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Written Records

June 2000

When you're writing a school timetable for the first time in your life with little help and little training the weeks just fly past! Enough moaning and on with the news.

Membership has now exceeded 70 which, in comparison to some sites, is extremely tiny but then we aren't just any old group of people. As far as I know we are totally unique because there is no other Feltwell anywhere in the world. We are certainly the only one that pops up in the search engines.

Since last month we have learned that the old Barclays Bank building has not been bought by the Pharmacist, which is a plus point, but we still await the public meeting on the issue of the village having a Pharmacy. You will remember that the village is almost totally against it as it would mean an end to dispensing from the Surgery.

St Mary's PCC held its first 'have lunch in the church' event the other weekend which, for those few who turned up, proved to be a lovely social occasion. It was followed by an 'Open Gardens' tour of the village. This is the second year that such a tour has been organised and some of the gardens that my wife and I visited were truly magnificent. Perhaps next year we might open ours but we'll have to do some work on it first! Next weekend is the Church Fete and I'll report on that in the next newsletter. No doubt many of you will recall church fetes of the past, perhaps even when they were held at the Old Rectory. Has anyone got any photographs that aren't on the site already?

Talking of the Old Rectory, Ken Stowell and I visited Don and Liz Gray, who are the new owners of the Old Rectory, only this morning for a look around. It was the first time that either of us have seen inside the house built by Rev Sparkes. Despite a lot of dry rot, numerous false walls and ceilings that have to come out and a major oak lintel problem the house is salvageable. Don expects it will take him about 2 years before he will see an end in sight. I hope to catalogue the work and will get pictures to you somehow. They are very keen to restore it to its former glory and would appreciate, as would I, any photographs, especially of the inside.

The Parish Council has decided to go ahead and install new electronic speed warning signs on both the Lodge and Wilton Roads. And, if we can get the volunteer supervision, it has agreed to reinstate the old tennis court on the playing field. No doubt some of you played on this court when you were younger.

I have had several requests this month for photographs of the American housing in Feltwell, in particular Harvard and Trenchard Squares. I cannot easily get on Base to take photos of these roads (because the Base is now fully secure) so I am wondering if any of our American members have photographs from when they lived in Feltwell of these two areas. If so, please email me a copy.

The Methodist Church was the site of a flower festival early this month and I attach a small photo of part of the decorated hall as I am sure it will bring back memories for many of you. And memories are what this site is about.

To end I would like to set you all a challenge. It is to increase membership to 100 by Christmas of this year. If everyone recruited just one other Feltwellian then we could do it easily, we could even get to 150. Simply send them my email address or the sites url.