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Written Records

May 2006

The sun is shining and I think summer has finally arrived in Feltwell.

Unfortunately so has this year's round of anti-social behaviour. We've had graffiti on walls, bus shelters, telephone boxes. We've had walls pushed over, hanging baskets ripped down and even a gravestone broken in half. Of course the culprits only do it under the cover of darkness; it was 2am when one victim disturbed the vandals. Although of no comfort I am told that neighbouring villages are also suffering. I don't know what these people get out of this wanton damage and I don't know what we can do to stop it because the victims fear reprisals from the culprits or their friends. In my darker moments I fear for the future of our society but then I've always got you people to cheer me up with your tales of Feltwell's past.

The social housing development project has suddenly ground to a halt as the Housing Association with whom we are working has just found out that they have not won sufficient funding for the project and will have to wait a few months until the next round of awards. Boy is this process frustrating? On the other hand the building on the British Legion site goes on apace as does that down Barretts Lane, but then they are both private developments.

I'm typing this newsletter directly into my Feltwellian newsletters document for the first time. Previously I had typed it directly into the email I sent and then copied and pasted it into Microsoft Word. Strange, isn't it, how you can suddenly see a better way to do something that you've been doing inefficiently for, in my case, seven years! The newsletters document is now 113 pages long. Perhaps one day it will get published and become a major hit like a certain set of diaries? Or perhaps my hard drive will crash and I'll lose the lot! Which reminds me, I am disconnecting my old feltwell.co.uk email address because all I seem to get through it is junk mail so please make sure you have this one saved in your Contacts or wherever. And as my antivirus software crashed on me the other day (that hard drive again) I want to reduce the risk of infection whilst staying in touch with the rest of the world. Have you ever tried removing and reinstalling Norton Antivirus? I'm in email conversation with one of their helpdesk experts because "it is so easy". Ha!

My PC has suddenly started to behave very strangely so I'm going to stop now and try to send this before it ceases up altogether. I sincerely hope it is bug free!