her husband was at Feltwell. All contacts like this make running the site worthwhile.

Keep spreading the word and keep enrolling members - remember they must have a connection to the Feltwell family.

P.S. A new Youth Club has started in the village at the recently refurbished Youth Centre.