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Written Records

June 2003

When I look back over May I am perplexed as to how to sum it up. On the one hand the weather was good especially my half-term week which I spent in the garden in shorts (now there's a sight for you, or rather, not for you!) but on the other hand it was the month in which I actually feared for my mental health. For the first time in 25 years of teaching I faced the fear of not coping with the demands of the job. Without going into details suffice it to say that an unexpected software glitch saved the day! Consequently not a single thing got done on the website, the village tour guide or the cuttings file. Having recharged my batteries and soaked up a bit of sun I'm back on an even keel, thankfully. However, the experience did leave me one question, what would happen to the website and to the Family if I had gone under? Does anyone know what happens to unmaintained sites? How do the ISPs treat them?

On a more upbeat note I'm pleased to report that the Parish Council is in negotiation with Q Lawns, the turf growing company out on the fen, about the maintenance of the Oak garden. We hope that in exchange for being allowed to display a reasonably discreet advertising sign the company will use the garden as a showcase for their 'Enviromat' product. The garden is not currently in the best of conditions. And whilst talking about gardens, the Council has just been presented with plans for the 75(NZ) Squadron memorial plaque to be erected near the War Memorial. This project has been ongoing for a few months but, as long as planning permission is granted, it seems as though the end is in sight. And whilst talking about building work I must tell you all that the new security fence around some areas of RAF Feltwell is upsetting some residents, particularly those whose property backs on to the Base. The issue is not only the size of the fence but the possibility of CCTV cameras being installed - Brits just don't like having their back gardens overlooked. The new houses near the playing field (on the old Scout field (Mr Lawrence's land)) are coming on apace as are the new ones being built on Banham's coal yard. All look very big, definitely not Starter Homes. Still, some say that's what the village needs.

The A&H Society has had a busy start to the month. Last Sunday we went to Somerleyton Hall near Lowestoft, well worth a visit if you've never been and on Thursday night we went to Shadwell Stud near Thetford. Those horses live in better conditions than some people. By a strange coincidence Glynn Walden was also doing the tour and he told me that he is trying to organise a reunion of Feltwell Youth Club for, hopefully, later this year. I wish him well and hope the event is a great success - a photo op if ever there was one.

As regards emails and new members May was a busy month. Welcome to Joe Gonzales (formerly of the Old Rectory flats), John and Diane Feltner (in Las Vegas), Mark Armstrong-Read (Sheffield & parents in the village) and Stephen Childs (another member of the Childs family). The point of Feltwellians was once again driven home to me by this from Doreen Giniel -

Dear Paul,

Thanks to you and Rosemary Walden. I have now found my cousin Maureen Judkins and her daughter in Atlanta Georgia, who seem to be related to Rosemary by marriage. I keep hoping that someone on this site might have photo's of my Dad, Leslie Sparrow, but very happy to be in touch with Maureen. I'll be updating the family list shortly.

Just before I finish I must thank Bruce and Jenny Rudland for their very generous donation to the A&H (I'm hoping we can use it to get the village tour guide printed when I've finished writing it.) I'm sorry we couldn't meet and I appreciate your concern for my health.

It's the annual Patronal Service at St Nicholas tomorrow so if any local family members can make it the start time is 3pm.