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Written Records

May 2002

When I posted the last newsletter membership was standing at an all time high, or so I thought. Unfortunately a number of mails got bounced back with 'addressee unknown' type messages so, even with the 6 new members this month, we can't break the 130 mark. I know this is a tiny number in comparison to some website mailing lists but then Feltwell, on the global scale, is a tiny place and I'm still having fun enabling contact across both time and space!

As there is very little village activity to report this month I thought I would mention the fact that on the inside front cover of the magazine we list 26 active village organisations, from Junior Football to The WI, from The Trefoil Guild to Brownies and don't forget we also have a museum - a pretty good list if I might say so and something of which to be proud.

One notable story this month is of Mrs Gladys Baxter who has just started to learn to play the violin at the age of 98. Her ambition is to learn the 'Blue Danube' by the time she is 100! She's got my support.

The Annual Patronal Service at St Nicholas is on the 10th June this year.

Additions to the website this month are:

'The End of Feltwell Hall,' a newspaper article from 1972 kindly provided by Peter Cooper and added to the 'Clough Family loop.'

Details about the Sparke Family Crest with photo from Don Gray and words from John Sparks.'

'The last Fen House,' another newspaper article, again from Peter Cooper.

A new cricket team photo added to Sports Teams - names required.

A new sepia tinted Windmill photo.

I've started a new page entitled 'Postcards from Feltwell' as Chris Cock has now got several and (as long as you lend them to me Chris) I'll add one or two a month until we've got them all done.

A lovely sepia tinted photo of Bell Street, a great find this one - showing the beautiful barn and no Oak annex.

A photo showing Mrs Pryer, Blanche Hicks, Lil Banham, at work in the gardens of Newcombe Hall in August 1916.

The story of 'St Mary's Stained Glass' has been newly revised by Monique Newman. Thanks Monique.

One photo of the East Hall cottages and one of Lodge Road plus a couple of Munsons Lane added to Site 3. The sun was in the wrong direction at the time so I didn't get any of the Hall!

And finally Mrs Sheila Wilcoxson, nee Harrison, has provided the names to a photo of some WRAFs on the RAF page.

New members this month -

Julie Bullen - interested in the Brown family

June Hunt - wants to contact old school friends

Derrick Etches, RAF, 1958-61 - would like to contact old colleagues

Joy Billany, 1959-63 - also wants to contact old school friends

Brenda Gallagher - an ex-landlady of the West End Public House from 1972-79 would like to hear from old friends and customers.

Edina Scott - interested in the Gent family.

Until next month I leave you with this question, If Feltwell ever got twinned with any other settlement anywhere in the world where and what would it be? Answers by return please. (Reasons would be useful also).