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Written Records

November 1999

Apologies in advance for any typos in this message. I'm doing it in a rush as I have to go to a Parish Council meeting in a few minutes.

The November Update went online over the weekend. There was only one addition to the Conducted Tour but a whole raft of additional photographs in the Gallery in Site 2. Relatives of the Cocks and the Waldens should find a wedding photo of particular interest. I'm not going to tell you where it is, you'll just have to hunt it out! Also of interest is the new page on the 'Blessing of the Plough Service'. Please have a look at these new photos as some of them need names adding and any help would be much appreciated. If you have problems with any of the pages please let me know as Freeserve seems to be scrambling some of them at times.

I would like to welcome new members and promise to upgrade the Feltwellians contact page this coming weekend.

The Millennium Photo Album is well underway and modern-day photos will be appearing on the site next year. Also, St Mary's is to be flood lit for the Millennium and I'm sure that you would like to see photos of the church illuminated - watch this space as they say.