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Written Records

March 2000

Hello again and welcome to March! The update should be posted on the 29th unless the leap year bug hits. This next paragraph is taken from the 'What's New' page and the links should work.

Split the airfield photo collection into 'Personnel' and 'Buildings/Planes'. For those interested in 75 (NZ) squadron click here and to see the damage done to the Sergeants mess during an air raid go to the old airfield page. Two new articles added to site 2; one on the Moundefords taken from a newspaper report from January 1976 and one about the War Memorial Dedication Service. Also found, at last, a photo of 'Pip' Orange, the founder of the Feltwell (H&A) Society. Several new Feltwellians have joined and most are seeking details about ancestry. (Thanks to Peter for helping out last month).

It is always nice when the site manages to put people together and this month we've put Joanne Walker (nee Gallagher) in Australia, in touch with her distant cousins Robert Walden and Chris Cock.

The Millennium Photo Album is all but complete and, if Paul W. at PWNet (a good enough plug Paul?) can get me the space, then Site 3 - Modern Feltwell and Feltwell in Action - will follow later this year. This site should compliment that run by Susan Withers which I hope you have all visited; go to http://www.feltwell.co.uk and choose Feltwell Today. I hope to have some photos taken to match those on the Conducted Tour so that 'travellers' can see the changes that have occurred during the intervening years. The photos are being taken as I type so, once they are developed and scanned, I can start building.

The big news in the village at the moment is the closure of the Barclays Bank branch. Villagers are outraged at being left without easy access to their money particularly the older residents who don't have transport. As shown on the website this bank has had a branch in Feltwell for many years. If you would like to join our campaign to keep the branch, even if it only opens for two mornings a week, then please email or write to Barclays. The address for snail mail is, Mr. P. Waggit, Barclays Bank plc, 15, Benet Street, Cambridge, CB2 3PZ.

Take Care everyone.